Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman wipes the tears off Marjarika’s face. I have to save the world now. Hanuman flies out of the window.

Evil inflicts evil in people while good upbringing brings out the good in people. Good values save one from all the evil. Evil are very powerful though. They affect anyone in a negative manner at any point of time in life.

Strong wind is blowing. Kesari asks the citizens to stay near the Kuldevi temple. This is a safe place. Hanuman’s friends reach there somehow. Kesari asks them about Hanuman but they have no clue. The mountain breaks. Kesari asks everyone to stay put or they might get hurt. One kid cries sitting in a corner. A tree is about to fall on him. Kesari rushes to save him. He holds that tree. The kid keeps sitting in his place. The mountain is

also breaking. The stones start falling down. They are nearing that place only. The kid pays no heed to Kesari’s warnings. One of Hanuman’s friends pulls him away in time. Kesari drops the tree and moves aside in time. A big stone heads to that side then only.

Ravan has got all the Gurus of the planets in Lanka. You decide the movements in the world but now I will take charge. I will direct all of you as per my wish. He laughs. He greets Guru Shukracharya. Rahu and Ketu greet him gladly. Ravan enjoys seeing them all together in Lanka. I am Ravan! This is the hint of destruction. Now you all are my slaves. If any of you want to break free from this slavery then destroy everything except Lanka. All the humans and vanars should also die in the process. You all will have to walk on my directions for the very same reason. He calls out for Narayan. You might have taken birth on earth in human form but you too will die when the earth is destroyed. That vanar kid will also die. He is daring to go against us Asuras every now and then. This will also nullify my death. If anyone disobeys me then I swear by Mahadev, he will have to see the worst of me. He will be forever my slave. I will torture him for decades. The tortures will be worse than death. Now you all have to oblige me.

Atibal is angry with Marjarika for switching sides. Hanuman has understood your truth. Why are you acting foolish now? Let us go back to Lanka. In case Hanuman succeeds and if Lankesh is unable to do what he has thought of then he wont spare us. We might save our life by apologizing to him. Marjarika is not afraid of death. I will live here only and do the duty of Hanuman’s mother. I wont go anywhere. Atibal taunts her. An Asura is thinking of becoming a queen. No one can save you from Ravan’s anger now. You will be severely punished. He leaves.

Hanuman flies up in the galaxies. Chandra Dev smiles in relief to see him. One Asura is there from Ravan’s end to keep an eye on Chandra Dev. The Asura is not happy to see him though. This means Marjarika failed in her task. Chandra Dev thinks that Sankatmochan Mahabli Hanuman is here to take care of their Sankat. The Asura asks Chandra Dev to stop Hanuman from coming here or Ravan will stop all the planets. Attack him. Chandra Dev apologizes to Hanuman. I am helpless. He attacks Hanuman. The Asura laughs seeing Hanuman slowly getting caught in ice because of Chandra Dev’s attack. Chandra Dev feels bad to put Hanuman in such a situation.

Ravan’s spies tell him about Hanuman reaching planet moon. Ravan gets angry. They add that Chandra Dev has turned him into an icy stone. Ravan summons Rahu and Ketu. They appear before him just then. He asks them both to go to Chandra Dev. He has come to rescue Chandra Dev from my clutches. End his story today only!

The Asura compliments Chandra Dev on his work. This vanar kid will soon die because of numbness. Chandra Dev sadly looks on. Hanuman expands his size. The Asura looks on in surprise. The ice starts breaking.

Precap: Ravan is sure that his words will come true. The citizens of Sumeru are worried as the water level has risen to a dangerous extent. It is nearing the palace now. Everyone is gathered inside the palace only. Marjarika assures them all that Hanuman has gone to set everything right.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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