Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Patalika returns to her original form. She chants the mantra for the horses. Hanuman comes back to check. He is shocked to see Patalika. Who are you? What are you doing here? Patalika makes smoke appear around the horses. Hanuman cannot see anything clearly. Patalika disappears with the horses and chariot. Hanuman wonders who that person would was! Someone took disguise of Gurumata. I will have to find out who that person is.

Mata Parvati says this way Hanuman’s education will never complete. Mahadev says the one who blossoms amongst the thorns, spreads life. Every problem teaches you something or the other. Hanuman too will learn new lessons through this. Everyone should realise that there is a reason behind whatever happens.

Hanuman flies outside Surya Loka but cannot

see anyone. Who could she be? Where did she disappear with the chariot? I have to inform Gurudev asap!

Patalika brings the chariot to Varun Loka. Varun Dev and Ravan are already there. Ravan applauds Patalika’s act. This will benefit us in 3 ways. One, this will stall that vanar kid’s education. Two, your yagya will get complete. Both Varun Dev and Patalika want to know of the third advantage. Ravan advises them to wait. Varun Dev appreciates Patalika for making the impossible possible. Ravan adds that the world will be in dark as Surya Dev wont come out. This will create chaos in the world. This chariot will stay here in Varun Loka only. Varun Dev looks uncomfortable. Ravan thinks Rahu is doing his work nicely. Varun Dev agrees to create an unbreakable vyuh. It will not be breakable. Patalika tries to say something but Ravan tells her to take the horses to Pataal. Varun Dev calls her his sister. Please shift the chariot to one side so I can create a vyuh around it. Patalika does so. She sends the 7 horses to Pataal Loka.

Patalika asks Ravn what he is doing. Varun Dev is a God only. He can return the chariot too. We should take it to Pataal Loka. Ravan wants this only. Surya Dev should find out that his chariot is in Varun Loka only. The horses will be safely with you. Surya Dev will come here to get it but as Varun Dev is inflicted by Rahu, he wont give in. He will be called a cheater and become an enemy of Gods. That will be my third attack / benefit.

Varun Dev creates a vyuh around Surya Dev’s chariot. Ravan says you did a fab job. Varun Dev says no one can take it without my permission. If anyone tries, then he will have to fight with my complete powers. Patalika has the horses under her spell. Ravan and Patalika leave. Ravan thinks the vanar kid has only faced his strength till now. He hasn’t seen his smartness / chhal – strength till now!

Surya Dev demands to know who dared to abduct his chariot. Hanuman tells him about that woman he saw. She is an Asura. She disappeared before I could see her. He tells his Guru whatever he saw. I tried to look for her but couldn’t find anything. Please forgive me. Surya Dev says you are not at fault. She took advantage of your devotion towards Gurumata. He points out that morning wont happen till he gets his chariot back. The world will be in chaos. Hanuman’s education will be stalled as well! The culprit has committed a serious crime. Hanuman says she stole your chariot before my eyes. I will find her from anywhere. He denies. This isn’t your work. You are here as a disciple. Gurumata agrees. Surya Dev decides to meet Indra Dev. Only he can help me in this matter or everything will be finished. He leaves for Swarg Loka. Hanuman thinks of the problem that has come upon the world. Gurudev told me not to do anything. What should I do!

Patalika gets the horses under her magical powers. Now they will only be used for sacrifice. Ravan is glad that everything is happening as per his wish. Our powers will increase as the sun wont appear. This is the perfect time to complete your yagya. Help me get the utmost position so my death can never happen. Gain greatest powers. Sacrifice these horses! Patalika says they aren’t normal horses. They are Sapta-Rashmiyan of Gods. They bring light in the world. Find out a better mahurat for the same. Ask Mahamayaviyogini for a mahurat. Ravan summons her just then. He asks her for the perfect time when these horses should be sacrificed. You can do it after 5 days. it will last only for 7 seconds. If you fail in doing so then this yagya will never complete. Ravan agrees to do it on the said time. Ravan gives a special task to his nephews.

Hanuman waits for Surya Dev. Maybe he did not get the chariot till now. Jayant asks him what he is thinking. They see weird black clouds coming towards Surya Loka. Gurumata has never seen such clouds before. Jayant thinks maybe his father sent them for help. Gurumata denies. They don’t appear friendly. They hear the sound of someone laughing. Gurumata pulls both Jayant and Hanuman behind. They are Asuras. The Asuras warn the guards to be alert. Hanuman gets ready to fight them.

Precap: Hanuman beats one of the Asuras. They surround Gurumata. They ask hanuman to get out of their way. You wont be able to save her from us. They attack Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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