Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nani is worried as the water level of the river has risen alarmingly high. Marjarika assures her that Kesari and Hanuman will take care of it all.

Hanuman gets free from the ice. He returns to his normal size. He greets Chandra Dev who greets him back. Hanuman asks himt or esume his original course. All the planets will do the same now. That is when everything will return to normal. Chandra Dev tells him about Ravan. He has all my powers. Plus this Asura here is also very evil. Meghlochan threatens Hanuman to go back to earth. I will surround you amidst clouds and you will be lost for forever. Hanuman retorts that he is under estimating him. Go back if you want to live. Meghlochan attacks Hanuman but nothing affects him. He asks Chandra Dev to give him all his powers. Chandra

Dev is helpless. Meghlochan continues to attack on Hanuman. Chandra Dev tells Hanuman that it is impossible to free him from Meghlochan. You wont be able to even see me if this continues. Go back to Sumeru!

Kesari notices the water reaching them. They all decide to head towards the palace. It is built on a little higher ground. We will be safe there.

Marjarika and Nani look at the sky. They both are tensed. Marjarika prays that Hanuman succeeds in controlling all this. A lightning is about to strike them when Kesari fights it in time. He saves them using his mace. He asks them about Hanuman. Marjarika thinks of how she had been all bad towards him. He saved me today. I am very proud of both you and Hanuman. He has gone to save the world. A commander tells Kesari that the palace is getting crowded as lots of people are coming in. Kesari says King is the only one who looks after its citizens in time of need. Marjarika too goes with him to look after people.

The villagers are asked to head to the place as they will be safe there. All the people take a few of their belongings and run towards the palace.

Hanuman asks Meghlochan if he wants to surround him amidst clouds. Hanuman flies up. Meghlochan looks angry. He asks Chandra Dev to attack on Hanuman. That is the only way to control him. Chandra Dev forcibly attacks Hanuman using his powers. Hanuman is having a hard time standing rigid in his place before his powers. He finally blows air to counter the attack on Chandra Dev.

Ravan tells his Asuras that soon they will be able to freely roam on earth. All the planets are under my control now. They are forced to move as per my wish. Everything will be destroyed except Lanka! Take over earth. Kill all the nar and vanar who are left alive because of this catastrophe.

The citizens of Sumeru are worried as the water level has risen to a dangerous extent. It is nearing the palace now. They are all scared of drowning in water. Kesari calms them down. We will together find a solution to this problem. MArjarika too assures them all that Hanuman has gone to set everything right. He will certainly end this problem. Be patient.

Meghlochan gets trapped in the storm caused by Chandra Dev’s powers. He gets pushed in the galaxy because of the storm. Hanuman greets Chandra Dev once again. Now you can return to your original position. Chandra Dev nods. Rahu and Ketu appear there just then. No one will go anywhere. It is you (Hanuman) who will die! Rahu and Ketu attack Hanuman together but Hanuman only feels tickling. He laughs all along. Rahu challenges him to a war. Hanuman is enjoying laughing. They are unable to harm him in any way. Chandra Dev shares that his powers are still under Rahu’s control. Sadly, I cannot help you! Hanuman assures him that he will handle both Rahu and Ketu. He asks them both to continue tickling him. He suddenly goes quiet. Chandra Dev feels bad for Hanuman. They have completely surrounded him. Rahu asks Ketu to be more clever ni his attack. Hanuman nods at Chandra Dev. He flies up the next instant. Rahu and Ketu hurt each other because of the same. They both fall on the ground. Hanuman comes down once again. It will be good for you both if you participate rightly in nature.

Precap for Sunday: Kumbhakaran and Ravan engage in a fight.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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