Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

All the citizens of Sumeru have gathered outside the palace. They pray for Maruti’s safety. Right then, they notice Maruti and Vayu Dev coming. Everyone is thrilled to see Maruti all safe. They all thank God and chant praises in Maruti’s name. Inside, everyone hears the same. Kesari realises that his son is back in that case. A smile spreads across their faces. Anjana is unconscious though. Kesari goes out with his commander, Riksharaj, Sugriv and Devguru Brihaspati to see what’s happening. People make way for Vayu Dev and Maruti. Kesari is relieved to see his son. He runs to hold his son in his arms. He gets emotional as he hugs Maruti. Are you alright? Maruti nods. I had gone to clear Ma’s worries. Kesari hugs him again. Sugriv too is feeling better after seeing Maruti.

Anjana’s father thanks Vayu Dev for bringing Maruti home safely. Riksharaj and Kesari follow suit. We will be indebted to you for life. Maruti is with us today because of you only. Thank you very much. Vayu Dev tells him to thank God instead. I was successful in living up to my word because of His blessings only. Maruti asks for his Ma. Kesari is sad. What do I tell him now?

Kesari and all the men bring Maruti inside where Anjana is. He thinks that his mother is upset with him which is why she isn’t opening her eyes. I will have to wake her up. He thinks of an idea. He very carefully walks closer to her and sits down beside her on the bed. He says Ma near her ears. He keeps on calling her. I am back. I have to tell you everything that happened with me in the galaxy and down in the cave. That elephant was very beautiful! I have to talk to you about so much and shower love on you too. Please get up. I know you are upset with me as I was away from you for long. He holds his ears to apologize to her. Please look at me. He notices everyone’s sad faces. He turns to his Ma again. Say something to me. Open your eyes. He leans closer and hugs her. I know you are upset with me as I went away without telling you anything. I wont do it ever again Ma. Just wake up.

Maruti asks his father why his mother is quiet. Kesari stands there helpless. Vayu Dev too asks Kesari about Anjana. What has happened to her? Kesari replies that as per your promise, you will bring Maruti back before the flower withers away. Anjana noticed that it has already withered so she did Tandava. He shares everything that had happened and how she had eventually fallen off from the stairs. Riksharaj says Raj Vaid has told that Anjana’s condition is very bad. No herb is showing any effect on her. Maruti is in tears. He caresses his mother’s forehead.

Maruti thinks of the Anna-Prashan day. He was so angry that he ate everything. Anjana felt bad. Forgive me this has happened because of me only. Please forgive me. Your son is calling you. Please look at me. He remembers the incident where Anjana had asked Maruti and Kesari what if she goes away for a while or what if something happens to her. You couldn’t stay away from me for 2 minutes. Tears roll down his face. I know you are upset with me as I away for too long. I will not repeat it again. You will have to listen to me. Please wake up. He screams Ma. All the Gods and Goddesses are moved to see him thus. I will never go away again to eat Aakash-phal. Please get up. I wont even drink too much milk. Please get up Ma. Everyone has tears in their eyes. Maruti leans on his Ma again. Please wake up Ma. I cannot live without you. He cries. All the people, Gods and Goddesses look on sadly. A tear falls on Anjana’s face. There is some movement in Anjana’s eyes. The lotus flower kept before the Shivlinga blossoms once again when Anjana opens her eyes. Everyone smiles in relief, most of all Maruti.

Anjana is surprised to see her son before her eyes. He tells her that he is here. She is in tears. She sits up and spreads her arms but stops. She recalls the last time when she was trying to reach out to him and he had disappeared. What if he disappears with my touch? Maruti is confused. Why did you stop? Hug me. She denies. What if you go away from me once again? It is enough for me that I can see you. Maruti holds her hands. She caresses his face emotionally. I will never let him go away from me ever. They share an emotional hug.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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