Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman returns to Surya Loka. This Kaal-Stambha is amazing. He misses his mother. I want to see you so much.

Matang Rishi says Anjana also knew anyone can lose their eyesight if they look continuously at the sun. Hanuman had to give up his powers for this particular task. Your strong sankalp helped him overcome all the obstacles. Anjana is glad to know Hanuman succeeded. Nani is sad. You lost your eyesight. Anjana does not mind it. The eyes of parents are their kids only! I will see the entire world through his eyes when he will be back. Matang Rishi says you proved it today that a mother can do anything for her kid. Anjana replies that this is how a mother is. I only fulfilled my duty. The eyes of the parents are their kids only.

Hanuman imagines his mother in Gurumata.

He gets sad. She asks him what he is doing here alone. Morning wont come soon if you will look at the Kaal-Stambha like this. He says you are right. She can see he is sad for some reason. what happened? Hanuman shares that he is feeling restless. I can see Ma at every corner. I don’t know why I am so worried about her today. I cannot go to her without completing my education.

Kesari asks for a solution to the problem. There must be a way by which we can get Anjana’s eyesight back. Matang Rishi calls it an almost impossible task. Kesari sends his commander to get any solution from anyone.

Gurumata advises Hanuman to concentrate on his education. This is what your mother wants. Hanuman nods. I worry if I will be able to complete my education in such less time or not. Surya Dev says his doubts are right. He has very less time left. I too am bound by rules. I cannot give him training before sunrise or after sunset, or I would have resumed it as soon as we came back from Kaal-Kumbha. Hanuman promises to complete his education in less time too. Surya Dev too has full faith in him. Hope no problem comes this time!

Ravan wants to stop Hanuman’s education. We should steal Surya Dev’s chariot. Varun Dev likes the idea. Ravan asks him to help Patalika. Varun Dev readily agrees. This is the best way to take revenge for my son’s insult. I will tell you the location of the chariot and share the mantras with Patalika. She can use them for getting that chariot then. Patalika says let’s do it today itself!

All the Vaid’s check Anjana’s eyes but have no solution for Anjana’s lost eyesight. It is impossible to cure the eyesight lost during Animesh fast. Kesari and everyone are heartbroken. Anjana calls out for Kesari. Everyone leaves from there except Anjana and Kesari. He holds her hands. She knows how concerned everyone is for her. I am feeling peaceful and happy. He says I can imagine your pain. You are in complete darkness now. She reasons that she used to get worried about little things when she could see. Now I only think of you and our son. I am seriously not feeling bad. Kesari hugs her. I wonder what he will feel when he will see you.

Hanuman thinks about his mother. I so want to see you. How are you Ma? I will come to you as soon as my training ends. I will give my 100% in this. Hope no other problem will come now. He hears some strange sounds. Who could it be at this hour?

Patalika comes near Surya Dev’s chariot. She looks at the 7 horses. You will be sacrificed now! I will take you all from here. She calls them by their names. You are the 7 rays of sun that light up the world. Now you will become the reason for Lankesh’s powers. The horses neigh. She tries to tame them / control them using the mantras that Varun Dev has told her. Hanuman comes there to see who it is. Patalika changes into Gurumata. She tells him she came to look after the horses. What are you doing here? He replies that he heard some noise. I thought someone is here, so I came to check. She appreciates him for being alert. It will help you in future. You should rest now. Hanuman leaves from there.

Patalika returns to her original form. She chants the mantra for the horses. Hanuman is still on his way back. Patalika waits for the horses to fall in her spell. Hanuman hears the horses neighing again. Why are they so restless and noisy when Gurumata is there? He goes back to check. He is shocked to see Patalika. Who are you? What are you doing here? Patalika makes smoke appear around the horses. Hanuman cannot see anything clearly. Patalika disappears with the horses and chariot. Hanuman wonders who that person would be, who took Gurumata’s form to fool me!

Precap: Surya Dev demands to know who dared to abduct his chariot. Ravan, Varun Dev and Patalika are happy. Surya Dev points out that morning wont happen till he gets his chariot back. Hanuman’s education will be stalled as well!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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