Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the 2 monsters heading towards hanuman, hanuman attacks both of them with his gadha and they both get killed. The soldiers come, and their leader says just wait monkey you can not go from here, the leader calls 2 more monsters. One has 3 heads and other has a tongue which can be extended. The 3 headed monster heads towards hanuman and attacks, hanuman dodges the attacks and then he hits all 3 heads with his gadha. The last head falls and the monster dies, the leader is a bit scared. Another monster extends his tongue, hanuman holds it and rotates the monster and throws him far away. The leader tells his soldiers to attack. The soldiers are fiery and they run towards hanuman, hanuman pray to lord ram and with his gadha in one blow he kills everyone. The leader

heads towards hanuman but he is also killed by the blow of hanumans gadha on his head.
Hanuman says jai shree ram and enters the main cave entrance. After entering its just walls everywhere. Hanuman says he came here but from where should I go and there are just wall. Suddenly hands come out from the ground and the side walls and hanumans legs are caught in a hand. The hands say you cant go from here, hanuman gets out from the control of one hand, there are hands everywhere, hanuman thinks how do I go from here? Then he sees a wall which has only one hand and says I doubt this wall and everywhere there are hands but this has only 1 and this must be the entrance, hanuman goes and breaks the hand and the wall breaks open.
Hanuman enters an open land which has smoke and fog on the ground and flags of palace of hell everywhere. Hanuman says I crossed the other defenses and will cross this too. Suddenly a woman demon head is there and she has snakes instead of hair like medusa and she says you think monkey you can cross me but you cant. Hanuman smiles and says you don’t have hands and legs and how will you stop me? From behind two bodies come without head and they tie hanuman in their electric ties. She laughs and says I can attack you as I have been given the boon of turning anyone into stone if I attack them from eyes and I have heard that you are strong as a stone and now I will turn you into a real stone. The demon attacks from eyes, hanuman thinks I have to act wisely here and he dodges on one side and the attack hits one body which turns into stone and bursts. One tie breaks, the demon says you are acting wise are you? And wait and she attacks again, hanuman dodges again and the attack hits another body and it turns into stone and bursts too. Hanumans ties are broken and hanuman stands sturdy and thinks I have to do something and hanuman sees a flag and then says to the demon that I know how to defeat you. The demon says you are acting too smart and how will you defeat me? Hanuman says just see and he runs towards the demon, the demon attacks and hanuman dodges and says I will show you how I will defeat you and he takes the flag and puts it around the head and wraps the entire head with the flag cloth. The demon says monkey you tricked me, hanuman says no I did it wisely. The demon says you wrapped me in cloth but you have to face many monsters of different sizes. An entrance opens and hanuman says so I have to go here, then he thinks I can defeat those monsters with this demons eyesight which will turn them into stone. Hanuman takes the demon and goes to the next phase. There 7 monsters are standing and say monkey you can not cross us and your powers wont work against us. Hanuman throws his gadha towards one monster and it comes back to hanuman. Hanuman then says you demon show them your powers and he removes the flag, the eyesight attacks all monsters and all monsters turn into stone and burst and one attack rebound from a weapon and hanuman says now demon you will die from your own attack and the demon turns into stone and dies too.
Another entrance opens and hanuman says so here I have to enter. He sees another monkey like him having a thorned gadha.

Precap: the monkey attacks hanuman when hanuman enters that phase, and hanuman comes back from the attack and says who are you? The monkey says I am makardwaj the son of mahabali hanuman.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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