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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana says we will make a building using the apples. Kesari explains him how to do it. All three of them sit down to work. Kesari wins. Maruti makes a sad face. I lost! Anjana is smiling. Maruti finds something odd. You lost yet you are so happy. Why so? She makes him sit in her lap. She says for me competition wasn’t just about winning. I got to spend time with my loved ones. That only made me happy. He asks her if it isn’t important to win in any competition. Kesari explains that winning is important but we have to have that inclination to give our best shot in any competition. For that we have to practise hard. Anjana adds that it is good to win but it is equally important not to lose heart if we lose. Kesari says we should learn from that experience. We should try work to

our weaknesses. We should try again with renewed every and zeal. Anjana says we should never give us even if we are defeated. Now what will you do tomorrow? Maruti says I will give my best shot and also enjoy the game. Anjana kisses his cheek. Hope no evil befalls on my family.

Vrikshasur is impatiently waiting for morning.

Kesari and Maruti do their prayers before lying down to sleep. Maruti reminds his Sakha of tomorrow’s competition. Sakha caresses Maruti’s face as he lies down to sleep. Anjana is happy to see her husband and her son sleeping so peacefully. She sits down beside Maruti. My beloved son mesmerises me by his sweet and innocent acts / talks when he is awake. She thinks of various instances. He looks so innocent and peaceful as he sleeps. She laughs out loud. Kesari wakes up hearing her laugh and is confused. What are you talking to your son when he is sleeping? She says Maruti doesn’t give me enough time to look at him when he is awake. She smiles when he tells her to sleep or he will have to sing a lullaby to her. She jokes that Maruti may wake up then and then he wont let us sleep. They both lie down to sleep. Anjana still continues to look at her son and caresses his head. She leaves from the room quietly.

Anjana comes to temple. She sits down to write something. On the other hand, Kesari wakes up but cannot see Anjana anywhere. He hears some noise and goes to look for her. Anjana is writing something. Kesari joins her. What was this important work for which you are here? He notices the papers. She tells him that these are her wishes. I have thought it for our son. Kesari talks about Lord Shiva’s blessed baby, Maruti. Do you doubt his capabilities? She shakes her head. I don’t doubt him but how to tell a mother’s heart. He reads the first wish – make Maruti’s Anna-Prashan happen fast and feed him his favourite fruit, Apple. She reasons that food impacts people in every sense. Every bit of food that he eats will be made with love and care. He wonders why she has specifically mentioned apple. She reminds him of little Maruti’s enthusiasm when he had seen apple for the first time. He was only 2 days old. Kesari nods. The second wish talks about Maruti’s Upnayan ritual. She explains that a kid takes birth from a mother’s womb. Upnayan is a kind of another birth for a baby. Then only is a kid ready to get education. She notices Kesari lost in some thoughts. He is sad that he couldn’t think of all this even though he was a father. Third wish – send Maruti to the best Guru for education. Anjana has chosen Lord Sun. Kesari is amazed by the depth of her thought. This is why Lord Shiva gave his ansh to you. She points out that he too is equally blessed as he is maruti’s father. Fourth wish – tell Maruti about Lord Vishnu’s avatars and of his Rama-avatar. She makes him recall about what Gauri and her Gaiyya had told them. Kesari thinks of that instance. Do you know who Shri Rama is? Do you know that story? She suggests him to look for this particular answer. She says Rama. The word echoes and reaches Maruti’s ears. He smiles in his sleep and sits on his bed. He starts chanting Rama. He doesn’t find his parents there and goes to look for them.

Kesari asks Anjana about her fifth wish. She shares that she wants Maruti to get married when it is the right time. He too should give his Pitr-rinn. The weather suddenly changes. The door opens on its own. They look around in surprise. Maruti peeks at his parents from behind the door. He walks up to where they are sitting. I looked for you everywhere and you are here. It is time for Lord to sleep. You must be disturbing God by your talks. He takes them to their room. Anjana looks at the Shivlinga before leaving from there.

Vali is still restless. He gets up from his bed and picks up a glass of water. He thinks of MAruti. What’s happening to me? Am I really walking on the path of adharma? He hears someone whisper Mahantam (the great one). It doesn’t suit Mahantam Vali to talk like a weak person. He notices his inner soul standing before him. Dharma is a path that people choose when they don’t trust their choice of actions. What Mahantam Vali does is right. Vali shares his doubt. What if that Markat took birth by Lord Shiva’s blessings? What if he has some particular mission to accomplish? His inner soul reasons that everyone takes birth for some reason or the other. Think of your aim in life. Vali gets thinking. There is no one in the world who can match my strength. The greatest warrior Vali! Undefeatable Vali! His evil side tells him to drop all the negative ideas. Fulfil your mission. Take all the obstacles out of you way. Vali remarks that he was, is and will be Mahantam Vali always. World will know me this way only – Mahantam Vali!

Shri Krishna’s wives are curious about Vali and Sugriv. How come they both are brothers when they are so different? What is their relation with Kishkindha? Shri Krishna tells them about Sugriv and Vali’s birth. Riksharaj is one of the Manas putra’s of Lord Brahma. Riksharaj and his wife could not have a baby even though it was many years that they were together. Brahma Dev told them about a particular lake. One can look at your reflection and wish for anything. The wish will be fulfilled. But one must not touch the water. Riksharaj wishes for sons like Surya Dev and Indra Dev. He couldn’t stop himself when he saw that beautiful lake. He soon transformed into a woman. Riksharaj is shocked to see himself thus. Indra Dev appears there. You will come back to your original form on the next full moon night. You will have to touch the water of this lake once again. He blesses Riksharaj with a son. He will be called Vali. Surya Dev too blesses Riksharaj with a son – Sugriv.

Sakha wakes Maruti as it is morning. Maruti begins to say the morning prayers but then notices his parents sleeping. He moves a little ahead and says the prayers in a lower voice. He goes to get ready as it is the big day today.

Vali comes to the room where all the weapons are kept.

Maruti makes uptan for himself. He applies uptan all over his body. There is no water to take bath though.

Anjana wakes up but Maruti isn’t there. Maruti’s Sakha holds a pot of water and pours water over Maruti.

Vali thinks of which weapon to use. He selects a gada. Vrikshasur too is waiting for Maruti.

Precap: Sugriv angrily asks his brother what is he after. Vali finally shares with Sugriv what Narad ji had told him. He had told me that you will stand with that Markat and will go against me. You will become the reason for my doom. I will never let that happen! Anjana wishes Maruti good luck.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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