Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Beside the Ocean
Sugriva stands helpless and scared, as he witnesses ten heads of raavan, and then is trapped as to which one is the real one. rama and hanuman see this and are tensed for his safety. hanuman rushes in to save surgiva. raavan is enraged as hanuman too steps in, for surgiva’s aide, and tries to attack them both. Hanuman asks him to wait for the war atleast, wherein he shall have fun defeating him totally. all are enraged. hanuman then takes sugriva and runs away, while raavan is furious. as hanuman returns back with sugriva, he shows rama the crown that he got back from raavan. rama asks if this restlessness is for the throne, and the crown, then he didnt want it, and what he did wasnt right. he says that it

wasnt becoming of his as a king, the way he behaved when he went to raavan. sugriva apologises and says that he couldnt resist his anger when he saw raavan. hanuman lectures him on self control, as had he been affected, then they would have been defeated even before fighting the war. all hear tensedly. then rama come to him, while he feels ashamed, and says that had anything happened to him today, then he would have freed sita, and gotten vibhishan on the throne, but he wouldnt have enjoyed the win, having lost a friend like surgiva. he apoologises. rama asks him never to do so again. sugriva promises, and then asks him to accept this crown. rama complies, and then with the crown makes vibhishan swear in as the king of Lanka, and soon he shall be on the throne too. vibhishan is extremely grateful, as all chant for him. the crown itself changes its shape, as all watch this miracle unfold.

Later, they decide on their strategy ahead, while rama is tensed for sita. hanuman is apalled and senses it, and asks for a sign, so that sita is assured that they are here, and then raavan wont be able to discourage her. he eyes his rosary beads and then takes them off, and gives it to hanuman. he asks him to go and give to sita, so that her faith is strengthened, even though he rarely doubts that it shall weaken. he asks hanuman how he shall ensure that sita gets the message. he says that he himself shall not goo, but shall ensure that sita gets the beads and the message.

Meanwhile, raavan is enraged at having been snatched off the throne, and beckons his demon, PretoJihva, and summons him to get rama’s head and the monkey’s doom. he complies, as his eyes burn like lightning. he produces two plates, one containing rama’s fake head and the other his bow and arrow, and raavan is sure that now sita shall fall prey to his magical trap. Raavan then arrives, in ashok vatika, and produces the fake head in front of sita, while she resignedly looks away. he asks her to have a look, as the one her eyes are searching lies here on the playe. she is aghast as she casts an eye, while trijata is shocked too. she is unable to believe herself and is stunned into silence. she cries onconsolably, while raavan enjoys as she believes it. he starts gloating about how rama and his army, had to pay for their daring to even try and get into lanka, and narrates as to how his demon warriors beheaded him when they were sleeping, last night. she is aghast and apalled. he also shows the bow and arrow, that belonged to rama. raavan asks her to let go of her ego, and accept his proposal, since her rama is dead now, and she doesnt have any other option now. she asks him to stop this nonsense, and asks him to stop fooling her, due to his scare, and now she is sure that he shall definitely die. raavan says that maybe she has lost her sanity, out of grief. she says that he has gone insane, due to his fear, as they are two hearts but one soul, and her being alive, ensures that rama is alive too, and that he is lying. she says that laxman always swore to never sleep, then how can he be asleep as per raavan, and how can hanuman, who almost spoiled lanka, cant be killed so easily. she says that rama broke the Parshuram’s bow, and his bow raavan can never produce. raavan screams out sita’s name in anger, while she says that she has no place for his magical trap in front of her, and this just goes onto prove how scared he is. she says that his death is near, in the form of rama and hanuman. he asks her not to be overconfident, as he isnt scared of anyone. he says that its child’s play for him, but since she doesnt comply, then he shall get a genuine one, this time around. he leaves enraged.

Meanwhile, hanuman surges ahead with the beads in his hands, and then stops that he cant go ahead, as he has promised r ama that he wont go ahead, before raavan’s death and that he has to get this to sita anyhow. he then notices Lord of the winds apparating. he folds his hand in humble gratitude and begs him to do this work for him. he heartily complies. The screen freezes on their faces.


Precap: Rama says that they are in the final lap before war. before waging one, they shall send a peace messenger, as a last minute attempt to avoid war. they wonder who to send. jaamvant says that hanuman is the most appropriate for this. but hanuman says that even though he would consider himself lucky to do it, he doesnt think he should be going, after what happened, in his first visit. rama ponders over. then raavan finds his commander thrown inside the courtroom while all are shocked. he screams enraged as to who had the audacity to do this. a voice booms in identifying as the person who did this. all eyes turn on him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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