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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vali holds the weapon in his hand which keeps turning into something or other. Everyone looks worried. Kesari points out that this is Asuri Astra. Maharaj laments how he is so helpless that he can only look on but do nothing. My son is doing this! Vali tells Hanuman to look at everyone for the last time. This arrow will hurt you in a few seconds from now. Vali shoots an arrow towards Hanuman. Hanuman wards it off using a stone. The stone breaks in the process. Anjana shouts Hanuman. Nature is affected.

Hanuman is not hurt. Vali shoots another arrow at him but Hanuman ducks so as to avoid it. Third and fourth arrow also misses him. Vali says I will see now how you escape. Hanuman saves himself yet again which angers Vali. Jump around as much you want but you wont be able to save

yourself today. Hanuman stands up holding his mace. You have attacked enough Vali Bhaiya. Your mayavi Astra will be broken now. Vali keeps shooting arrows at Hanuman who breaks them all using his mace. Neither of them gives up. Hanuman and Vali are inching closer as they fight. Hanuman finally attacks the bow which turns into a mace. Vali says it isn’t so easy to handle. He pushes Hanuman’s mace with his. Vali hits at Hanuman’s mace with his. Hanuman is pushed back because of it yet he manages to keep his balance somehow. Vali talks to the mace / the mayavi Asura. Produce fire. The Astra obliges. VAli throws that fire towards Hanuman. Your end will happen now. Hanuman looks at the mayavi Agni carefully. Small fire is shot at him. Vali says do you understand now. You are helpless without your boons. This will do all that I want to you.

Anjana is in tears. How will my son be able to face this Agni without his powers? She prays to Lord to save her son. Hope he gets his powers back soon.

Kalnemi says this Rishi cannot handle the powers of that vanar kid. Ravan is angry. I sent him to make use of these powers but! Rishi shouts for help. Save me! He begins to hear lot many noises at once. Who is calling out to me? I cannot bear this anymore. Stop it!

Mata Parvati says this Rishi has even closed down his ears after gaining Hanuman’s powers. Mahadev says responsibilities are given to those who can fulfil them. The main motto of Hanuman’s life is to help people. All the powers given to him included one where Hanuman could hear it from any point and rush to help that person. Hanuman could sense it but this Rishi can only feel it as a voice which disturbs him. He is in the wrong company which is why it is happening.

Kalnemi cannot hear anything. I don’t know what’s happening to this Rishi. Ravan shouts at the Rishi to control these powers. You have to defeat that vanar kid in the warzone using his powers only.

Hanuman is caught amidst fire. Anjana cries seeing him thus. Vali mocks Hanuman. Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman is all powerless! This Agni will soon finish him. Hanuman thinks to manage the situation asap so Sugriv’s life can be out of risk. Vali thinks foolish Markat is heading towards his own death. Hanuman refuses to back down. He composes himself. He lifts his mace high in air and increases his size. Vali’s size is also increased. The Mayavi Agni bursts. This reflects in Mother Nature.

Vali thinks Markat is safe once again. He gave up his boons but he cannot give up the powers he has with him since birth. How can I forget that I have half of those powers? He lifts himself in air. Hanuman follows suit. They continue the fight in air. Vali loses his necklace in the process but finds it in time. Asuri Shakti could not harm you but this will surely end you.

Vayu Dev wants to intervene to save Hanuman but Varun Dev tells him against it. It can mean Hanuman’s defeat. Narad ji reasons that Vali is doing wrong.

Vali invokes the Amogh Shakti of the necklace given to him by Devraj Indra. Hanuman thinks to respect Devraj thereby bearing the attack. Devraj is touched by his gesture. But you wont be able to bear this Amogh Shakti son.

Vali asks Hanuman what new drama is this. Your end is near now. Hanuman says I cannot disrespect the powers of Gods. Vali laughs. One reacts to all the weapons, be it of Gods or Asuras, but it is up to you if you wish to bear this. Hanuman stands with open hands to welcome it. Vali pushes Amogh Shakti towards Hanuman. Hanuman shouts Ma as it hits him. Anjana shouts Hanuman. Hanuman begins to fall down. Anjana falls down on her knees. Kesari holds her. Vali wears his necklace once again. Hanuman falls down on the ground much to everyone’s shock. Tridev’s and all Gods look tensed.

Kesari says I am coming son. Vali stops him. No one will come here. He looks at an unconscious Hanuman. What happened Markat? Did you die? Get up if you are still alive. I want to hurt you for the last time. Anjana remarks that she too will die if anything happens to her son. Kesari hugs her. don’t know what is going to happen. Vali tells Hanuman to get up. You have to fulfil your father’s vow and save Sugriv Bhaiya. Get up, Markat.

Precap: Vali tells Kesari his son is going to die. He lifts a big boulder. Maharani stands in his way. You wont do anything. Vali tells her to move aside. Anjana and Kesari shout Hanuman. Their voice reaches Hanuman’s ears. Finally Maharani also frees Hanuman from his promise. Hanuman hears her too. He clenches his fist in his unconscious state.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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