Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
Hanuman gets atop the cliff and by the grace of the gods and goddesses, he is able to see meghnad and vidyutjihva who stand hidden to everyone else. he tells this to rama, and seeks permission to go and confront them. rama complies. he rushes and confronts them. vidyutjihva is tensed that hanuman might be able to see them. but meghnad is overconfident that he isnt able to, and his confidence is shattered when hanuman starts giving them one blow after the other to both of them. they realise that he can indeed see them. they rush off from there. meanwhile the army doesnt realise who is hanuman hitting, as they cant see anyone. hanuman rushes after them, to follow them and kill. vibhishan is tensed that he

might get trapped yet again in meghnad’s magical trap. rama and other leaders watch in anticipation. MEanwhile, Vidyutjihva and meghnad didcuss as to how its almost impossible to defeat hanuman being supremely talented, and their magical weapons going to waste. they decide to torment him emotionally. they create the deception of beheading sita in front of him. he is traumatised as he looks at her being slain. he lets go of himself, and starts falling down the skies. the demons guffaw. rama and others are boggled, and then distraught as they find hanuman’s body descending down on its own, while he is grief stricken. laxman rushes to his aide, and meghnad thinks that hanuman is weak and this is the right time to kill him off. he fires an arrow but laxman responds back and saves him. angad, nal and neel, among other young leaders, also cover for hanuman, and ask laxman to take care of him, while they face meghnad. he is overjoyed that now he shall be able to kill atleast one monkey warrior, to prove his promise to raavan. he starts fighting them off, and they thwart back his attavks.

MEanwhile, laxman tries to nudge hanuman out of his apalled state, to ask him whats the matter. when hanuman after much deliberation and hesitation, tells what happened, laxman refuses to believe. then he starts lamenting about how he stood helpless as meghnad mercilessly killed sita. laxman is forced to believe that its true and collapses on the floor. he starts enumerating the divine qualities of sita and says that now that he isnt here to serve her, he doesnt deserve to live and vows to diw himself too. they both are apalled and greif stricken, as hanuman is unable to believe that he himself saw all this, and cant assure laxman that this isnt the truth but a lie. they both are in inconsolable tears. the screen freezes on both their faces.


Precap: Meghnad says that now he shall comply to raavan’s order and strike the BRAHMASTRA, and meanwhile rama, says that now he shall definitely punish raavan, meghnad and other demons, while hanuman is apalled. he says that now they shall have to face his BRAHMASTRA. he too beckons the brahmastra.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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