Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nal takes Maruti with him. Vrikshasur says don’t trouble me time and again Kesari’s son. I am anyways dying to take revenge for my father’s killing. I will eat Maruti. Till then I wont sit peacefully. Vali hears this. This means Vrikshasur and my enemy is same – Markat Maruti!

The kids reach a safe place. Nal has never run so fast. Maruti asks them why they ran away from there. The kids talk about the fear of that dangerous voice. Maruti knows nothing about fear. The kids try to think of a way to explain Maruti about fear. The kids give examples of different situation.

Vrikshasur decides to make Maruti his prey tomorrow as it is Amavasya tomorrow. Vali overhears this. This is such a good news! Now I will have to put my plan into action tomorrow itself. My work

will become easier then. I have to send that Mayavi Markat to Vrikshasur anyhow.

Vrikshasur is not in a mood to sit peacefully till he eats Maruti. Vali comes to Shambsadan forest. Vrikshasur is confused about Vali walking up to him like a fool. Doesn’t he know that whoever tries to enter in my area dies? Isn’t he scared of me?

The kids discuss about Vrikshasur’s scream.

Vrikshasur tells Vali that he wont let him get out of here alive. Vali looks directly in his eyes. He notices Vrikshasur extending his branches to reach out to him. Vali smiles at Vrikshasur which confuses Vrikshasur. Vali tells him to stop. This angers Vrikshasur all the more. Vali laughs at his discomfort / anger. Vrikshasur demands to know who he is. Aren’t you afraid of dying by my hands? I am ready to pounce on you and you are smiling? Vali calls him dumb. I want to help you. Vrikshasur reasons that no one has returned alive from here. No one can save you from me now! Vali tells him to stop if he wants Maruti. If you kill me today then your biggest enemy Maruti will remain alive for life and you will only continue to keep dreaming about killing him. I will help you in reaching your goal. It is only I who can help you! Vrikshasur finds logic in his words. That Kesarinandan keeps on escaping from my hands.

Neel tells the kids about Vrikshasur. He is very dangerous and cruel.

Vrikshasur and Vali join hands to get Maruti out of their way. Vali has a plan. I will bring him to you but will you be able to kill him? Vrikshasur’s ego gets hurt. Don’t doubt on my strong branches! Vali points out that Markat is also Mayavi. He is very strong. He can kill his enemy without any weapon. On the other hand, the kids continue to talk about Vrikshasur. Vrikshasur shares that that Mayavi kid got out of his reach lot many times. Bring him to me tomorrow on Amavasya. My evil powers will be at peak. No one can do anything to me then. Vali offers him friendship. Markat will be my gift to you. Vrikshasur says think of his bones as my gift. What if you don’t live by your promise? Vali says I never step back from my promises. You can eat me right away if you have a doubt on me. I wont feel bad to die by the hands of my friend. They both nod at each other. Vali leaves.

Anjana is looking for Maruti. He is still not back in the palace. She tells Dai Ma to get his milk ready. Anjana wonders if hunger or thirst doesn’t trouble Maruti while playing with his friends. Kesari offers to look for him in the garden but Anjana looks out from the balcony. There is no kid in the garden / school. Where are all the kids? Kesari too looks downstairs. Maybe he went towards the forest with his friends. I will send someone to look for him. Anjana says our son is naughty. I am worried that he doesn’t get in any trouble.

Maruti says no evil thing can harm me as I drink lots of milk every day. He feels thirsty. Ma must be waiting. It is time for me to drink milk. He leaves for the palace.

Kesari assures Anjana that their son will not be in any problem. I already explained to him not to get in any trouble which can create problems for him or anyone else. Anjana says no one can understand a mother’s concern. For her, her kid is only safe till he is with her. She feels Maruti’s presence and smiles. Our son is here. Kesari is surprised. How do you know it? She calls it a mother’s telepathy. Maruti enters just then.

Precap: Kids propose a dangal between Neel and Maruti. Neel asks him if he is scared. Maruti replies that he doesn’t know what fear is. Vali looks on from a distance.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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