Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman is confused what he should do. I try to help someone but it goes wrong. Ma too gets upset because of the same.

Anjana thinks of her convo with Urvashi. She is in a fix as she thinks of Hanuman. This is killing me from inside. Who should I tell it to? Maharaj or Ma? I will certainly feel better after telling someone. Till when will I hide it? What if I have to leave all of a sudden? How will they be able to bear it? I cannot delay it anymore. I will tell everything to Maharaj right away. Right then Indra Dev appears there.

Sakshi signals Hanuman to go to his mother. Hanuman thinks that his mother only can solve this problem. He rushes towards his mother’s room.

Panchfann addresses his slaves / soldiers. My poison will soon make you strong enough to

inflict poison on other people. They too will eventually become my slaves.

The soldiers notice the weird way in which the people of Sumeru are walking. They tell the leader of the village not to take water from the river. It has become poisonous. No one replies. They continue walking in trance. The soldiers are boggled by their behaviour. They go to inform Kesari.

Anjana greets Devraj Indra. He asks her what prompted her to refuse his order. She says sorry to him. I did it as I am a mother now. Devraj Indra says there is no relation in Swarg. How did you become so attached? Your time limit of curse is over. It is time for you to return to Swarg now. Hanuman comes to his mother’s room looking for his mother but does not find her there. He runs out.

Indra Dev asks Anjana to come with him. She requests him to let her stay with her young son. He wont be able to live without me at all. Indra Dev says she cannot stay here anymore as per the rules of Swarg. No one can break laws. You will have to come. She cannot leave without telling anyone. No one will be able to bear this separation.

A servant informs Hanuman that his mother is on the terrace. Hanuman thinks of flying up to the terrace but recalls his mother’s words.

Indra Dev points out that it is all worldly matters that one experiences on earth. You will have to come out of all this love. She reasons that she has done tough Tapasya for 12 years after which she became a mother of Hanuman. Indra Dev says the curse lasted till then only. She says I am the mother of a son who has been born to do great works. A mother is the first Guru of her kid. I have to help him. He still sleeps after hearing my lullaby and eats by my hands only. I cannot be so heartless. Just like he is my life, I am his lifeline. He wont be able to live without me for a second. He is a kid. Indra Dev says the curse will affect both Hanuman and Kesari. They are your family. Even Mahadev cannot change the rules of Swarg. You will have to come back. I allow you to stay till Purnima only for Hanuman’s sake. Teach him whatever you want to till that time. You wont be able to live on earth for another second after Purnima. She is taken aback. Hanuman comes there just then. She thinks of the first time she held him and of all his naughty / cute acts since then. She turns to look at Indra Dev but he isn’t there.

Hanuman asks his mother if she is upset with him. He hugs her. She cries badly as she hugs him back. Hanuman accepts his mistake. The sage was troubled because of me. I hurt you again. Anjana thinks of Devraj Indra’s words. Hanuman is pained to see her thus. I made you cry again. He wipes her tears. Please don’t cry or I too will cry. I know you cannot see me in tears. They share an emotional hug. She asks him when he will grow up. He breaks the hug and increases his size so he can fulfil her wish. I can do anything to make you smile. I cannot see tears in your eyes.

Panchfann tells his slaves to attack on the rest of the people of Sumeru. Make them my slaves. The rest of the people will stay here till then.

Anjana is putting Hanuman to sleep. He cannot sleep as she might get upset again. She asks him a few questions. You will eat on your own if I have to go somewhere? You will seek your father’s permission before going anywhere and inform him too, right? He gets up. Where are you going? I will follow you everywhere. I cannot live without you for even a minute. Devraj’s words echo in Anjana’s mind. She makes him lie down again. He wants to hear the lullaby. She says you have become Yuvraj. Sleep now without hearing the lullaby. Close your eyes. You will fall asleep. Hanuman sadly closes his eyes. Anjana thinks that he will have to learn to live without her. She thinks of telling Maharaj everything now that Hanuman has fallen asleep. He gets up as soon as she leaves the room.

Anjana finds Kesari in the court. It must be something important. Hanuman follows her till outside the courtroom. The commander explains that they get water from the river only. All the living things will die if they drink water from the river. We have taken all the precautionary measures to for everyone. Kesari suggests digging a well to provide an alternative to the people of Sumeru. Anjana avoids troubling Kesari with her problem. Hanuman thinks of doing something for the people of Sumeru.

Precap: Panchfann sends Atibal to bring Hanuman to his cave. Hanuman helps his father in digging the well as a big mountain stops the work.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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