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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ravan comes to Kaliash to meet his aaradhya Mahadev. He ignores Nandi but Nandi politely tells him that no one is allowed to go forward. I am following my Swami’s orders. Ravan’s ego gets hurt. Ravan says I am sparing you for my Swami only. Nandi insists that Bholenath himself has said that he cannot meet anyone. They get into a war of words. Nandi and Ravan perceive devotion differently. Ravan calls Nandi an animal. Nandi reasons that Bholenath is called as Pashupati Nath too. Ravan is in no mood to get in a scuffle with such an ordinary Pashu. Nandi continues to politely tell him against trying to meet Mahadev today. Ravan wonders what is the reason behind it Ma Parvati and Lord Shiva are spending some time together (dancing). Ravan warns Nandi not to mess with him but Nandi too

warns him back saying that he wont let him defy his Swami’s orders. Ravan attacks Nandi so their war begins. Nandi says you are not going to die by my hands. You are actually calling for problems / misery for yourself by getting into a fight with me. You should return. Ravan refuses to budge from his decision.

Nandi gets irked. You are a foolish devotee as you are ignoring your own Lord’s orders. Ravan hits him angrily. I thought you are a bull but you are no less than a vanar (monkey). You are trying to mock Lanka-aadhipati Dashanan! Mahadev makes anyone his Gana. He has appointed a dumb minded Vanar like Gana (Nandi) for security. I don’t count vanar’s equivalent to anything. He laughs at Nandi. Nandi is simply following his Prabhu’s orders. But now listen, you will be forced to give up before the very same vanar’s who you consider dumb. Your arrogance, fame will be destroyed by the very same vanar’s. The vanar’s will set fire to your sinful Lanka and destroy it. Your Rakshas kul will be destroyed because of the vanar’s. They will be the reason of your death! You will be the so called devil in all the 3 lokas. The vanar will be made in a huge idol and will be worshipped everywhere. This is my curse to you. Ma Parvati stops in her tracks after hearing the same. Lord Shiva tells her that Nandi has punished a sinner correctly.

Rukmini says Lord Bholenath took birth in Hanuman ji’s avatar to kill the arrogant Dashanan. He guided Shri Rama’s vanar sena. Shri Krishna points out to the other important lesson that one can learn from the incident. One should never come between the Lord and his devotee, especially not between Lord Bholenath and Nandi Maharaj. Nandi is the symbol of dharma. Lord Bholenath is always with dharma and dharma always continues to serve Lord Bholenath. Trying to get in between them is equivalent to creating problems in dharma actually! Satyabhama feels that Ravan must be scared after getting cursed. Shri Krishna replies otherwise. Ravan would have been forgiven for a few sins if that was the case. But he had actually become super arrogant and angry.

Ravan again mocks. You think I will get scared of a vanar’s curse and apologize to you? You haven’t seen my powers yet. I wont waste them on you though as you are nothing in front of my eyes. I will make it completely meaningless now. Wait here and see how I take Kailash with me to Lanka now. Nandi requests Lord Shiva to help him. I tried to stop Ravan a lot but in vain.

Ravan picks up the mountain with all his might but Mahadev gets angry. His happy dance turns into Tandav. Ravan takes multiple avatars and they all pick up the mountain from all the sides. Ravan chants Om Namah Shivaye as he picks the mountain but and right then Mahadev touches his thumb (of feet) on the tip of the mountain which results in the mountain going back to its original place. Ravan screams out in pain. Epi ends on Mahadev’s angry face.

Precap: Bal Hanuman wakes up at night. His parents are fast asleep. He wants to see the moon. He picks up a few pillows and keeps them on top of each other so he is able to climb up to the window sill of his room. He stands there for a while but then slips. He holds onto to the edge.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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