Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman holds the hand of one Asura and pushes him. The Asura orders the others to catch Hanuman. Hanuman beats them. Hanuman asks Sakha to show its power as the Asuras try to attack on him once again. He tells Ram I am well aware of the vow taken in yagya. You wont be able to save yourself because of the same. no one can touch you when I am here. He challenges the Asuras. Hanuman and Sakha together take care of the Asuras. They begin to disappear or die. One Asura picks up a heavy log with him to attack on Ram. Hanuman hits it and it ends up hurting the Asuras only. Hanuman remarks their attack will hurt the only. The main Asura thinks only maya can defeat Hanuman’s powers. He produces some black powder and then blows it. The area gets thickened by that black powder.


tells Raja Dashrath that their spies are back from Himalaya. They couldn’t get any info about Ram. Dev Kaushalya and Raja Dashrath are all the more worried now. Raja Dashrath orders his commander to get the chariot ready. I myself will go to look for Ram. I feel uneasy without Ram. My Ayodhya is where Ram is! Guru Vashishtha reminds him not to use weapon. Raja Dashrath agrees. You have looked after Ayodhya since always. I am leaving Ayodhya in your care. Guru Vashishtha assures him of the same. Ram is the pride of not just Ayodhya but of entire world. Ram’s siblings also want to accompany their father. He allows them.

Hanuman thinks what if this maya can harm Ram ji. Where is he? He cannot see him. He calls out for Ram ji. Ram replies to him. Hanuman is about to head towards him when the Asuras do maya again. Ram realises that the Asuras are using his voice. He tries to guide Hanuman but the Asuras continue to misguide him. Hanuman is in a fix.

All the citizens of Ayodhya request Raja Dashrath to return soon with Ram. He is our life. Ayodhya is incomplete without him. Raja Dashrath tells them not to worry. I will bring Ram home safely. He leaves with his sons and commander. Manthra observes Kaikayi. She wonders why Kaikayi has become so emotional towards Ram suddenly.

The Asuras continue to do maya. Hanuman loudly tells Ram the Asuras are trying to misguide him by using his voice. Ram thinks to tell Hanuman something which only the two of them know. He thinks of Hanuman’s ice palace in Himalaya. Ram appreciates his Himalaya. Hanuman understands only Ram ji knows about this. I am coming to you. He begins to walk towards Ram when the smoke thickens. The Asuras remark that the vanar wont be able to save Ram. You will die here by our hands and the Pishachs will attack on Ayodhya!

Kaikayi prays for Ram’s well being. Manthra follows her quietly. How do I get her out of all this? She asks Kaikayi why she sent Bharat with Maharaj. He will roam around to look for his favourite Ram. Kaikayi warns her to keep quiet. I will get you death penalty to speak against Ram! Go away! Manthra begins to shed crocodile tears. I am nothing to Maharani Kaikayi and Bharat. I left my home for them but Maharani only is asking me to leave. Kaikayi walks away. Manthra thinks some evil has cast a spell on Maharani Kaikayi. Good ideas sound bitter to her.

Hanuman thinks the Asuras are trying to misguide him using maya. He starts chanting Ram with devotion. The Asuras are over confident of their win. A bright light emanates from Hanuman. The black smoke almost goes away. The Asuras begin to walk towards Ram. Hanuman automatically steps in between them. The Asuras cover their eyes as the light is affecting them. The black smoke completely goes away by then.

The Asura tries to attack Hanuman but he holds his hand. You will try to kill my Ram ji! He wards off the attacks using his hands only. He beats all the Asuras. Hanuman is glad to see Ram safe. Ram remarks no harm can reach to the one who is protected by Hanuman!

Precap: Yuddhijeet suggests punishing Hanuman for taking away Ram like this. Raja Dashrath announces Hanuman will not be allowed inside the palace till his next order.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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