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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Recap: Meghasur and his group of Naag’s get the power to fly with Acharya’s help. Hanuman is stuck inside the poisonous circle created by Meghasur. The Garud’s are worried as they have lost the power to fly. Their wives and kids are still in the nest. Jatayu, Chitraketu, Jitantak see a giant ball of fire (Meghasur) coming their way. Hanuman finally frees himself.


Hanuman finds the sheet on which the mantra is written. Panchfann remarks nothing is impossible for Sankat Mochan Hanuman. Hanuman walks up to Acharya. He hands the mantra sheet back to him. Acharya blesses him. Thank you, Hanuman. You saved Garud’s.

Jatayu says some enemy is attacking on my security zone with fire. Head inside till this problem is sorted. Chitraketu nods and goes inside with

other soldiers.

Bhushan apologizes to Hanuman. You had to go through all this because of me only. Hanuman thinks of all that happened. You were compelled to do it. You wouldn’t have handed that feather to Meghasur otherwise. Don’t blame yourself. I will try to solve this problem. He turns to Panchfann. It is our first dharma to find that special feather. Panchfann says it is with Meghasur. You have to free the world from his terror first of all by finding him. Bhushan says how we figure it out. Hanuman is sure Meghasur would have gone to Garud area to attack on them. I too should head there.

Meghasur continues attacking the Garud area. Jatayu orders and the cave door close on its own. Meghasur thinks I have come here to save you from death. If you join hands with me then you will be saved. You will have to listen to my condition. You will have to bend down before your future King – Vali. Chitraketu says Meghasur has come here to kill us. Jatayu tells him not to be scared. We have to face him. Meghasur asks Jatayu to bend down in his feet. Accept Maharaj Vali as your King. I can forgive you if you give up on praying to Vishnu and accept Lankesh as your God. Jatayu deduces it is all Vali’s doing. Meghasur says I will otherwise kill all of you. He laughs. Chitraketu asks Jatayu to accept Meghasur’s suggestion. Why pray to Vishnu when He cannot help us? Let us choose Lankesh or this Meghasur can do anything. He can even end our kids before they are even born. Jatayu is in thoughts. Chitraketu suggests him not to think so much. Listen to Meghasur. Jatayu wonders when Hanuman will come. I will have to do something now. He orders and the door of the cave opens.

Panchfann confirms Hanuman’s doubts. Panchfann’s mother is worried for the Garud’s. Hanuman says people with wrong intentions misuse their powers only. Meghasur will use his powers to destroy people. I will have to stop him. Panchfann and Bhushan say it isn’t easy. He is extremely powerful now as he his powers are double.

Meghasur laughs. I had no idea you will accept defeat this soon. Chitraketu says Maharaj Jatayu has taken a decision. Jatayu intervenes. I don’t accept this at all. He tells Meghasur to leave or the consequences will be dangerous. You anyways are alone. How will you fight with us? Meghasur replies that he has the power to fly. I and some of my faithful soldiers can fly with this power. They will reach here soon. We are stronger than any army now! Meghasur turns in his Naag avatar. He emits fire at them which scares them. Meghasur returns to his human form. I am enjoying flying so much. Now Garud’s wont be able to fly ever. I have your special feather. The Garud’s are shocked to see it inside Meghasur’s body armour. Jatayu wonders how did this happen. Where are you Hanuman?

Hanuman says Garud’s have trusted me. I have to do my duty now. I have to protect them. Evil cannot win over good. Bhushan’s Dadi tells him to be careful. Hanuman asks them to take care of Acharya. Reach as soon as Acharya ji recovers. They nod.

Meghasur again tells Jatayu to give up on praying to Hari and accept Vali as their king or he will destroy each one of them. Jatayu refuses. You wont succeed in your plan till I am alive. Meghasur calls him fool. It seems like you want to see all of your Kul dying. Why are you looking at Chitraketu? How will he help you who joined hands with me as he was greedy to be the Maharaj of Garud’s? Everyone is shocked to hear it. Jatayu says this problem has come down on us because of you! If there was a tradition to imprison someone then I would have surely punished you. Chitraketu looks down. Jatayu turns to Meghasur. People like Chitraketu can bend down before you; can give up Hari Bhakti but I will not sway from my decision. Meghasur suggests killing the Garud kids then. I will enjoy seeing you in pain. Meghasur begins to walk towards Jitantak but Jatayu stands in his way. Meghasur asks Jitantak to bend his head in his feet if he wants to live. Jatayu tells Jitantak otherwise. You cannot disrespect Garud’s like this. Meghasur continues saying the same and laughs evilly while Jitantak advances towards him. Jitantak bends down before Meghasur only to pick up dirt and throw it in Meghasur’s eyes. Meghasur is irked. Jatayu asks everyone to run. Meghasur vows to kill all Garud’s. He struggles with the dirt in his eyes.

Hanuman is on his way to Garud Rajya. I will have to reach there asap so I can save Garud’s. I have to do it before sunrise. It will help Garud’s gain their power once again.

Meghasur orders his trusted soldiers to gathers all the eggs.

Garud’s requests Jatayu to save their kids. Meghasur has collected all our eggs.

Meghasur says no one can stop me from killing your kids now! Jatayu says you cannot do this. Meghasur laughs. Who will stop me? Will you stop me? Try.

Precap: Meghasur is sure no one can save Garud’s now. Hanuman reaches there just then. I will protect Maharaj Jatayu. Meghasur says you got saved from my Naag vyuh but you will not be saved now!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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