Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Atibal is still hiding in the palace. Kesari thinks that the neighbouring states will be devastated. Our state was on a pedestal so we are a bit safer. The earthquakes refuse to stop and so does the water! But what should I do in this situation? Atibal thinks if he should kill Kesari. I will tell him Marjarika’s reality first. It will be like hitting two birds with one stone.

Kumbhakaran is furious to see Hanuman. This cannot be possible! How did you escape from Surya’s heat? This is impossible. He hits himself on his chest. I don’t believe it. Hanuman says I am before you only. This is truth. Kumbhakaran tells him that now he cannot escape his anger. No one can save you now. Kumbhakaran uses his special powers. He binds Hanuman using them. No one can get away with

this, not even you! Hanuman looks at him. He decides to reduce his size. I will escape in one second. He does so but the energies refuse to leave him. He tries increasing the size too but in vain. Kumbhakaran laughs seeing his attempts. All your efforts will go in vain. It will keep increasing / reducing in size with you.

Atibal observes Kesari from far. He wont spare me if he sees me. I should become invisible and then speak out everything. Marajrika is on her way to the room. Atibal inches closer to Kesari. Marjarika notices the same. Seems like Atibal is going to do something wrong. She hides as she notices the commander heading towards the room too. Atibal immediately hides behind the bed. Marjarika covers Atibal’s mouth and pulls him to a corner. Kesari leaves with the commander. Atibal is angry with Marjarika for doing so. I will disclose your truth to Kesari if you still don’t leave from here. She threatens to hurt him badly if he stays here any longer. Even Lankesh wont be able to save you. Atibal disappears getting scared. Marjarika hopes Hanuman returns soon so she can leave from here asap.

Kumbhakaran plans to take Hanuman to Lanka. My brother will then sacrifice him before God. I will show you my Swarn Lanka today. Hanuman is in thoughts. He thinks of Mata Kushmanda Devi and breaks the energies that were binding him. Kumbhakaran is taken aback. He summons another powerful energy of his. Hanuman wards it off as he says Jai Mata Kushmanda Devi. Kumbhakaran feels dejected and angry. Hanuman tells him that he cannot tie him in anything till Mata Kushmanda Devi is with him. Kumbhakaran finally decides to eat him. Though you are not worth even a bite but I will feel peaceful for a while atleast! Hanuman offers to make arrangements for him. Hanuman expands himself. He grows even bigger than Kumbhakaran. Kumbhakaran looks at him wide eyed. Hanuman asks him if his hunger will be satiated now. Kumbhakaran nods. The other Asura thinks of helping Kumbhakaran as Hanuman is mayavi. Kumbhakaran gets scared as Hanuman picks up his feet to stomp on him. The other Asura steps in between. He (Tivrasur) challenges Hanuman. Hanuman catches hold of him in the first attempt itself. Tivrasur begs to be freed. Hanuman leaves him. He falls in the sun and explodes. Kumbhakaran looks at him in awe. Surya Dev is happy to be free from Tivrasur. He reduces his size and heat for Hanuman’s sake.

Hanuman catches hold of Kumbhakaran using Sakha. He sways him all around. He let’s go of Kumbhakaran. He flies away in space.

Ravan’s father looks at the sun. Why is it dark when there are even no clouds? Kaikasi hears a sound. They both look up. They are shocked to see Kumbhakaran as he falls on the ground next to them. His father asks him who did this to him. Kumbhakaran tells him about Hanuman. I went to stop him for brother’s sake. Kaikasi realises that it is the same vanar kid who killed lots of Asuras and had eaten up Sun. Kumbhakaran passes out.

Hanuman tells Surya Dev that he is free now. I yet again apologize to you for last time. Surya Dev says you too went in my depth today. we are on equal count. Hanuman smiles. Surya Dev blesses him.

Precap: Nani wants Anjana and Kesari to do a yagya for Hanuman. Marjarika gets tensed. An Asura (Mayaksh) hypnotises Hanuman. He shows him Anjana through his eyes. Hanuman is all teary eyed. Narad ji gets worried.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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