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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

It is morning. Anjana dotes on her sleeping son. He was so worried for everyone. Some news should come by now as it is morning. Hope everything is fine!

Anjana had no idea that Maruti killed Chakrasur on his own. The baby who comes in the world to achieve greater tasks does it no matter what.

Everyone cheers for Maruti. Anjana is surprised. My son is sleeping here. What had he done that everyone is cheering for him? She goes out to see all the villagers happily taking Maruti’s name. They all greet her. She asks them about the reason behind the commotion. Kesari reaches there as well. He tells Anjana about what the citizens have told him. Maruti has killed Chakrasur. He saved the citizens and the state. Anjana is shocked. Kesari tells her everything in detail. Anjana

refuses to believe it. This isn’t possible. He is sleeping inside in his room. Maruti comes there rubbing his eyes. Anjana questions him. You killed Chakrasur? Maruti greets his father. He next tells his mother that he followed her orders. I was in my room as per your order. I killed Chakrasur and returned to the palace before morning itself. I also did what father had told me to. Kesari recalls what he had told Maruti to do in his absence. Maruti says I fulfilled the duty of a prince in your absence. Anjana looks at him proudly. She hugs her son. Hey Mahadev, this is your blessing only. Our son returned home safe and the citizens are safe too. Thank you very much. Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati bless them. Kesari tells Anjana that they are and will always be blessed by Lord Shiva. Vayu Dev appears there. Everyone greets him. Vayu Dev says I couldn’t control myself after seeing what Maruti has done. I came to congratulate you all. Maruti touches his feet. Vayu Dev asks Anjana if she is still worried of Maruti. You should actually be proud to have such a son. He is one of a kind. Parents of such kids are always remembered for ages. The villagers yet again cheer for Maruti. Maruti tells them that this wasn’t possible without them, the soldiers and commanders. Vayu Dev taught me how to fly. It was impossible to kill Vayu Dev without knowing this skill. Vayu Dev blesses them all and disappears. Anjana asks the head of the village if there will be any obstacle in his daughter’s wedding now. He denies and actually welcomes everyone for the wedding. Kesari gladly accepts the invitation.

In Indra Lok, Indra Dev talks to the other Gods about the terror that the Asuras are spreading. Sun God offers his full support to him. Narad ji comes there. He tells them not to worry about anything anymore. Little Maruti is killing dangerous Asuras and helping you indirectly. He killed Vrikshasur first and now he has killed Chakrasur too. No Asura has been able to withstand him. His name is echoing everywhere now. Sun God laughs hearing this.

Anjana and Maruti comes to the wedding venue. Everyone is very happy to see them there. They all thank Maruti for his efforts in saving them from the Asura. Maruti loves the decorations. His friends are there too. Maruti is very happy to see them there. They too were invited for they are his friends.

Narad ji adds that Maruti is a kid but his strengths indicate that there might be no match for him int the entire world. Sun God starts laughing. Narad ji tells him that he isn’t joking. Maruti will clear this loka of terror and injustice. Sun God appreciates Maruti but you are praising him a little too much by comparing him to us. He is only an ansh of Gods. It can never surpass the Gods. We Gods are all above everything else. No one can match us, especially me, Sun God. No kid can stand in front of me.

Atibal is also in the wedding in the disguise of a drum. Maruti is attracted to the drum which scares Atibal. What if he plays the drum! Maruti actually asks the drummers if he can play it. They happily agree. Maruti sits down to play the drum.

Narad ji notices the arrogance in Sun God’s voice. You never know when time can change. Even Rahu is not as strong as you but it too shades over you at times. Sun God calls it a mistake of Brahma Dev or no one can be able to win over him. I am prayed by Tridevas. I am the head of all the planets. I can change anyone’s fate any time. No one can match me when I have Agni Dev, Varun Dev, etc by my side.

Atibal is in pain as Maruti beats the drum.

Precap: Narad ji and Sun God get into an argument. Indra Dev tries to calm Sun God but he angrily walks away.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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