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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
As hanuman crosses the asteroid belt, the skull draws him to Meghnad’s Mayavi Trilok, where he finds himself trapped. the lord are tensed that they should intimate hanuman of the impending danger, of the trilok, but then think that they can, because in meghnad’s trilok, only those people can enter who meghnad wishes to. they are boggled as to what to do. MEanwhile, meghnad announces and welcomes him saying that now he wont be able to free himself. he tells hanuman that there is noone here to save him, neither his lords nor his rama. hanuman says that he wont be able to bear rama’s attacks, and that he himself is sufficient for him. he starts his flight, and meghnad stands at the entrance of a black whirlpool, asking him

to come in, or he got scared. he starts hearing voices begging to be saved, and hanuman gets apalled due to his righteous nature. someone tells him not to enter there. he turns around to find meghnad in godly avatar and is boggled. he tries to hit meghnad, but he says that this isnt required, as he hasnt come to attack, but to help him. hanuman is boggled, as to how can meghnad be in two places at the same time. hanuman hears meghnad’s voice from inside the wormhole. but the godly meghnad, says that he is instigated by meghnad and he shouldnt foolow, as its a trap. hanuman is in a state of dilemma as to who to believe. he then deduces as he hears human voices crying out, that this is meghnad’s recreational way of playing with him, but if there is any human inside, who needs help, then he shall cater to it. despite meghnad’s warnings, hanuman steps in, and finds all dark. Hanuman thinks that this looks like Pataal Lok, and all crying voices stop. hanuman wonders if the godly meghnad was right. he finds the evil meghnad coming ahead at him, guffawing loudly. he says that its true, and that there is noone to be saved here, and he has to save himself. hanuman asks if he is resorting to deception. meghnad tells him that deception and betrayal are demonic banes. Hanuman tells meghnad that a true warrior like him shouldnt resort to such tricks at all. meghnad proclaims himself to be the truest of all, and points out that he invited his own ruin by being instigated and landing into his demonic trap. Meghnad says that now he is trapped and now he shall face someone who is totally against his personality, but he is like him in every stature, and has just given birth. hanuman confronts his own demonic avatar. Hanuman understands that this means whoeever enters here, develops a bad personality, completely opposite in diabolical personality. meghnad says that he understood correctly, and tells that the original and the generated personas fight amongst themselves, and only one can come out. he sits and then asks them to start fighting, so as to see, who comes out alive. the scuffle ensues between matched hanuman’s good side with the demonic one. hanuman finds it difficult to overpower him, much to meghnad’s amusement. the lords are tensed as to what hanuman shall do now. Varun dev proclaims that if meghnad is cruel and evil, hanuman has the powers of truth, religion, devotion and righteousness. after much display of similar strengths, hanuman thinks that his evil counterpart can only be dealt with by wit. meghnad is amused, as the demon keeps getting stronger. hanuman decides on a course of action, and decides to take him under his arm itself. but the devil overpowers him, having read him mind, but continues to fight on. just then, the noble meghnad comes to hanuman’s help, but meghnad the evil one, thinks that he shall spoil the entire war. he takes a weapon and aims it at the good one, who gets hit and dissipates into thin air. he guffaws loudly, as hanuman struggled to free himself from the devil’s grasp. Meghnad taunts hanuman that in his world, truth and religion dont win, but evilness and cruelty do, and that he is bound for defeat. Meanwhile, hanuman thinks that the devil can think about him, and can match his powers, but due to his evil nature, there is something that he wouldnt be able to recite back. Rama and sita are tensed. hanuman continues to incoherently chant LOrd Rama’s name, and the voice resonating in the universe, sends ripples thrpughout, and the demon is led to loosen his grip. meghnad wonders what happened suddenly. hanuman talks about the importance of lord rama and his name’s chanting, to meghnad, while he experiences his defeat. then meghnad tries his skull to draw hanuman into another world, where his devotion shall be the reason of his weakness and ultimate defeat. they both are transported into another world, wherein hanuman is boggled to find long stalagmites in the ground below. hanuman is boggled, as he eyes many moons in the sky, and wonders whats this. meghnad says that due to his devotion, he shall be defeated. demons step down from the moon. As the demons progress towards hanuman, he is more than confident to slay each and every one of them and stop their demonic spells, but suddenly they all start taking the faces of his team, that he has left long back, and even his father, the minute he starts his attack. he is boggled, and gets emotionally distracted too seeing them. they continue progressing, while he tearfully remembers his love for each one of them. meghnad thinks that hanuman is trapped now, and wonders what he shall do now. hanuman thinks that meghnad is mistaken, that these people are hos weakness when in fact they are his strengths, but thinks that he cant attack them, till they take these faces. he folds his hands. hanuman starts praying to Durgeshwari, and says that hallucination is her forte that keeps people in dilemma, and begs for her help to get out of it. he says that demons like meghnad think of devotion and religion as weakness, and they need to be shown that there isnt any bigger strength. The screen freezes on his devotional face.


Precap: While hanuman prays, the demons in the shape of his friends and family, continue to progress thwarted slightly earlier. but then Durgeshwari appears, and fights them all off, in her grand form, while hanuman continues to pray, totally oblivious. meghnad is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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