Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi Kaushalya and everyone are worried for Ram. They decide to find Hanuman asap. Hope no trouble befalls on him because of Hanuman. Raja Dashrath assures them nothing will happen to Ram. Our spies are on alert now. We will certainly find some info about him soon. The commander updates them about Hanuman taking Ram to Himalaya. Raja Dashrath asks Sumitra to make sure the yagya happens smoothly. He leaves with the commander. Lakshman assure Devi kaushalya nothing will happen to their elder brother. If Hanuman tries to harm him then he will be severely punished. Devi Kaushalya points out that no one should make any opinion about anyone without knowing the truth. Hanuman is the reason behind your brother’s happiness.

Hanuman and Ram reach their destination. Hanuman returns

to his normal size. Ram asks for what Hanuman has made. Hanuman guides him. Hanuman has carved a throne out of ice for Ram. I will do your puja here and make you happy by my service. He brings flowers for Ram and keeps them in his feet. He sings Shree Ram with all his heart. Tridev are very happy to hear it.

The Maha Pishach deduces that they are unable to enter inside the palace because of the pious mantras said in the yagya. He tells his team to stay away from the mantras and smoke of yagya. We will have to find another way to enter there. We can find a person with negative mindset to enter inside. Whoever is negative is our friend. They notice a group of people heading towards the yagya area. They are carrying the ingredients for yagya. They are irked by being engaged for such a petty work. The Maha Pishach spots 3 negative people out of them. we will enter inside their body and go to Ayodhya.

A yagya ends all the negativity around a place.

Ram is touched by Hanuman’s gesture. Hanuman is thrilled to hear it. Shall I get something else for you? Ram stops him. You dint do it right way. I was being called by my father when you brought me here. Hanuman says my Ramalaya might have melted by the time you would have been back from there. Ram explains that his father must be waiting for him. what will my siblings be thinking? Hanuman says I only wanted to talk to you in peace. Ram says I am your friend. I am also the brother of my siblings and son of my parents, and a prince also. How can I be with only one person when the family is so big? Hanuman calls him his Aradhya. It cannot be that anyone should come between me and my Aradhya. Ram says you are being stubborn. Hanuman denies. Ram steps back. He expands himself and comes in Vishwarupa. Hanuman folds his hands as he bows down to him. Ram says sun never differentiates between any clouds. It shines equally brightly everywhere. It is a message to everyone to see everyone as an equal. Just like I am yours, I belong to my family and state as well. The devotion which binds someone is not true devotion. Devotion should mean everyone’s welfare. Hanuman realises his folly. Please forgive me. I was being selfish. I request you to stay in this avatar always and pray to you. You look very beautiful in this avatar. Ram says it will be against my mother’s orders. He returns to his original size. My mother had told me to stay in human form always. Please don’t put me in a fix. I will not be able to fulfil this wish of yours. I am bound by my promise to my mother. Hanuman is confused.

Ram shares that he promised his mother of the same when he was born. I will remain in a Nar Avatar only and let her enjoy a normal motherhood. Flashback is shown. Devi Kaushalya is playing with little Ram when bright lights emanate from him. She is surprised. Narayan comes in his ream avatar. She greets him. He tells her not to do so. You are my mother. I am your son. A kid’s place is in his mother’s feet. She says you are the one because of whom this world runs. You are detached from everything. He tells him about his taking birth in their house. She feels blessed. You gave me the happiness of being a mother. I want to raise my kid like a normal kid like other mothers. I want to enjoy motherhood. Narayan promises her on the same. Flashback ends.

Hanuman says a promise given to mother is above anything. Now I will never ask you to do so. I wont let you disrespect the promise given to your mother. I will get the darshan of your this avatar only when you wish so. I will always remember your teaching. God does not belong to one person only but to everyone. Ram says everyone must be worried for me. You did not inform anyone before bringing me here. Hanuman agrees to take him back home before anyone panics.

Hanuman notices a few trees loaded with fruits on the way. I feel hungry but I cannot stop. I have to make sure Ram ji reaches Ayodhya on time. Ram too feels hungry when he spots the trees laden with fruits. I will get late if I stop now. Hanuman asks him if he is hungry too. Ram nods. But we have to reach Ayodhya asap. Hanuman agrees to take him home in double speed. I cannot take your back hungry. I will make sure we don’t get in any delay. I too am hungry. Ram agrees to stop by then.

Hanuman and Ram stop by a riverside. Hanuman asks Ram to wait at the riverside. I will bring fruits for you. Two Asuras notice them.

Precap: Many Asuras surround Hanuman and Ram. You both cannot do anything to us. Only Dashrath’s son can harm us, but he cannot pick up weapon as of now. Hanuman assures Ram he wont let any Asura reach him. Asuras get ready to attack on them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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