Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anjan telling her husband kesari that she feels like hanuman is here somewhere. Kesari says hanuman is always near you. anjan says yes but this time it is different, I feel like hanuman will come right now and say I have come mother, hug me. Suddenly hanuman comes and says mata I have come, hug me. Anjana sees and even father sees then they do their work. Hanuman says why did they ignore me? Father says anjana your dream is so true that even I can see hanuman. Anjana says yes even I see him. Hanuman says father it is not a dream I am actually here. kesari and anjana see and hanuman hugs them both.
In heaven parvati devi says hanuman has met his parents, but maya will do what work she wants to do. Parvati says I should have warned hanuman about a danger before.

maya flies and says now I will do my work as I have put hanuman away from my track.
There kesari tells hanuman that we are going for a tirth yatra but we were waiting for the right time. Suddenly there is noise of people running towards the house of hanuman, they all are saying hanuman! hanuman says who are they? Suddenly hanuman sees it is sugreeva, jambhuvan and all friends of hanuman. they all come inside the house, hanuman is happy to see them and he hugs everyone. Anjana and kesari bless everyone. Suddenly, there is a noise of a man running towards the house, saying help me, protect me, give me a roof. It is kashiraj and he enters the house, he sees hanuman and thinks he was the brahman dev disguised in the temple. Mata anjana says don’t worry kashiraj what happened? Whoever comes here gets to live here. kashiraj says but you wont be able to protect me. Anjana says I promise to protect you and even my son hanuman will protect you. hanuman says yes I give you my word that I will protect you. kashiraj says why did you promise before knowing from whom you have to protect me? Kesari and anjana say we have to go for the tirth yatra so you tell what happened with you to hanuman, he will protect you. kesari and anjana go.
Kashiraj tells hanuman that it all started when a very weird powerful maya flew over my kingdom and her lightning from her powers was falling one the river banks of my kingdom, my people were being injured. Kashiraj says, So I went behind maya and then attacked her with an arrow but she with her power destroyed my arrow and flew away to escape. Kashiraj says I followed her when finally she went and hid somewhere near where rishi vishwamitra was meditating. Hanuman says rishi vishwamitra is lord ram’s guru. Kashiraj says yes, suddenly maya came out and started laughing so I attacked my chakra astra on her but she flew away and the weapon hit a tree behind rishi vishwamitra. Hanuman says then what happened? Kashiraj tells I tried to save rishi from the tree but the tree fell behind him, nothing happened to him but his concentration was disturbed and he became angry on me, he then said he will punish me and disappeared. Hanuman is shocked and says do you want me to protect you from rishi vishwamitra? Kashiraj says no, no one can protect me from him, its someone else. Kashiraj continues and says rishi vishwamitra then went to lord ram in his kingdom and told him that his concentration was disturbed so he shall punish the man who did it. lord ram gave rishi the promise that he will punish whoever did it. rishi said no he wants the head of the man. Lord ram and everyone was shocked and lord ram said but head? Rishi then said no buts, you bring me the head and lord ram promised to bring the head of the man and then asked who it was? Rishi told him it was me, kashiraj. Lord ram was shocked and thinks but kashiraj is my disciple and how can I kill him? Hanuman says I know my lord must have tried to convince rishi vishwamitra. Kashiraj says yes he tried to convince. Lord ram tells rishi vishwamitra that kashiraj is a very peace loving man and he must not have done it on purpose but it must have been a mistake. Rishi says I don’t know about that, is it now that you step behind from your promise? Then I will also have to break my promise of not giving curses and then I will curse kashiraj. Lord ram says no rishi, don’t do that, as promised I will bring you the head of kashiraj. Hanuman and everyone is shocked. Kashiraj says that is what I was saying and you promised to protect me against lord ram, we both are his disciples. Hanuman is shocked and says I will have to fight my lord ram? Hanuman says lord ram will remove a solution to this. Kashiraj says no, let me die instead I have never met lord ram, in that way I will also get to meet him and my wish will be fulfilled. Hanuman says no kashiraj I have given my mother my promise that I will protect you.
There lord ram is worried and tells sita that rishi vishwamitra has asked him to kill and bring the head of kashiraj, who is my great disciple. Sita is shocked and says how can a god kill his own disciple? Lord ram says I have to go by dharma. The dharma of fulfilling the promise I have given to rishi vishwamitra.
There sugreeva says hanuman an enemy of lord ram is not safe in this universe. Hanuman says I will go and tell lord ram everything so that he gets to a solution. Jambhuvan says but you have to protect kashiraj, you cannot go from here leaving him alone. Angad says I will go as a messenger and tell lord ram. Hanuman says okay and angad goes.
There lord ram tells soldiers to find kashiraj wherever he is. Soldiers say okay and go. a soldier comes and tells a messenger of hanuman has come to meet you. laxman says but why did hanuman send a messenger when he himself should have come here? lord ram says bring him inside with respect. Laxman thinks why didn’t hanuman come here?

Precap: hanuman tells lord ram that he has promised mata anjana that he will protect kashiraj. Lord ram says and he has promised rishi vishwamitra that he will bring the head of kashiraj. Lord ram says there is only one solution to this, that is battle. Hanuman and lord ram have tears and lord ram clenches his fists.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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