Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with bharat and shatrugan saying brother we cannot rule ayodhya when you are gone. Bharat says our hearts will break and I and shatrugan wont be able to take care of each other then how will we rule ayodhya? Lord ram says brothers you have to do this. Bharat and shatrugan sit at lord ram’s legs and say brother we cannot live without you, so you instead give us a death sentence like laxman for going against your orders. Lord ram has tears as everyone is crying. Bharat and shatrugan say this time even hanuman cannot stop me. Shatrugan says yes hanuman cannot stop us. Laxman says brother ram, even I cannot live without you for a second then how can brother bharat and shatrugan live? They wont be able to live without you. lord ram says whatever we do, we have to decide

before hanuman comes back.
Yamraj tells brahma dev that he feels sad now that he put these brothers in such a difficulty. Brahma dev be it a god or human, everyone has live for dharma.
There hanuman is coming to ayodhya.
Bharat and shatrugan say we cannot rule ayodhya so luv and kush are the one who will rule ayodhya, they deserve ayodhya as they are brave, intelligent and know the people. Bharat says because of their intelligence we won the battle against gandharv too. Laxman says yes luv and kush should be on the throne. Lord ram says so be it, we shall divide ayodhya between luv and kush and they will rule ayodhya. Lord ram says and as decided we all brothers will together take the bath in river and go together. Lord ram says but for that you 3 have to tell luv and kush as I will go with hanuman to vaikunth. Hanuman comes and stands. Everyone see hanuman. lord ram thinks did hanuman listen? Shatrugan bharat and laxman are worried. Hanuman comes walking in and says pranam shree ram and then says I left rishi durvasha safely at his ashram. Everyone are tension free and lord ram smiles.
Hanuman is in the garden and from behind luv and kush are coming slowly. Hanuman thinks someone is following me. Hanuman sees behind and luv kush stop and start laughing. Luv kush say hanuman ji we always have fun with you, don’t ever leave our side. Hanuman smiles and says I give you both a promise that I will not leave you both.
Lord ram now goes with hanuman sitting on his shoulder to vaikunth. Laxman bharat and shatrugan are with luv and kush in the courtroom.
There hanuman and lord ram are about to reach vaikunth and hanuman says lord ram I want to ask you something. Lord ram thinks hanuman ask me something so that I tell you my message easily. Hanuman says I feel like I have been here before lord ram. Hanuman says is this event same like before? Hanuman says why do I feel like that? lord ram says this is the point where the ganga and Yamuna river meet, I will tell you the story once we get down. Hanuman and lord ram get down. Lord ram and hanuman remove their crowns and then stand in the river and pray. Lord ram says the one who prays here gets the blessings of both lord Vishnu and lord shiv. There laxman bharat and shatrugan tell luv and kush everything and their rajya Abhishek. Luv and kush are crying as everyone hug them.

Precap: hanuman sees something looking like him. a person looking like hanuman with half body colored of lord shiv and haf body of lord Vishnu is fighting demons.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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