Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Singhika gets scared hearing hanuman’s name. she remembers the demonic end of Rahu, and is hesitant how she would be able to handle and defeat him. shukracharya tells her that as a mother, its her responsibility, to prevent demons from such impending danger. she is however still boggled. he blesses her with a security sheath of powers, that would counter all moves of hanuman’s attack. she feels emboldened, by this power. she decides to take revenge of her son. she comes in the way of hanuman, in the form of a vast sea shell. hanuman soars ahead oblivous of what lies ahead. finally she spots him, and smiles evilly, guffawing that now her revenge and her hunger shall be over, and decides not to let him ahead. she spots his shadow,

and then disappears so that he cant see her. she catches his shadow and his flight stops. he wonders whats wrong and why isnt he able to surge ahead. he spots singhika finally, and understands that she is stopping him, and decides to use his wit anyhow to get past her, and thinks maybe she is someone like sursa, testing him to bless her. Singhika in her enlarged form, confronts hanuman, and tells him that he wont be able to get past her now at any cost, as his shadow lies in her fist. he tries hard to get ahead, but in unable to get, as his shadow is clutched in her hands. she starts sucking and the air starts getting sucked in, but hanuman stands still. he begs politely to let go, as Rama’s work cant be stopped. but she refuses saying that she shall consume him. she extends her hand, and the ropes come out, but hanuman continues to thwart his attempts. singhika extends more ropes, saying that the lords shall see, that sun consuming hanuman, shall be consumed by her. she guffaws. he says that she shall have to face the consequences. finally. she manages to grab him. Seeing this, the lords are tensed. naarad expresses his concerns even though hanuman is blessed by sursa, yet this doesnt seem very nice. Vayu dev decides to do something, and leaves. all are boggled. he extends air all over and clouds all rays of sunlight coming in, to stop the shadows from being formed. she sees it too, and wonders what brught this sudden change in the climate, and understands that someone is helping him. but she is determined to gulp him down. hanuman is tensed. the lords are tensed as he lies right at the mouth of singhika. but then hanuman gets free from her clutches, since the shadow disappears totally, and the lords are releived. she starts fuming at her loss but tries yet again. hanuman decides to close this once and for all. he urges his tail, that wraps itself around her ropes, and along with them, he soars high up, and she too gets pulled up with his ropes.

Meanwhile, sampati asks rama, for his permission, to go and find out about hanuman’s progress. but rama says that he wouldnt want him to be bothered due to him, in this age, and begs him to go home to his family, who must be waiting impatiently for him. he expresses faith in hanuman. sugriva says that hanuman’s powers are undoubted, but lanka is full of demonic people, who will pose a problem to hanuman at every step. rama says that any demonic power shall ultimately succumb to the determination of hanuman, and noone can waive him from his faith. sugriva happily complies.

In his meditation, Shukracharya sees vayudev and gets enraged, at the way he is helping him. he decides to remove the clouds anyhow. he takes chanted waters and the clouds disappear, and the sun starts appearing yet again. Meanwhile, hanuman begs her not to try and stop him, and he shall spare her. but she is adamant on consuming him. seeing the clouds disappear yet again, hanuman wonders if she will try to catch his shadow yet again, and then lets go of her, through the tail, and she suddenly takes a giant leap downwards while watching hnuman soar high up. she thinks that he is very intelligent, and wonders where he went, while hanuman thinks that he wont be able to get ahead without overcoming her. he enlarges himself and appears in giant form, and chants the name of lord rama, and goes right outside the earth, and in a trajectile motion, he enters back, face downwards, while she swears for revenge, and falls right on the shell, taking her undernearth. seeing his way clear, hanuman gets ahead. shukracharya decides to stop hanuman now. but a sparkling light appears, and shiva apparates. lord shiva asks him not to do so, and tells him that this is destined, and he shouldnt come in its way. he understands and complies. Hanuman continues soaring ahead and finds a sprkling light, and thinks that definitely this city of gold is Raaan’s Lanka. The screen freezes on his face.


Precap: hanuman finds lanka heavily guarded and wonders how to get past it. Raavan and Mandakini stand tensedly, while Lankini watches on, keeping a close guard.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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