Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gav is holding onto Hanuman.

Anjana is about to fall. Kesari holds her. Nani knows she will give up her life but not her decision.

Agni Dev points out to Varun Dev that he did so wrong towards Hanuman but he only rescued your son. Vayu Dev says Hanuman helps even his enemies. He proved it today by helping Gav! Surya Dev asks Varun Dev if he needs any other competition. You must have understood by now who is a better candidate. They all cheer for Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman. Varun Dev hugs his son. Hanuman greets all the Gods. All this happened because of yours and Ma’s blessings. Gav greets Surya Dev. Hanuman deserves to be your disciple. Please forgive me. Gav hugs Hanuman. Indra Dev points out that it has been proved today that Hanuman is the best disciple of

Surya Dev. Along with that Kaal-Kumbha, more such Kaal-Kumbha has opened up! So many kids / people are caught up inside. They are free now. They greet the Gods. Surya Dev shares that Hanuman deserves their thank you. He only has got you out. They thank Hanuman. Surya Dev is proud of Hanuman. You are the winner of this competition. You freed Gav and other kids. I told you, your win will help other people too. I spoke about these people only. Now we will resume your training. Hanuman says it became possible only because of you and Ma’s blessings. He touches his Guru’s feet. Varun Dev looks on unhappily.

Ravan is happily playing drum. Kaikasi asks him the reason of his happiness. Ravan pours himself a drink. It is a thing to enjoy. Everything is going as per my plan. My Asuras are abducting every human kid and taking them to Dandak Van. That Vanar kid is also almost out of my way. He is going to be caught up in Kaal-Kumbha for forever. His FIL tells him that Hanuman was successful in getting out from the Kaal-Kumbha. He also rescued many other kids who were already caught up inside! Ravan plays the drum angrily this time. Kaikasi advises him to do something big now. He says I already know what I have to do!

Indra Dev suggests Hanuman to re-invoke his powers that he gave up before going for this competition. Hanuman does as he is told. His powers return to him. Now I will be able to complete my education. Varun Dev still wants to create another hindrance in Hanuman’s way. I had to bow down before everyone because of you!

Anjana’s eyes still do not flicker. Kesari requests her to stop. How do I make her understand? Please help me God. Protect Anjana’s eyes. Marjarika worries for Anjana. She can also lose her eyesight. Nani says we cannot do anything. Let us hope that Hanuman is all fine. Matang Rishi asks Anjana to stop. Your fast was successful. Hanuman is not in any problem anymore. Anjana thanks Surya Dev and Matang Rishi. Her vision gets blurred. She tells the same to Kesari. They get shocked. You will be fine in a while. You were continuously looking at the sun during your fast. It will take some time for your eyes to adjust to this light. Anjana washes her eyes with water. Nani prays for Anjana. Please protect her eyes, Mahadev. Anjana opens her eyes but her vision is still blurred. She holds out her hand for Kesari. Where are you? Kesari gets worried. What has happened to Anjana? Anjana confirms that she cannot see anything!

Ravan comes to Paatal Loka. Ravan calls out for his sister, Patalika. His nephews greet him but Ravan waits for Patalika. Ravan asks for Patalika. Patalika appears just then.

Surya Dev tells Hanuman now there will be no hindrance in his way. Your education will start once again from tomorrow. Hanuman nods.

Ravan asks Patalika about the yagya. Patalika assures Ravan that the yagya is happening correctly. You will be given the highest position once it is complete. It will be such a good thing for the Asuras. Ravan gets glad. You have to do one more thing. You have to steal the chariot of Surya Dev. She points out that that isn’t possible, or the yagya would have been complete long ago. They are God’s horses. They cannot be tamed by anyone except Gods. It is impossible! Ravan says nothing is impossible. This is the only way to stop that Vanar kid. We have to stop his training at any cost!

Precap: Hanuman misses his mother. I want to see you so much. How are you! Ravan senses something wrong. Patalika and Ravan decide to use Varun Dev to their use.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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