Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman thinks to reach Meghasur asap. It will be wrong if he gets that special feather.

Meghasur tells Acharya he has to do a lot for them still. You will have to be our Acharya if you want to live. Meghasur asks Bhushan to take the feather. Bhushan says sorry to Acharya. I have to save my father. acharya tells him against it but Bhushan takes the feather. Meghasur sends Acharya with the Naag’s. Meghasur asks Bhushan to hand over the feather to him. Bhushan asks him if he will free his father. Meghasur nods. He takes the feather from Bhushan and laughs evilly. I will also be able to fly now. Lankesh and Vali will be glad as everything happened as per the plan. Now not just Vali but all the Asuras will be able to fly as well. Bhushan requests him to free his father now. I

have to meet him. Where is he? Meghasur gestures towards a wall which moves down. Panchfann and his mother are kept in a cage. Bhushan rushes to them. How did you come here Dadi? She shares how Meghasur kidnapped her when you left for Garud area.

Panchfann notices the pious feather with Meghasur. How did it reach him? He realises Bhushan did it. What did you do, son? You brought destruction upon Garud’s to free me? Bhushan apologises to him. Panchfann asks him how he got it. Bhushan relates everything to them. Panchfann calls it wrong. Hanuman thought of you as his friend and you cheated him! Meghasur laughs. This is my revenge. You made me your prisoner once. Today you and your mother are my prisoners! You will soon get to know what will happen with your son! Bhushan regrets giving the special feather to Meghasur.

Jatayu hopes Hanuman will be back on time. Chitraketu asks him if he still trusts that cheater Hanuman. He thinks how Meghasur is cheating him too. He promised to help me but no one came here by now. They see the wild bulls coming to that side and get tensed. Chitraketu notices the jackals too.

Bhushan, Panchfann and his Dadi are brought to a place to be sacrificed. Bhushan thinks he is getting punished rightly for cheating Hanuman. Anything can happen to me but father and Dadi should live. I am not worthy asking your help friend but save my family members if you can. Dadi cries. A Naag asks Bhushan to step forward. You will be killed first.

Hanuman cannot see anything clearly because of dark clouds.

Panchfann and Dadi ask the Naag’s to kill them first but the Naag’s drag Bhushan. Bhushan is made to keep his neck over the rock. Bhushan mentally apologizes to Hanuman. I did a very big mistake by giving feather to Meghasur. He screams Hanuman. The voice echoes.

Hanuman hopes to reach Naag Loka before something goes wrong. Show me a way Bhole Baba.

Bhushan asks the Naag’s to stop. I have to pray. The last wish of someone about to be killed is fulfilled. I too have to pray to God. Naag’s tell him to pray then and there itself. Panchfann and Dadi see Hanuman. They shout for help but their voice cannot reach Hanuman. Naag’s tell Bhushan he has prayed enough. Get ready to die now. Bhushan shouts Hanuman. Sakha stops the Naag from hurting Bhushan. Hanuman comes there just then. Bhushan, Panchfann and his mother are relieved. They thank God and Hanuman. Naag’s decide to kill Hanuman. Hanuman sweetly says Sakha who ties all of them together.

Bhushan looks down. Panchfann shares it was Kalnemi in Jatayu’s form that came to kidnap Maharaj Jatayu. Hanuman says anyone can try as much as they want to but the light of truth will shine through. I was sure Maharaj Jatayu could not do it. Panchfann nods. Enemies made use of our old enmity and created differences amongst Naag’s and Garud’s. Hanuman calls Bhushan friend but Bhushan says I don’t deserve to be called that. I cheated you and Garud’s to free father. I should be punished. Hanuman says don’t blame yourself helplessness and for doing something for your loved ones. I have nothing against you in my heart. You are still my friend. Bhushan hugs Hanuman.

At times, people don’t accept their mistakes as they feel it will make them small in other people’s eyes. No one becomes small by accepting your mistake. It is a sign of bravery instead. The one who accepts his mistake and chooses the path of truth is a great person.

Bhushan shares that Meghasur, Kalnemi and Chitraketu are behind all this. Chitraketu only tried to put all the blame on you. Hanuman nods. I knew about it already. But we have to stop Meghasur first. We have very less time. Where is he? Bhushan says I will tell you.

Soldiers stop Panchfann, Dadi, Bhushan and Hanuman’s way. You cannot go inside. Panchfann asks the soldiers if they have lost their minds. I am your king. Let us go inside. Naag Soldier replies that they have only one king – Meghasur. Go back from here if you all want to live.

Acharya does puja to make the mantra come alive.

Panchfann realises something different in the eyes of the soldiers. Hanuman thinks someone has hypnotised the soldiers.

Precap: Special one hour epi tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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