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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Earth
Hanuman asks whats this internal strength that he talks about. Lord shiva says that he is highly impatient and restless currently, and that isnt good for his mental stability and health. hanuman asks what can he do then. lord shiva says that he shall have to take the proper meditation. The lord shiva starts teaching him the major five meditations, to get a stable mind. he explains to him the importance of being mentally stable. hanuman asks whats the meaning. shiva says that it gives a person anchorage and his horizons are deepened. he then asks him to see the river, and say what he sees. hanuman says that he can see his reflection. he says that just like in still waters, a clear reflection can be seen, similarly, with a calm mind, he says that a

person finds the deeper truths about himself. then he gives hanuman to throw a pebble in it. as he does so, it creats ripples. lord shiva then explains, as to how everything got hazy and unclear, since he isnt able to see clearly anymore. he again explains how because of being unstable, by the throwing of the pebble, and creation of ripples. lord shiva says that right now his mental state is similar, by distracting thoughts, and by meditation, his mind shall calm down, and there shall be clarity of thoughts, and he can take proper decisions, and that shall help him to attain motives, with full dedication and commitment, and gain his internal strength to be successful. hanuman says that he is a monkey boy, and hence bound to be unstable, then how shall he achieve this internal strength. lord shiva says that if he can despite this hurdle, then he shall set a role model for everyone else. hanuman is eager to start his practice. lord shiva makes him sit down in the proper posture, and teaches him the way of meditation. Then he talks about OM. hanuman is inquisitive to know whats the meaning of it. Lord shiva happily responds. he says that this is the first sound, created when earth was formed. hanuman is surprised to know this, as Lord shiva starts the chanting of Om, creating a divine aura around him. lord shiva says that due to this mantra, divinity in the aura was created. hanuman experiences around himself. LOrd shiva then explains as to how the entire universe, is based on this mantra, and that life was created on the earth due to this only. lord shiva says that it keeps resonating always everywhere. hanuamn listens mesemerised. shiva cites innumerable examples of people having OM around them all the time. they both they starts meditating. hanuman says that he can slightly experience it. lord shiva says that soon he shall be habituated to it, and then he shall understand the purity and sanctity of it, as to how it ties, the person to his soul. hanuman is more than eager to start the recitation, and starts. Shiva watches happily. but he keeps getting distracted by external factors, sound of the rivers and the leaves, humming of the bees, chirping of the birds, his intense sweating, his mind wandering off to the rabbit. shiva asks what can he experience around himself, without opening his eyes. hanuman starts narrating everything, that was distracting him. but when lord shiva makes him open his eyes, he finds that there is no such factor around. he asks him to shield himself from all these factors, and try and focus only on the pronunciation of the mantra, trying to achieve internal resonance. Hanuman tries it yet again, and its difficult at first, but soon is able to get totally into the meditation, and is least unfazed by the external factors changing rapidly, with lord shiva guiding him every moment.

From the heavens, the lords are amazed and think that he shall master this art, but are tensed wondering whether his wandering spirit shall support him or not. Parvati says that they shall know with time.

Shiva thinks that now its time to test Hanuman and his practise. he thinks that water can distract anyone easily. lord indra presents himself, and greets lord shiva. he asks Lord Indra, not to think about success or failure, but should comply with his duties merely, as he inwardly hopes that he becomes unsuccessful and hanuman wins. he asks Varun to try and distract hanuman as he is busy meditating deeply. he throws in a huge stream of water at him, but hanuman is least distracted by it, and continues to chant, completely oblivious. shiva is impressed along with Lord Indra. The lords are amazed at hanuman’s capability while narad exclaims in happiness, as hanuman passes his first tested Lord Indra himself confirms that. then he beckons Lord Varun and asks him to test his powers too on hanuman as he is deeply engrossed in his meditation. he asks him not to go lenient on his own son, and try the hardest powers, as he knows that his fatherly affection gets in between, but asks whether he doesnt want his son to succeed crossing all barriers. He does with reluctance, and throws in a full stream of air at him, while hanuman continues meditating without being affected at all. the lords are aghast at the way hanuman is least affected, even when Lord Varun tries his full powers. Parvati eyes overwhelmingly and with prideful affection. Lord varun too clears him. Then Lords try and distract him one after the other. The screen freezes on Hanuman’s meditative face.

Commitment is the key to finding success and the lord too.

Precap: Goddess Lakshmi appears before hanuman, saying that today she is here to tell him about the incarnations of Lord Vishnu so that he can understand the Lord’s greatness and Stature. hanuman is overwhelmed and full of gratitude.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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