Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana stops in her tracks upon witnessing the scene. Hanuman asks her to make his father open his eyes. He isn’t opening his eyes. Anjana too tries to wake up Kesari but fails. It cannot happen. Kesari’s soul is in tears to see his famly broken. I am helpless before Kaal. Kaal Dev tells him to stop crying. Hanuman should realise what is the punishment to go against Kaal. Yam is by rules only. This is the circle of life. Things will become normal in a while. Your relation with the people of that world is over now. Kesari reasons he couldn’t do anything for his family, society and the world. I have to do a lot. Allow mw some more time. Kaal Dev lies that he did enough in the time he had. Let your son do something now. Kesari says he is a kid. He has to learn a lot. Kaal Dev

says he is Mahabali Sankat Mochan Hanuman. He stands before Kaal Dev too. Kesari apologizes on Hanuman’s behalf. I have to teach him a lot right now. Kaal Dev is sure Hanuman will find a way. His mother is there to guide him. Kesari says she wont be able to bear this separation. Hanuman too wont be able to live if anything happens to him.

Tridevs are aghast to see Kaal Dev’s injustice.

Anjana asks Hanuman what happened. why am I crying? Swami will get up. Nothing happened to him. Don’t cry son. Nothing will go wrong. No one should cry. Hanuman looks at her. She says your father loves you a lot. Wake him up.

Kesari knows neither of them will be able to lose him. Have mercy on my family. It is a small family. they will break down without me.

Anjana thinks of her wedding. Kesari says my Anjana wont be able to live without me. only I can handle them. Please let me go. Kaal Dev tells him nothing can be done now. You have to stop worrying about them now. You will have to be in Preta Loka for the next 11 days till all the rituals are over. Kaal Dev sends him with the Pretas.

Anjana says he will have to get up. Tell him son. we have to complete the pilgrimage that’s how everything will become fine. Hanuman is helpless. How do I make Ma understand?

Kesari shouts Anjana and Hanuman as he is taken away by the Pretas.

Hanuman recalls the recent incidents and cries. Open your eyes and see Ma’s condition. Anjana and Hanuman cry. All the others come there as well. They are shocked to see Kesari dead. Nani and Marjarika break down. Anjana requests her mother to do something. He isn’t listening to Hanuman too. Tell him that Hanuman has brought water. Nani blames herself for it but Anjana is sure her Swami will get up soon. He cannot leave the pilgrimage incomplete. A Rishi asks Hanuman to keep Tulsi in his father’s mouth. Make him drink this water too. it will help him get Moksha and the soul will get to go to Vishnu Dev’s Baikunth. Anjana tells him not to address her Swami as a soul. He will wake up. Nani says I am responsible for Kesari’s condition. It wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t thirsty and Hanuman had left Kesari alone. Marjarika says no one knew this would happen. Nani says she is unlucky for her daughter for she lost her! Anjana stops her from saying further.

The Rishi’s were also on the way to Mrityunjaya Maharaj’s pilgrimage site. They recall how Kesari freed them from Shambasadan’s tortures. We should stay back to help them.

Kesari is unwillingly being dragged to the Preta Loka. He cries for his family. How can a kid make such a big mistake that his family got punished this way? He finds many souls trapped in the Preta Loka. Preta Raj greets him. break your ties with that world or you will have to bear a lot of pain. Your family will be as much unhappy as you will be here. That world and body is of no importance now.

The Rishi’s have made preps for Kesari’s pyre. Many people have been informed about it as well. One Guru ji goes to inform Anjana and Hanuman of the same.

Anjana and Hanuman are still next to Kesari. She asks him to get up or they wont be able to reach Markandey pilgrimage site by Monday. Hanuman hugs his mother. A Rishi tells Anjana that they are with her in this sad moment but Kesari’s body cannot be kept like this for long. We have made all the arrangements. His last rites should happen now. Hanuman shakes his head. this wouldn’t have happened if I had not asked father to accompany to that pilgrimage site. What kind of Sankat Mochan am I! This life is a waste. I couldn’t save my own father. Anjana hugs him. Don’t say so son. You are not to be blamed for it. She recalls Kesari being able to hear the sound of the flute. She tells Hanuman about it. Your father heard it and ran there to look for water. Hanuman gets thinking. Anjana says my Swami will come back. Whoever took him away wont be able to keep him with him for long. Our love will bring him back.

Trishakti’s cannot understand how Kaal Dev can take away Kesari’s life like this. This is against the rules. He is interfering in your work.

Rishi asks Anjana to accept the truth. We cannot keep the dead body for long. Entire day has passed. His soul will be in pain if we don’t do the last rites. He asks Hanuman to do the ritual.

Preta Raj again asks Kesari to be calm. Your son will soon do your last rites. Your contact with Prithvi Loka will be over then.

Kesari sadly looks down at his dead body.

Precap: Hanuman sadly begins the ritual when a Rishi (Devguru Brihaspati probably) asks them to stop. This cannot complete. Kesari was killed before time. Everyone looks at him stunned.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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