Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra Dev feels it was his mistake to come here to seek help from a lower vanar caste! Anjana’s family is hurt. Anjana politely requests him not to say so. However we are we will still put in our best of efforts. Chandra Dev is in no mood to listen. I was wrong to listen to Narad ji. You all aren’t capable enough to protect me. He leaves on his chariot right away. Kesari holds Anjana as she feels dizzy. Hanuman is all sad.

Ravan hopes Chandra Dev steps out of Sumeru once. I will force him to bring Amrit to me. Kalnemi greets him. He tells Ravan that Chandra Dev just left from Sumeru. Ravan is thrilled. I was waiting for this moment only. He leaves.

Hanuman says I know how you must be feeling mother. You kept fast for Chandra Dev and did not eat or drink anything.

He got upset from us. She calls it her bad fate. He says I cannot see you this way. Don’t say like this. Your fast will complete. Please allow me to go. I will handle everything. She declines. He asks her if she does not trust her son. She is in tears. I trust you more than I trust myself but I wont be able to bear separation from you again. I will never be able to forgive myself if anything happens to you. He assures her that he will be back soon. She refuses to let him go away from her. What if you fall in any problem? They hug. Hanuman is sad. What about your fast? Till when will you not eat anything? No one knows when Chandra Dev will appear in the sky. She replies that her eyes should see him. it doesn’t matter if I see Chandra Dev or not. Hanuman says my powers, life, everything is a waste if I fail in fulfilling your vow. Am I not your good son? I have hurt you a lot. You had to bear separation from me time and again. Which kid would want to be away from his mother? I was bound by the circumstances. I cannot see you sad like this. Bless me. I want to help you in completing your fast like a good son. your blessings only have saved me from every problem. Anjana is in a fix. She is about to raise her hand to bless him but faints. Everyone gets concerned.

Chandra Dev cannot think of anyone who can help him. Buddha is my son. What if he says no too? He notices someone passing by from there. It is Ravan. Chandra Dev wonders why he came here. Ravan asks Chandra Dev why he looks so sad and scared today. Is it because of Shani Dev? everyone is scared of him except me! In the entire world it is just me from whom Shani Dev is scared. I had made him a prisoner. I can help you. Chandra Dev says no one helps anyone without a motive. I will help myself. Ravan calls his son Buddha Dev incapable. Chandra Dev refuses to seek help from him. Ravan repeats that except him, no one else can help him. Shani Dev wont leave you. He thinks this fear only will make him win.

Hanuman sits beside Anjana but she isn’t waking up. Matang Rishi comes there. Kesari tells him about Anjana’s condition. Matang Rishi points out that the only solution is that she should complete her fast. It is important for Hanuman to go and save Chandra Dev from Shani Dev’s anger. Hanuman cannot leave his mother in this condition. She dint even allow me to go. Kesari permits him to go from his mother’s side. Live up to your name. Take care of this Sankat. Make it go away. Hanuman is in tears.

Ravan keeps instigating Chandra Dev against Shani Dev. You might not be able to head back to Chandra Loka ever again. you will roam in this galaxy like these ordinary meteors. Think! Why would Daksh’s SIL end up becoming an ordinary meteor in the galaxy? All because of that unimportant Shani Dev?

Hanuman requests his mother to open her eyes. Your son is calling out to you. How can I go without your permission? Anjana is still unconscious. Kesari pats at his head. Matang Rishi points out that Hanuman will be able to make his mother fine only once he helps Chandra Dev come out of this situation. Hanuman is sure he will fail if he goes without his mother’s blessings.

Chandra Dev asks Ravan if he will protect him from Shani Dev. Ravan nods. You will also have to do something in return though. Chandra Dev thinks no one else can actually save me. Chandra Dev agrees to help him in any way if he protects him from Shani Dev. He promises him of the same. Ravan is ecstatic.

Anjana opens her eyes. Hanuman gets happy and everyone else is also relieved. Anjana keeps her hand on Hanuman’s head. Hanuman thanks her for giving him her blessings and permission. I will be successful now. You will surely see Chandra Dev and complete your fast. Keep your puja thaal ready. He greets everyone and then flies up. Hanuman thinks of Chandra Dev. He was very much disturbed. I wonder where he went to after leaving Sumeru. I will have to find him asap.

Ravan tells Chandra Dev to go back to Chandra Loka. Bring that Amrit Kalash for me in return of the promise you just made to me. Chandra Dev is shocked. Ravan says those Gods did not even think of you. Tridev’s also turned their face away. You will protect Amrit for them? Chandra Dev gets thinking. Ravan asks him if he does not want to be protected from Shani Dev or if he wants to protect Amrit for the Gods who don’t even care about him. Chandra Dev finds logic in his words. Ravan calls all the Gods weak. Only I can protect you! Just bring that Amrit Kalash to me once. I will held Shani Dev captive and keep him in his feet. He wont even think to look up at you then. Chandra Dev agrees. Wait here. I will bring Amrit Kalash for you. He leaves. Ravan laughs.

Hanuman is in tears as he thinks of his mother’s condition. I cannot see her in pain anymore. He wants to pacify the problem between Shani Dev and Chandra Dev asap. The fast should complete asap. I have no idea where Chandra Dev went to. He might be in Chandra Loka or probably I can get some info there.

Precap: Hanuman asks Chandra Dev’s wives where he will find Chandra Dev. They tell him where Chandra Dev goes to when he is upset. They guide him. Rahu and Ketu assure Ravan that Hanuman wont be able to meet Chandra Dev at any cost.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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