Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Beside the Ocean
Raavan is enraged and threatens angad that he shall not be able to save himself, unlike the previous messenger, hanuman, whose life was saved by vibhishan. he picks up

his ssword, while angad stands non-chalantly. hanuman is tensed for angad’s aggressiveness and his safety, so as he doesnt do anything rash. meghnad asks raavan to

punish him, as he is trying to insult him. angad says that he isnt scared of him and his father even. raavan is enarged at his fearlessness, and then asks him who is

he, as he must be a warrior’s son. angad identifies himself as bali’s son. knowing his identity, raavan lets go of his sword, and then comes to him, asking him to hug

him, as

he is his friend’s son. he tries to emotionally manipulate him into instigating him agains tlord rama and surgiva, terming them as his father’s murderers and

tries to provocate him into revenge and hanuma n gets worried of this trap. he however thinks that he cant do anything, since its a peace message, and until he knows

what angad’ has in mind, he shouldnt react. angad however dismisses his proposal, asking him not to advise him, as he is on the correct path of righteousness, and

people like him, shall be sent to doom, for their sins. raavan is enraged and sits back. he asks if this is his final decision, while offering to make him king, if he

sides with them an d kills rama and surgiva. angad rejects the proposal, saying that he has come here with a message from rama, as a final reminder before the war is

waged. he gives the message, while hanuman stands proud. then he says that he shall give raavan a flash of what rama’s grandeur of powers is, and what he is up against

in the battlefield. he placea one foot on the ground with a vibration and all are rattled. Angad gives a challenge, that he shall accept defeat on rama’s part, if

anyone as much as is able to lift his feet from where he firmly places them. hanuman prays to the lord, begging them to give his powers to angad temporarily, so that

his challenge stands undefeated. the lrods comply. they both chant lord r ama’s name together. one by one, the demons start tastign defeat as they are unable to move

his leg a bit. hanuman is amused. meghnad too tries and fails. raavan gets frustrated and gets angry. hanuman wonders, while raavan enraged, descends down the throne,

that raavan upset the Kailash mountain, to meet Lord Shiva. he wonders what if angad’s foot moves, then they would be defeated even before the war starts. he comes and

confronts angad. The screen freezes on angad’s determined face.


Precap: Raavan tries to take his feet, and move them, but angad himself retreats away, saying that touching his feet wont land him anything, instead he should do the

same in front of lord rama, and beg for forgiveness, to be salvaged of his sins. An enraged raavan asks for angad’s mouth to be sealed shut.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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