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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishi Atri says all these qualities have qualified Hanuman for Devraj position. Devraj Indra is shocked. All the Rishi’s say the same thing. He can sit on Indrasan now. Hanuman says please allow me to take my Ma with me asap. I wont be able to take her with me otherwise. I have limited time left. Rishi say you are not bound by any rule of Swarg now. You can live here for as long as you want. Swarg loka will be indebted to you till you make a final decision. Devi Shachi says if Hanuman is suitable for this position. Devraj Indra cuts her mid sentence. No one asked for your opinion. Why are you talking then? She apologizes. Hanuman asks her to speak up without any worry. I want to know what you think. The Rishi’s also prompt her. Devi Shachi points out that Hanuman clearly deserves

this position. He has done so much for everyone. It will be a proud thing for all the Gods and Swarg if you accept it. Devguru Brihaspati seconds her. Hanuman should accept this position. He totally deserves it. Till date, he has done so many things to help the entire world. Even Gods could not do so much. Urvashi and Jayant too feel the same way. Jayant says you have become capable to sit on Indrasan without me pushing you for it. He calls out for Airavat. Devraj Indra realises that everyone is on Hanuman’s side. He asks Hanuman to sit on Indrasan. You don’t need my permission as well. All the Rishi’s request Hanuman too. Anjana looks at her son proudly. Hanuman wonders why his Ma is quiet. What should I say now? Rishi’s leave the decision on Hanuman. Hanuman wants to reach Sumeru asap with his Ma. He must be worried.

At Sumeru, Nani is in tears to think of Kesari’s decision. A Rishi asks Kesari to start the puja. Kesari repeats after the Rishi.

Everyone waits for Hanuman’s decision. Devraj Indra thinks that even he couldn’t do what Hanuman has done. I have to stop being selfish and leave my position for everyone’s sake. He offers his crown to Hanuman. You rightly deserve it. Please accept it. Your acceptance will only mean betterment of the world. Hanuman looks at his mother. Devraj tells him not to worry about him and be in any tension. Narad ji appears there. Everyone greets him. Narad ji tells Hanuman to think through. One gets this position after toiling hard. Devguru nods. You got this position seeing your love for your mother and of taking in notice all your good deeds toward the world. Narad ji asks Hanuman to accept this position. Hanuman takes the crown from Devraj Indra’s hands. A smile appears on everyone’s faces. Hanuman wants Devraj Indra to take him till Indrasan if he really thinks he deserves him. Devraj asks him to follow him.

The sun is about to set. It is time to start the LOkantaran yagya. Nani still requests Kesari not to rush. Please think calmly. A Rishi advises her not to stop Kesari. Kesari sticks to his decision. Marjarika too requests him but in vain. He suggests everyone to return to the palace. Kesari walks in slowly towards the deep river. Rishi tells him to proceed slowly. There is still time in sunset. Kesari nods.

Everyone is inside Devraj’s courtroom. Devraj tells Hanuman that Indrasan is right before him. Hanuman turns to look at him.

Brahma Dev comes to meet Mahadev. He is not happy to see what’s happening on earth and in Swarg. How can this happen? If Hanuman accepts Indrasan then Ram Avatar will go in vain. They are to meet on earth, not Swarg. How will Ravan and other Asuras die? Mahadev says everything depends on Hanuman’s decision now. We Tridev made the world. People write their destiny as per their karmas.

Hanuman says I sat on Indrasan earlier when Jayant Bhaiya asked me. It is you who has brought me here today. I have made up my mind! My decision is that Devraj Indra only will sit on Indrasan. Everyone is surprised. Hanuman makes Devraj Indra sit on Indrasan. This place suits you. He also puts the crown back on Devraj Indra’s head. Devraj is touched. Hanuman thanks them all for considering him good enough for this position. Ma taught me always to do karam and not think of the result. We should not limit ourselves. Never think that the world is for you. Always think that you are for the world. Urvashi and Devi Shachi stand on either side of Anjana. Hanuman thanks his mother for teaching him such a valuable lesson. Narad ji says this is what has brought you here today. Hanuman walks towards his mother. Come, Ma. He takes her on stage and kneels down before his Ma. He also keeps her hand on his head. He says my crown is my mother’s hand on my head. My Indrasan is her lap. My Swarg is her hug. Anjana is teary eyed. I don’t need Swarg. They share a hug. Everyone is moved.

Precap: Hanuman holds Vajra in his hands. A flag comes to him. Hanuman holds it in his other hand. Ram is written on the flag.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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