Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Atibal is in pain as Maruti beats the drum. Everyone gathers around Maruti to hear him playing drum. The drum is about to fall twice so Maruti requests his Sakha to hold it tight. Sakha gladly holds the drum and Maruti resumes playing it. The villagers dance on the tune of the music. His friends applaud him for playing the drum so nicely. Atibal keeps screaming in pain. Maruti stops when he notices the food / fruits / sweets that have been cooked for the guests. The head of the village especially comes to invite him. They all leave. Atibal comes back to his original form. His back is paining and his nose is also red.

Sun God is sure no one can match his strength when he has so many Gods by his side. No one can even think of stepping on in my planet. Two other Gods support him.

Narad ji calls it arrogance. It suits Asuras. Gods should choose pity. Sun God is offended. Indra Dev intervenes. We have gathered here to find a solution for the main problem here. Please don’t get into this discussion.

Shri Krishna points out that the one who thinks knows everything turns arrogant. Everything that he has learnt so far goes for a toss. A yogi remains soft / modest even after gaining all the knowledge and guides others towards Moksha whereas the arrogant takes the wrong path.

Sun God doesn’t agree with Indra Dev. I cannot be calm and cool. It’s not in my nature. He excuses himself followed by the other Gods who had spoken in his support. Narad ji thinks that this arrogance has to be broken. The festivity in Sumeru will become the reason for it.

The head of the village serves food to Maruti and his friends. Maruti is tempted as he has never eaten anything so tasty. He is about to eat when Anjana holds his hand. She shakes her head at him. You cannot eat them yet (because his Anna-Prashan hasn’t happened yet). Maruti sits sadly in a corner. He watches his friends enjoy all the delicacies. Maruti walks away from there.

Maruti sits outside sadly. He recalls his friends relishing the food. He calls out for Sakha. Have you eaten such fragrant and yummy food? Sakha shakes in negative. Maruti consoles himself. Milk is good too but I think these items will be tastier. Anjana comes there. Why are you sitting there all quiet? Narad ji appears there. Anjana greets him. Maruti jumps off from above and greets Narad ji. Narad ji knows the reason behind his sadness. Anyone is bound to get sad when he is hungry but is stopped to eat all of them. Even I feel tempted. Maruti is still a kid. Anjana says Maruti is very young. His Anna-Prashan hasn’t been done yet which is why I stopped him for eating anything. He explains that Anna-Prashan is done at the age when the kid begins to have teeth. Maruti grew up long back. You are doing injustice to him. He not only needs milk but complete nutrition. Get his Anna-Prashan done soon. Anjana nods in agreement. She asks him for an auspicious time / date. Narad ji suggests doing it tomorrow itself. It is Sarvar Siddhi Yoga tomorrow after which there will be Amavasya followed by some other things. Anjana talks about making preps for the big day. Maruti gets happy. Do we have such yummy items at our palace? She nods. Maruti asks his mother if he can eat food after Anna-Prashan. She affirms. You can eat everything after that. Maruti dreams of eating all the delicious items. He greets Narad ji once again.

Next morning, Maruti is playing with his friends. He tells them that his mother is making special food items today. I too will eat all that today. My friends will eat with me. They get happy. Anjana comes to call him for the ceremony.

Maruti looks wide-eyed at all the food items that are there in his Anna-Prashan ceremony. The villagers greet the king, queen and prince. They have brought a gift for him. He absentmindedly touches everything that his mother makes him touch. His eyes are glued on the food. He is thinking about the taste of each of them items. Why are they delaying it! Narad ji can see that Maruti is too anxious already. This is what I wanted!

Precap: Maruti gives the smaller plate of food to others while he eats all the major part of the food. Everyone looks on with amazement. Maruti sets out to eat Sun.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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