Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram turns to go with Guru Vashishtha. Hanuman looks on teary eyed. Ram explains that Hanuman did bring him here, but he has been good with me. Can we not forgive him, Mama (Yuddhajeet) ji? Yuddhajeet replies that Hanuman is pardoned for bringing a smile on your face, otherwise no one knows what all would have happened to him. We cannot trust a vanar. He can do anything any time. Both Ram and Hanuman feel bad.

Maha Pishach advises his team members to spread in Ayodhya avoiding all the pious and religious places. Always remember, impure person is our friend. Tonight will be the last night when Ram will stay here! I will take him to Lanka.

Ram is asked to sit in the front of the chariot. Yuddhajeet tells him not to be sad for a vanar. Ram sadly leaves with them. Hanuman

feels bad. I did a mistake which is why I had to be separated from my Ram ji today. How can Ram ji go away from Hanuman? He notices the chariot going in the opposite direction.

The Maha Pishach enters inside the yagya area but cannot go too close. There is a risk of their truth coming out if they move too close to where the yagya is happening. Guru Vashishtha tells the commander to keep the ingredients at a proper place. The Pishach’s in disguise get tensed as they step forward. Guru Vashishtha asks them to stop. He realises who they are in reality. He throws holy water at them after chanting a mantra. They come to their original avatar. Maha Pishach announces that the mantra cannot bind him. We have come to take Ram with us. No one can stop us from doing so! Everyone looks on stunned. They go out of Guru Vashishtha’s reach in the form of black smoke.

Ram notices them taking him to a different direction. Guru Vashishtha scolds him for ordering him. Ram says sorry to him. Yuddhajeet explains that the main route is attacked often by Asuras nowadays. This route is safe. They are Asuras actually in disguise. They think the secret route is pretty near. No one can stop us once we enter inside that route.

Ravan gets to know that the Pishach’s have entered inside Ayodhya. There will be a hunt. My Pishach’s and Asura’s will hunt down that vanar kid!

Hanuman wonders about Guru Vashishtha’s reaction. Something is unusual as he got angry. He recalls Raja Dashrath telling all his 4 sons about no one picking any weapon till this yagya is complete. Hanuman immediately flies after the chariot. He stops right before the chariot.

Everyone in the palace worries for the Pishach’s intervention in the yagya. Guru Vashishtha suggests making a safety circle for royal family. we will have to be extra cautious about Ram till the time the yagya is complete. He gives a Raksha-Sutra to Raja Dashrath. It has the power of pious mantras. No one will come under the spell of Pishach’s if they wear this. Make all your kids and everyone wear this. Guru Vashishtha also tells everyone to be alert. Whenever you smell something foul around you, understand that the negative spirits are around that place. I will have to purify all the areas where the Pishach’s have been! Raja Dashrath gives the Raksha-Sutra to Kaushalya. Tie it on everyone’s hands. He wonders where Ram at the moment is. Save him Lord. Manthra is glad there is someone like her who also does not want Ram to sit on the throne ever! An enemy of my enemy is my friend. Who is that person?

The Asuras in disguise ask Hanuman to move aside. Hanuman apologizes to Ram. I cannot let you go with them. Ram shares he felt Hanuman will come to take him for sure. You will not let me go alone with them. Hanuman looks at the Asuras. Guru Vashishtha orders Yuddhajeet to arrest the vanar. Make Ram sit in the chariot. Hanuman holds his hand as soon as he extends his hand towards Ram. Guru Vashishtha tries to scare him by talking about his authority. Hanuman replies it will be known soon if you are actually a good person / a well wisher. He asks Ram why Yuddhajeet asked him to hold a weapon. Guru Vashishtha too kept quiet. The nature of a person does not change when you change your appearance. The Asuras come in their real avatar. The vanar is smart. we have come to take Ram with us. We will either take him with us or kill him! Ram pushes the Asura.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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