Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana is surprised to see Hanuman. You fell asleep. What are you doing here? He replies that sleep left him once she left. Anjana thinks what will happen when she will leave for Swarg Loka. Kesari shares that he is going to dig a well for the citizens. Hanuman wants to accompany him. You only say that the Yuvraj of Sumeru, I, have to learn everything. Anjana supports him. He should know of such difficulties. We have to teach him everything asap. Kesari leaves with Hanuman.

The workers start digging a well. Kesari, Hanuman and the commander reach there. They see a piece of mountain blocking their work. Hanuman wants to try once. Kesari asks him what he can do in such a situation. Hanuman still wants to give it a try so Kesari allows him. Hanuman asks everyone to back up

a little. He flies high in the air and then returns towards the cave with full force. The earth shakes as the mountain breaks after coming in contact with Hanuman. Everyone is surprised to see the miracle. They all cheer for Kesarinandan. Hanuman swirls with full force and goes inside. People look on in confusion. The earth keeps shaking. As a result, lots of dirt and stone pieces come out. The well had been dug as water can be seen now. There are cheers in Hanuman’s name all around. Hanuman comes out and stands next to his father. Kesari applauds him for his work. I am proud of you. I will handle the rest of the work. You must return to palace now as your mother must be waiting. Hanuman leaves for the palace.

A guy informs Panchfann that the water problem is over in Sumeru now because of the well that Kesari has dug. Panchfann gets angry. He changes his form and throws poison on the man. Panchfann vows to kill every citizen of Sumeru. Atibal says you are wasting your time and energy by doing all this. You must focus on your target – killing Hanuman. Panchfann is in no mood to listen to his advice. Bring Hanuman here if you want to do something for me. Atibal tries to tell him about Hanuman but Panchfann is lost in arrogance. All these people / my slaves / my soldiers will poison every person in Sumeru. Everything will happen as per my wish then. Bring that vanar kid here somehow. Atibal agrees.

Atibal calls out for Hanuman when he is flying towards the palace. Hanuman gets down talking to him. Atibal says I have found out who has poisoned the river. I was going to tell Maharaj but he is not in palace. It is good that I have found you. I will show you where the culprit is. Hanuman goes with him at once. Hanuman’s friends notice Hanuman with Atibal. They too decide to follow them.

Atibal gets scared of flying. Panchfann comes there. You saved him but who will save you? Atibal hides behind Hanuman. This is Panchfann. He has poisoned the river. He has killed so many animals. Punish him.

Hanuman is confused. His name sounds that of a snake. But how can he poison the river water? Atibal acts all scared of Panchfann. He is mayavi. Don’t leave him. Hanuman walks forward. Did you poison the water? Panchfann affirms. Everyone will soon address me as the one who killed Hanuman. I don’t even need to change my avatar to kill you. He tries to lift Hanuman but is not able to even shift him a little. Hanuman holds his fist and stands firm in his place. He instead lifts Panchfann high in the air. Panchfann falls at a distance because of Hanuman’s push. Hanuman’s friends and Atibal look on from a distance in awe.

Panchfann tries to hit Hanuman again but Hanuman has an upper hand in hitting him first. All of Panchfann’s attempts to hurt Hanuman go down the drain. He comes to his original form. Hanuman realises that this is a mayavi snake. This is why his name is Panchfann.

Precap: Kesari and the commander discuss about Panchfann. They go to look for him. Hanuman’s friends are under the effect of Panchfann’s poison. They reach the palace to cast their poison on Hanuman’s grandmother.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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