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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman refuses to let her father leave them like this. He pulls Nani outside and goes down under earth. Everyone is shocked. Anjana cries. She prays to Mahadev to save her family.

Kaal Dev thinks Hanuman is again interfering in his work.

Anjana says we left for your pilgrimage site. If anything happens to my son and husband then I too will die. You will have to help us. Hanuman and Kesari come out safely. Hanuman hugs his parents. He takes a step back so as to expand his size. He makes them stand on his palm and flies up.

Kaal Dev is angry. Agni Dev repeats that he wont be able to harm Kesari till Hanuman is with him. Kaal Dev is hell bent upon punishing Hanuman. We will have to engage him with something else for the same.

Hanuman brings them to where everyone

else is. He hugs his father asking him if he is fine. Anjana hugs him as well. You saved us once again today. I am so lucky to have you as my son. Hanuman looks tensed and worried. It is the responsibility of a kid to take care of his parents’ problems. Everything happened because of your blessings only. His friends say the problem is over but the temperature is becoming unbearable. Kesari suggests leaving from here asap. Hanuman notices something in the dirt. He picks up a huge stone and then throws it in the on the ground. It disappears. The mountain merged inside the dirt. Taking this route can land us in problems. Nani says we have no option. Hanuman’s friend says you can fly us to the other side of the mountain. Hanuman reasons that one must walk to a pilgrimage site but the question is how. Nani is thirsty. Kesari wonders how come the temperature increased so much.

Agni Dev casts his spell on the area. Kaal Dev says the temperature will increase leaving everyone thirsty. Hanuman will have to go to bring water. Kesari will face death as soon as Hanuman leaves.

Nani faints because of the thirst. Everyone rushes to her side. Hanuman is in a fix. I cannot leave father but everyone is becoming weak because of lack of water. He seeks his father’s permission to fly away to get water. Kesari allows him. If you see birds around then understand that water is nearby. Anjana asks Hanuman to be back soon as he is their strength. Hanuman is also compelled to go. I will be back soon though. They see a lot many birds (they are actually Kalduts) coming from a particular direction. Hanuman flies up to that side.

Two of Hanuman’s friends also accompany him. They come to a pond. Nal turns into stone as soon as he drinks water. A Rishi appears there. The kids greet him. Hanuman asks him if he did this to his friend. Rishi agrees. Your friend touched water without listening to me. Whoever touches water without answering my question meets the same fate. Hanuman looks at Nal and a few animals nearby. They have all turned into stone. Rishi tells Hanuman the same will happen to him if he tries to take water without his permission. You can answer my question and save your friend or better leave. Hanuman needs water so he thinks to answer the question. Will my friend and all the animals get to live again if I answer your questions correctly? Rishi agrees. Hanuman wants to first know who he is. I think I have heard your voice somewhere. Rishi replies that that’s not important. Your friend’s life and water is important. What do you want? Hanuman tells him to go ahead and ask the questions. Rishi advises him to think again. if you answer any question wrongly then you will also turn into stone.

Kaal Dev says you will answer 3 questions but 3 seconds are enough for death. You will give your answers there and here death will strike. Your father’s end will begin. Kaal will take him.

Anjana is worried seeing her mother’s condition. I wonder what’s going to happen. Kesari tells her to have patience. Hanuman will come with water. Someone plays a flute in that area. The voice echoes around and reaches Kesari’s ears. He looks around to find the source of the sound but cannot see anyone. Anjana asks him what he is looking at. Kesari speaks of the sound of the flute. I wonder who is playing flute in the desert. Anjana cannot hear anything and neither can Marjarika. You are mistaken. Kesari is sure he has heard it near a mountain ahead them. There must be water there. Take care of Ma. I will bring water. He rushes towards the mountain before Anjana can say anything. Anjana sends the soldiers after Kesari. Hanuman’s friends wonder why Hanuman isn’t back yet.

Hanuman is feeling restless. It feels like something wrong is going to happen. Rishi asks Hanuman what’s the thing that never change. Neel whispers in Hanuman’s ears that it might be mountains. Hanuman says they do change with time. He thinks of his mother’s words. Truth never changes. He gives answer to Rishivar. The answer is correct.

Kesari is near the mountain.

Hanuman hopes Rishivar asks the questions fast so he can go back soon.

Precap: The bulls hit Kesari. He is falling in the pit and calls out for Hanuman. Hanuman and Anjana hear his voice. Kaal Dev is sure Hanuman wont be able to do anything this time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. answering questions to get water, was this not a pandavas story….I like the kid who plays hanuman but they are dragging it out way too much
    “bal samay ravi bhaksh liyo”,
    that I know, but this hanumanji is doing everything I have heard of in balsamay, what will be left for grownup phase?
    with all due respect, the track is dragging out…I have been reading all I can but nowhere did I read of hanumanji meeting ramji in the palace before sitaharan in the forest!

    sos! the actor to play hanumanji will get too old and will they bring the pandavs in at that time from ramjis time to krishnajis time, as they showed in beginning, aha that is it…bal samay with ramji and youth samay with krishnaji, but for someone chiranjivi, not an issue…I wish I was blessed enough to see hanumanji in some avatar in a temple singing ramjis bhajans!

    forgive my inquisitiveness but I am confused…still a hanumanji bhakt, just fail to understand the Cvs ….who like us love the kid actor but let him study…
    maybe the curse that hanumanji will forget his powers until someone reminds him, that will be swap over from kid actor to grownup actor, who was dushasan in a prev role! interesting showbiz….
    read somewhere on internet that Kesarji was a chieftain in Sugrivs kingdom, is that true?
    oh yeah 1 more issue, when ramji was born and in palace, his sister shanta was already in the forest, so please even though it is for entertainment purposes, let us retain some authenticity, not that I was there but what majority of texts indicate,!

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