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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesari and Maruti hold their ears. We will never do such a thing again in future. Anjana is touched. For how long can a mother be upset from her son and her family? But fun should be in a limit. It can hurt otherwise. It becomes indiscipline. It can upset anyone. Both Kesari and Maruti nod.

Vali is looking in the mirror. He praises himself. Now I have Vrikshasur as the option through which I can take that Markat out of my way. The route is also clear. But I don’t know how to take that Markat to Vrikshasur. I will have to send Markat there. He finds Sugriv standing there. Sugriv tries to talk to him but Vali tells him off. I don’t need you where I am going. Sugriv finds something fishy.

Sugriv follows his brother at a distance. There is some noise. Vali turns

to look but cannot see anyone. He thinks and then smiles. He resumes walking but misguides Sugriv. He enjoys fooling his foolish brother.

Vali looks at the kids collecting flowers from a tree. Neel helps another kid by lowering the branch. His friends appreciate him. Just then there happens to be a shower of flowers. Everyone looks around in confusion. Maruti’s Sakha had done so. All the kids look at him in amazement. Vali is no doubt angry. Nal and the other kid appreciate Maruti. They take him somewhere. Neel is sad.

Nal brings Maruti and his friend to the riverside. Neel asks Gandhmadan if he will play dangal. Gandhmadan denies. We should play something in which Maruti can also take part. He too goes to where Maruti is. Neel quietly / sadly follows him. Nal teaches another game to Maruti (pathargulati). Gandhmadan and Maruti do it brilliantly. Vali thinks of keeping a safe distance or that Markat will find a solution somehow. The first kid tries again but yet again fails. Neel offers to share some knowledge. Not everyone can do it. One must practise. He throws the stone in the water and it travels the longest. Vali observes them. It is Maruti’s turn. Neel suggests him not to lose heart in case his stone submerges in water. You are a kid. Vali mentally corrects him. It is a Mayavi Markat, not just some kid!

Maruti’s Sakha picks up a stone. Sakha revolves it and then throws it on the river. The stone lands on the other side of the river. It hurts Vrikshasur. The kids look on wide eyed. Neel is not happy and Vali is also fuming. Vrikshasur screams angrily. Vali hears it. Maruti jumps with joy. Kesari hears Vrikshasur screaming out angrily. Anjana can see that he is tensed. He shares about Vrikshasur. He is becoming dangerous and restless. His wrong deeds are also advancing. Anjana wonders if this is a signal of danger for them. He doesn’t think so. We have made a pact. There is no question of danger from his side till the time someone from Sumeru enters in his area.

The kids hear Vrikshasur’s voice. They run from there. Kesari asks about Maruti. Anjana tells him that Maruti has made many new friends. He must be playing in the garden with his friends. He will return any minute now as it is time for him to drink milk. She heads inside. Kesari decides to stay alert. I will tell our commander to make an announcement again that no one should go to Shambsadan forest.

Nal tries to pull Maruti. Maruti cannot understand why they are all running away. Are we playing any new game? Nal denies. There is no game here. Run. Vrikshasur says don’t trouble me time and again Kesari’s son. I am anyways dying to take revenge for my father’s killing. I will eat Maruti. Till then I wont sit peacefully. Vali hears this. This means Vrikshasur and my enemy is same – Markat Maruti!

Precap: Kids tell Maruti about Vrikshasur. Maruti says he cannot harm me as I drink lots of milk every day.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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