Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord Shankar and parvati looking at the war and smiling. Lord ram slowly removes the arrow, all the bells in Pooja ghar start making sound . everyone on the battlefield do pranama to the arrow that lord ram aims at ravana. Mandodari runs to ashok vatika with a Pooja thali and is crying and scared. There everyone does pranama to the arrow and ravana is shocked.
There mandodari reaches the ashok vatika and devi sita is sitting under the tree. She says I have to go to devi sita and ask her for blessing that I stay forever married to ravana and not be widow. There in battlefield a huge storm is coming and lord Shankar is looking angrily at ravana. Hanuman thinks I will change the arrow’s direction as soon as lord ram attacks it. ravana there thinks that

I myself checked the mrityuban if its safe and it was safe and this is a plan ram is playing.
Lord ram aims the arrow. There in heaven, narad muni says if mandodari asks for devi siat for the blessing of staying married forever just when lord ram will attack the arrow on ravana, then this will be a problem and lord ram has to attack fast. There mandodari tells devi sita that devi only a woman can understand the pain another woman goes and you know my lord is about to die but please don’t let me go through this punishment of being a widow and you have to give me the blessing of living married to ravana forever. Devi sita thinks now devi mandodari has put me in such a difficult position.
There in heaven indra dev says now the time for ravana’s death has come and he will burn in hell.
Lord ram attacks the arrow and the storms become powerful. Ravana sees the arrow and laughs and says even if this arrow is mrityuban then it is not in the right direction. There the sindur box falls from mandodari’s thali and it spills on the ground. Mandodari is very scared.
There hanuman flies and he changes the direction of the mrityuban without touching it and the arrow heads towards ravana’s navel. There mandodari is shocked to see the sindur box falling down.
In heaven all the gods are smiling and vayu dev says ravana is now one step behind death. Ravana removes his bow and aims an arrow for lord ram and says this will be my most dangerous weapon. The mrityuban finally hits ravana’s navel and ravana is backed off. He sees the amrit taal in ravana’s navel is gone and ravana screams loudly and says no!! ravana says how did my amrit taal go? Ravana suddenly starts remembering everything he was told by the gods and cursed by everyone. He remembers how sita said he would one day die from her curse and remembers women saying he will die because of a woman and his ego. Ravana sees the death form of yamraj.
Hanuman there says ravana was still in ego before his death and the m,ain reason is why he dies today. There ravana look down and then screams loudly ram!! And says my amrit taal has gone and now I will kill you with my weapon. Lord ram sees and then understands he attacked the mrityuban and then he smiles. Lord ram jumps from the chariot and lands on the ground. There hanuman, laxman and sugreeva stand in a line towards ravana and keep their hands up. Lord ram jumps on laxman’s hand and then on hanuman’s hand and then on ugreeva’s hand and then jumps in the air. Ravana Is aiming his arrow at lord ram. Lord ram I in air and he attacks and arrow and it hits ravana on the chest. Ravana’s bow and weapon fall and ravana falls to the ground.

Precap: mandodari is crying and praying to lord saying lord please bring ravana’s body to me and I want to see him. There lord ram attacks and ravana falls to the ground, lord ram lands on the ground. Lord ram and hanuman come to ravana and lord shankar’s form appears from hanumans back and lord vishnu’s form appears from lord rams back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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