Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yamraj saying hanuman I am dharma raj and this is not iniquity and I will tell you a true event that happened. Yamraj says nandi a young boy had problems in his family and one day he was walking in a forest. He heard the noise of a wild boar running and a hunter was running behind the boar. The wild boar ran past nandi and he saw where it went. The hunter then came and asked nandi where the boar went. But nandi was puzzled if he should tell the hunter the direction as he wanted to save the life of the boar, the hunter said I have to feed my family. Nandi thought should I tell him? But then he gave the hunter the wrong direction but the hunter caught nandi’s lie and said how could you lie to me? But suddenly the hunter turned its form and it was lord Shankar

and parvati and the boar was their disciple and lord Shankar says I am impressed from you nandi. Lord Shankar and parvati mata blessed nandi and gave him a power for protecting dharma. Yamraj tells what you are doing hanuman is dharma and preventing iniquity from happening. Hanuman says yamraj I will take this arrow to lord ram and keep it behind in his arrow strap. Yamraj says but hanuman when lord ram will attack the mrityuban on ravana, the arrow should not hit ravana anywhere near the stomach and only upper body. Hanuman says why? Yamraj says ravana has power granted by lord brahma which enables him protection by the amrit which rests inside ravana’s navel and if the arrow doesn’t hit there he wont be much injured, so you also have to go and change the direction of the arrow when lord ram attacks it. hanuman then remembers that when he was a child rishi Agastya had taken a promise from him that when the time will be right, he has to promise that he will change the direction of the arrow lord ram attacks. That time hanuman had given the promise. Hanuman tells this to yamraj and says I will keep my promise dharma raj and change the direction to ravana’s navel. Hanuman takes the arrow and goes and reaches the battlefield and then goes and quietly keeps it from behind in lord ram’s arrow strap. Hanuman comes and stands near laxman and vibhishan. Lord ram is attacking arrows on ravana and he is laughing and neutralizing the attacks with his weapons and spells.
There in Pooja ghar, mandodari is scared as the bells start swinging and making sound and mandodari says this is a bad sign and ravana my lord is in danger. Mandodari prays to the goddess statue and says please protect my lord please and I have always followed my religion of wife and I shouldn’t get this punishment. Mandodari is crying and says please come mata and speak to me. Suddenly a form appears and mata comes in the form of mandodari herself and she says mandodari all the women in lanka are widows now and only a woman who is still married and not a widow can save you. mandodari says there is no one, the form of mata says yes there is, it is devi sita in ashok vatika. Mandodari is shocked and says but devi sita has been tortured by ravana and how will she grant me this? Mata says only if sita says that you will stay married and not become widow only then will something happen. The form goes. Mandodari is crying a lot.
There hanuman tells laxman that brother I have kept the arrow in lord ram’s arrow strap. Laxman says vibhishan told us about the mrityuban and today ravana’s time of death has come. Lord ram is attacking arrows on ravana from his strap. Then he attacks an arrow which ties ravana with electric lightning ties. In heaven all the gods are smiling and lord Shankar and parvati smile too. Lord indra and vayu dev say it is time for lord ram to remove the mrityuban now. The last arrow left in lord ram’s arrow strap is the mrityuban. There ravana breaks the lightning ties and then shouts you forest liver and he becomes more huge than ever. Now lord ram removes the last arrow that is the Mrityuban. Everyone on ground do pranam after looking at lord ram aiming the mrityuban at ravana. All gods in heaven are watching this and smiling and lord brahma and lord Shankar smile.

Precap: mandodari is begging sita to bless her that she will remain married and not become widow ever. There lord ram attacks the mrityuban. Hanuman is flying above the mrityuban and he changes its direction to ravana’s navel. Ravana is shocked to see hanuman. The arrow hits ravana’s navel.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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