Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman gets up. I don’t need Swarg. Anjana hugs her son. They both cry. Everyone else is moved as well. Anjana tells Hanuman that she is proud of him. Sapta-Rishi confirm Hanuman’s decision from him once again. Hanuman politely says that he came here to take his mother. A kid needs both his parents. I will get it only when I will go back to Sumeru.

Kesari says that it is time to go ahead. Matang Rishi thinks that he cannot delay Kesari anymore. Hanuman isn’t back yet. I have no option but to start the ritual of lokantaran. I will read the mantras now. Kesari walks towards deep water. Nani says only Hanuman can help us from this Sankat now. Marjarika too hopes Hanuman returns soon. Any delay may result in worst consequences.

Rishi’s tell Hanuman that

such opportunities don’t come time and again in one’s life. Hanuman replies that childhood also comes once in a lifetime. You get to be naughty; play with friends and family. I dint even do any jap, tap to get this position. How can I accept it then? He turns to Devraj Indra. You only deserve Indrasan. You will have to fulfil my one wish though. Devraj Indra agrees. Hanuman says father told me that God resides where women are respected. I want Maharani Ma to sit next to you on Indrasan. Sapta-Rishi’s second him. Devraj thinks of how he had been rude with Devi Shachi in the past. I promise you Hanuman. Devi Shachi will sit with me here from now onwards. I will never disrespect her again. Everyone smiles. Hanuman walks up to Devi Shachi. She remarks that he has actually turned Swarg Loka in Swarg. He takes her with him till Indrasan and makes her sit next to Devraj Indra. Hanuman throws flower petals on them.

Sapta-Rishi’s are amazed at Hanuman’s gesture. There have been so many wars to get this Indrasan in the past. Your renouncing it has proved you to be a great giver. Please take back your boons and powers now. Devguru too requests Hanuman for the same. Hanuman holds his mother’s hand. I got my mother back. This is the biggest boon for me. I don’t need those boons. Sapta-Rishi explain that they have been given to him for a special task. You have to do something great in future. You will need it. Hanuman agrees. He kneels down. I, Kesarinandan, Anjanasut Hanuman, call out for my powers / boons to be with me again. The powers come back to Hanuman. He greets all the Gods above in galaxy. Tridev bless Hanuman. Hanuman asks his mother to come with him. We should leave now. She nods. We should go back to our world now. Hanuman and Anjana greet Devraj Indra. Devraj says I will make arrangements for you. I will also accompany you till earth. Hanuman greets everyone. Devraj leaves with Hanuman and Anjana.

Right then, they hear someone calling out for Hanuman. You wont be able to go anywhere. Hanuman wonders who came to stop him now. Ravan’s special Asuras appear there. We wont let you back to earth! Devraj asks Hanuman to go ahead with Anjana. I will see how these Asuras stop you! The Asura thinks that he has to follow Lankesh’s orders. I have to stop you. Hanuman refuses to leave Indra Dev alone amidst these Asuras. Your army is also not here. Devraj says I alone am enough for them. it is my duty to protect my guests. Hanuman reasons that these Asuras have come to stop him. I cannot put my problems on Swarg. I have my powers too now. Let me handle then. Devraj’s fighter joins him. I will handle them. The Asura attacks Devraj. His Vajra falls down from his hands because of the attack. Devraj looks on in shock. Vajra flies in thin air. Hanuman flies after it. The Asura attacks Hanuman. Anjana looks worried. Hanuman grabs hold of the Vajra. He breaks the energy following him using it. The Asura challenges Hanuman. I will show you my powers.

On the other hand, Kesari prays in water.

Devraj kills all the other Asuras using his powers. The main Asura (Mritikasur) gets angry. I wont leave you now. He summons all his powers of death. Hanuman isn’t bothered. Go back to where you have come from. It will be good for you. Mritikasur attacks Hanuman.

Precap: Hanuman kills Mritikasur. Devraj says you will also have a Vajra now. From today onwards, you too will be called Vajradhari. He gives the flag in Hanuman’s hands. You will hold this always.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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