Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the soldiers coming and ask devi durdhubi that has that monkey troubled you too? Then tell us we will kill him and tell us where he is. Hanuman is ready with his gadha. Durdhubi waits and then shows the wrong direction. Soldiers go and hanuman says why did she save me? Hanuman goes and says mata you first attacked me but why did you save me now? Mata says yes i did but something inside me made me save you and why do you call me mata?. Hanuman says because i see every woman as a mother so i called you mata, durdhubi says maybe this innocence of yours made me save you but the childwho acrually called me mata is not here. Hanuman says what? Why? Durdhubi is sad and says when i was young i was princess ofhell and a child named mahiravana was there, i took him in

our palace and my parents took care of him and he played with me. He became my brother. Later when i was big enough i was married to neelmedh and we had a son kalmedh. Mahiravana lived with us too, when my son kalmedh was older we named him the king of hell and when the day came to declare him king, mahiravana came and i though he would give my son blessings but he showered something and made him unconscious, my husband neelmedh became furious and said why did you do this and headedtowards mahiravana but mahiravana made him unconscious too and has put them in jail. I cried a lot but mahiravana crowned himself king and he became what he was born a demon. Hanuman says ohh, durdhubi says he is the son of ravana and once lord narayan came to me and told me that my son and husband would be freed from captivity by the mighty hanuman and i pray hanuman come soon. Hanuman smiles and says mata i am here and i am hanuman. Durdhubi is happy and falls at hanumans legs and says free my son and husband from that demons captivity. Hanuman says dont fall at my legs and takes durdhubis blessings and says i promise i will free them with my lord ram and laxman. Durdhubi says but its tough getting into the palace and the entrance has been guarded by a tupi which has 2 platforms, hanuman says what is that? Durdhubi says the tupi rotataes with its platforms on either side and is put on a rock between two lands and down there is fire and lava, and the tupi was given to mahiravana by lord shankar after he was impressed by mahiravanas prayer, hanuman says but he can fly durdhubi says the tupi does not let anyone in and if any outsider comes on it the tupi starts shaking and the fiery birds of hell come and put the outsider into the fire. Hanuman gets an idea and says he will become as small as a butterfly and come on that pot of water and no one will see him. Durdhubi says yes we can do that. Hanuman becomes small and stands on the edge of the pot.
There mahiravana is waiting for durdhubi and says where is this durdhubi? Mahiravana opens his see through portal and see durdhubi coming slowly towards the entry, he says she walks slow as if she is taking the whole river. Mahiravana closes portal and says when i get the water i will sacrifice these 2 men to you goddess.
Durdhubi takes hanuman and climbs the tupi and the tupi turns to other side, so they can go to main cave entrance to the palace, durdhubi says we are safe, suddenly tupi starts shaking and the fiery birds come, durdhubi says the tupi has sensed that you are on it, hanuman says dont worry i wont let anything happen to you. Hanuman flies up in the sky and turns big, the fiery birds throw balls of fire on hanuman and say monkey you can not go from here. Durdhubi reaches the other side and is watching hanuman and is worried. Suddenly hanuman is held by the red electric ties of the birds, hanuman is trying to free himself, hanuman says its time and i should kill these birds and go and save ram and laxman, hanuman blows wind storm from his mouth and the ties break, hanuman then blows wind storm from his mouth and from the blow the birds die and disappear. Hanuman lands on the other side, a loud voice of some monster come and durdhubi says the monsters know you are here and you have to cross the defenses and there are many dangerous monsters of different sizes and types. Hanuman says dont worry i will not let anything happen to you and i will cross the defenses. Durdhubi says i will go from other entries but you can come in only through the main cave entry. Hanuman says yes mata, durdhubi says i believe in you. She goes. Hanukan says now i should head towards the entry, two black tornados from the air say wait monkey and it lands on ground. They are 2 huge monsters and they say you can not go alive ahead of here. They run towards hanuman.

Precap: hanuman says i crosses the other defenses and will cross this too, a voice says monkey dont think crossing me is simple, its a head having snakes instead ofhair like medusa, she controls hanuman in her magical ties and attacks hanuman from eyes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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