Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman lifts Vali in air. People ask Hanuman to end Vali. He has disrespected and cheated his parents, brother and relatives. Maharani ji is tensed to hear it. They all want to kill Vali. Hanuman might kill him by listening to them all. Hanuman thinks of Sugriv. Kalnemi gets ready.

Hanuman thinks he is helpeless to hurt Vali Bhaiya to save Sugriv Bhaiya. Forgive me please. Vali asks him to free him. Hanuman thinks he cannot hurt Vali Bhaiya. It will hurt everyone. I also have to fulfil the promise that I gave to Maharani Ma.

Sun gets hidden behind the clouds because of Kalnemi’s maya. Gods are shocked to realise it. How come sun set before time?

Everyone looks towards the sky. Maharani Ma is happy that the sun set. Kesari is puzzled at the unexpected sun set.


Dev realises that it is Kalnemi’s doing.

Kalnemi says I hid the sun using my mayavi clouds to fulfil Lankesh’s orders.

Hanuman keeps Vali down. Kesari says I was sure Hanuman will not hurt Vali badly. Maharani is worried for her son. Hanuman apologizes to Vali. Please get up now. The fight comes to an end for today. Vali pushes his hand away and gets up on his own. He wears his crown once again. My time is not that bad that I will need someone else’s help to get up. He glares at Hanuman. It might be your day today but it will be my day tomorrow. It will be the last day of your life! He angrily walks away.

Kesari is happy that Hanuman stopped himself. He could have ended it all by falling in people’s words. Anjana nods. there is some special reason which stopped Hanuman. Maharani says Hanuman kept his promise. Everyone looks at her in surprise. Anjana asks her what promise is she talking about. I noticed it all. The fight was so scary but you dint seem to worry for Vali at all. Maharaj says I too felt that way. Anjana says no mother can be this calm howsoever her son is. There is something that you are hiding from all of us. What promise did you take from Hanuman? Maharani replies that she asked Hanuman not to kill Vali. Everyone is shocked. MAharaj gets angry. This isn’t a promise but death trap for Hanuman. You have risked the life of Hanuman who has a pure heart. How could you be so selfish? Hanuman finds something and leaves for some place.

Vali tells Kokat he would have killed this Markat today itself if he had not lost that necklace given by Devraj Indra. Go and find it by tomorrow morning. Kokat nods. I will take all the soldiers with me. Vali thinks only the Amogh Shakti of that necklace only can kill Hanuman.

Maharani ji is in tears. I became selfish because of my motherly love. Maharaj reprimands her on it. Motherly love does not hut other mothers. You dint relaise what all problems Vali can create for Hanuman? Innocent Hanuman couldn’t do anything as he was bound by your promise. He was trying to free our son from Vali but he himself is in trouble because of you today! Your motherly love is of no use! God too wont forgive you. ANjana says she isn’t at fault. A mother is like that only. Her son’s safety is of utmost importance. Any mother would do this. Maharaj calls it wrong. You wouldn’t have done it if you were in her place. Maharani leaves from there in tears.

Vali is shocked Hanuman coming towards their tent. Kokat orders the soldiers to be alert. They block his way. Hanuman tells them that this is break time from war. I only came here to meet Vali Bhaiya. Vali makes Kokat move his mace. Hanuman walks up to him. He calls him Vali BHaiya but Vali corrects him. Call me your enemy. I am that only. Hanuman replies that it is only his thought. But I only see my elder brother in you. Vali stops him. He makes a fist in anger. Don’t act before me to join hands with me. We cannot have any deal. The fight will resume tomorrow morning. It will have only one consequence – one of us will die! You wont get anything by coming here. Go back. Hanuman says I did not come here to take something but to give. Vali mocks at him. What can you give to Great Vali? Hanuman returns his necklace to him. Vali stands in shock. He snatches it from Hanuman’s hands. This is mine only. He signals Kokat who heads outside. Vali asks Hanuman to leave now. Your motive of coming here is fulfilled. Thank you. Hanuman greets him and leaves. Vali smirks. Foolish Markat. He gave the source of his own death to his enemy.

Ravan says are you happy Great Maharaj Vali. Vali looks at Ravan as he walks in. Ravan says what you happy about are. Losing in fight today or being saved in the end? I dint see that Vali today who calls himself Great. Vali stops him. Vali was, is and will always be Great! Ravan asks him to take his hand down. You got half of the powers of that vanar kid yet he did all this to you. It was good that I made Kalnemi create fake clouds on time to make it look like a sunset. I saved your life or you would have died today! Vali is shocked to hear it. His mother says no. Not Kalnemi’s maya but Hanuman’s promise has saved Vali’s life. She tells them everything.

Anjana asks Hanuman if he dint think of the consequences before making such a promise. He says Vali Bhaiya is like my mother and her mother is like my mother. Anjana says I am also your mother. Dint you think about me once? He shares that he learnt it from her only. She is also a mother and how can I not help a mother.

Maharani says Hanuman promised me that he wont kill you. He is taking care of that only and spared your life. There is still time. Leave bad company or your evilness is hurting my motherly love time and again. I might have to free Hanuman from that promise otherwise. He tells her to stop praising that Markat now. He was, is and will always be my enemy. Whoever supports him will also be my enemy only, be it my brother or mother.

Hanuman says I cannot think of Vali Bhaiya as my enemy. He is a part of our family only. She says he thinks of you as his enemy. Hanuman replies that he cannot think like Vali Bhaiya.

Maharani says I couldn’t even think in my dreams that my son will become a devil. I am telling you for the last time. Be friends with Hanuman or your enmity might become the reason of your doom! She leaves.

Anjana tells Hanuman to be careful about his security atleast. You gave the necklace back to vali with your own hands. Hanuman reasons that it belonged to Vali only. Anjana makes him understand that he is the target of VAli’s every attack. He will use that necklace against you only.

Ravan tells Vali not to get weak after hearing his mother’s words. What will you do if that vanar kid will come before you tomorrow without any of his powers? Will you feel pity? Vali says forget pity. I will kill him then and there itself. Ravan confirms it from him once again. Vali asks him how he will do it.

Anjana says Vali has become very powerful after gaining more powers. He was going to use that necklace against you today only. You are bound by a promise. I see extreme hatred in Vali’s eyes for you. I wont let you face him. He says you only taught me that those who walk on the path of truth and dharma wins. Why to be scared then. She refuses to allow him to fight with Vali. Kesari says Hanuman is right. Adharma can be powerful but it cannot hurt the one who is wlaking on the path of dharma.

Vali knows Ravan cannot harm Hanuman by walking on the path of dharma. Ravan makes it clear to him that a fighter does not fight for dharma or adharma in war. He only fights to win. You should focus only on one thing. Think about killing the powerless vanar kid tomorrow! Think how you will do it. Vali asks him if he is sure it will happen like he is saying. Ravan nods. I am the Samrat of Mayavi Asuras. Not even Gods could escape our Maya. How will this vanar kid stand before us? He hugs Vali.

Ravan meets a Rishi. You stay safely in Lanka because of whom? Rishi says because of you. Ravan corrects him. You gave up on Hari Bhakti so you are alive here amidst Lanka. We have given you food and shelter too. It is time for you to pay us back now. Rishi knew it already. I cannot say no to you even if I wish for it or not. I have learnt that whoever has sided with adharmi’s has to walk on the path of adharma one day. Ravan warns him not to think about dharma and adharma while doing his work. Rishi replies that he also has learnt Asuri nature by staying here.

Mata Parvati thinks this is wrong. Hanuman will become powerless this way. Mata Lakshmi is also worried for Hanuman. Mata Saraswati thinks Ravan can plot but he wont be able to put Hanuman’s life in risk. I know what I have to do.

Next morning, Hanuman is taking bath when Rishi comes there. Hanuman greets him. Rishi thinks he has to cheat such a small kid. What is Lankesh making me do! Kesari is on his way. Hanuman wears his jewellery as he steps out of the river. He asks Rishi if he wants something from him. Rishi nods. Will you give me whatever I ask for or you said it just for the sake of it? Hanuman replies that he never returns any Rishi empty handed. Rishi warns him to think again. Hanuman readily agrees. Rishi asks for all his boons. Kesari is stunned to hear it.

Precap: Hanuman agrees to give Rishi what he asked for. He gives all his powers to Rishi for one day. Anjana worries for Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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