Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesari is looking for the guy playing flute. Ma needs it badly. If I find it soon then it will be good.

Rishidev likes Hanuman’s answer. The next question is – what changes constantly. Rishidev thinks Hanuman is stuck here for now. The more the delay, the better. Hanuman gives the answer – time. It keeps on changing always.

Kesari is near the mountain.

Hanuman waits for Rishidev’s answer. I am getting late. Am I right or not? Everyone must be thirsty there.

Kesari can see it hazy ahead. I was right. Seems like some bulls and a shepherd is there. He must have water.

Rishidev compliments Hanuman for giving the right answer. Now I will ask you the third question which will get you water and bring everyone back to life here. If you answer it wrongly

then you will also turn into stone. Hanuman is not worried about himself but about his friends and family back there. Rishidev asks the last question. What is the darkest dark in which you can see everything yet fail to see it? Hanuman thinks of Rishi Matang’s teachings. Lack of knowledge is the greatest dark. Did I say it correctly?

Kesari looks at the shepherd. He realises that he is at the same place where they earlier were. It looks just the way Hanuman described his dream. The route is similar. There is pit and mountain on either side of the way and bulls in front of me. Is his dream going to come true? The shepherd looks at the bulls and then at Kesari angrily. He signals the bulls to go ahead. Kesari deduces that his death is near. It is approaching me in the form of bulls. He tries to move but is unable to do so. Is Hanuman’s dream going to come true?

Hanuman is relieved to know that his answer is right. Nal and all the animals nearby come to life. Hanuman turns to find Chitragupta ji in place of Rishidev. The kids greet him. Chitragupta ji tells Hanuman he now deserves to get water from pond. Hanuman says this is why your voice sounded familiar. You stay in Kaal Loka and help Kaal Dev in deciding upon the deeds of people. What are you doing here? Chitragupta ji explains that it is the duty of him and other Gods to find out about the good and bad deeds of people. I was only following Kaal Dev’s orders.

Kesari wants to save himself till the time Hanuman comes.

Chitragupta ji shares that Kaal Dev had ordered him to engage him so Kesari is alone. Hanuman refuses to let it happen. He increases his size and picks up his friends in his palms.

Kesari shouts Hanuman. Everyone hears him including Hanuman. The bulls hit Kesari. He is falling in the pit and calls out for Hanuman. Hanuman realises that it is the same view like he saw in his dream. The shepherd is none other than Kaal Dev. I will see how Hanuman saves Kesari now. He wont be able to do anything.

Hanuman brings his friends down safely and flies away to save his father. Kaal Dev comes to his original avatar. He ties Kesari in his Kaal Paash even when Hanuman requests him not to do so. Hanuman increases his speed. Kesari falls on the ground. Kaal Dev remarks that no one can escape Kaal’s punishment. Hanuman looks at his father sadly. Tridevs look sad too.

Hanuman rushes to his father’s side and tries to wake him up but in vain. He is crying. Please wake up father. His friends are shocked to see Kesari thus. Your dream came true. Hanuman shakes his head. It will never come true. Father will wake up. Please get up father. talk to me. The soldiers too come there. They are also shocked to see Kesari. Hanuman is sure his father will wake up and talk to him. Hanuman shouts towards the sky. Kaal Dev, you cannot do this. You cannot snatch a father from a kid! Father will have to listen to me. Kesari’s soul too is in tears to see Hanuman all heartbroken. He requests Kaal Dev to listen to the kid. Return his father to him please. My son is crying. Please don’t separate a kid from his father. Let me go please. Kaal Dev says relations stay till you are alive. Your soul has left that body. Now you have no relation with anyone odwn there. It will be good for you to understand it or you will be sad all the time. Kesari cannot see his son in tears. Hear his sad plea. Even the mountains will melt seeing him thus. You ask me to leave emotions? Kaal Dev repeats that all his ties are over now. Now you are neither a father nor a husband.

Hanuman blames himself for his father’s condition. You lost your life because of me. Kaal Dev made me your culprit. Father is getting punished because of my mistake. Kaal Dev, you are a God. You cannot do this. He again tries to wake up his father but in vain.

Kaal Dev clearly tells Kesari all his worldly ties are over now.

Hanuman wonders if his mistake was this big that he deserved this punishment. I wont be able to live without father. He shouts father!

Anjana feels uneasy. I have to go see what’s happening. She leaves her mother in Marjarika’s care.

Hanuman keeps talking to Kesari. Please come back. I am a kid. I wont be able to live without you. Kesari requests Kaal Dev to let him go to his son. Hanuman blames himself for what happened with Kesari. I saw all the bad dreams and Rishi Matang also advised me to be careful. I failed! Anjana stops in her tracks upon witnessing the scene. Hanuman asks her to make his father open his eyes. He isn’t opening his eyes. Anjana too tries to wake up Kesari but fails.

Precap: Kesari knows only he can handle them. Please let me go. Kaal Dev tells him nothing can be done now. You will have to be in Preta Loka for the next 11 days till all the rituals are over. A Rishi tells Anjana that they are with her in this moment but Kesari’s body cannot be kept like this for long.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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