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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Preachings by Goddess Saraswati
Hanuman talks about the tale, and asks saraswati what happened next. she tells him about the Raavan avatar, and how lord rama had to be born to save the world from his torture. he says that this means Ram shall kill Raavan. he asks if raavan was able to stands in front of ram. she talks about his amassing power, name and fame, and how he was a devout follower of Lord Shiva, and how shiva was pleased and gave him massive weapons too. he is boggled, as they point towards nobility. she complies, and says that when they were turned towards demonic tendencies, the man became atrocious. she says that he got the boon from brahma that only a man or a monkey can kill him but due to being defeated bali, and other monkeys,

he got a little insecure of his life, and wasnt happy with his earlier boon. she says that now he grieved for more. he asks what did he do next. she says that he was adamant that he shall get amrit, and live for eternity, and with this motive, he again turned towards the meditation for lord brahma. the other lords watch him meditation, while he is unfazed by climatic hazards. finally brahma incarnates before him, who bows in gratitude to brahma, who blesses him. being pleased with his meditation, brahma asks him what he needs. raavan says that he wishes immortality, and wants amrit. brahma says that its impossible, as thats only for lords, by their devotion and worship, and noone else can. raavan apologises, but says that he should be told where does he lack from the lords, in which field, his ardent devotion to him, and shiva, the knowledge of the vedas, and his greatgrandson too, and asks him not to do this kind of injustice to him. brahma says that it would be futile, as he wouldnt be able to take it. raavan gets enraged, and says that he shall continue seeking it till he finds. sensing his adamancy, brahma grants him the boon for amrit, but adds that he wont be able to drink it and he shall have to keep it someplace and till its there, he shall be able to keep the amrit and its effects only till then, he is boggled at first, but then complies, saying that this is perfect. he says that he is happy to have received it, and says that he has thought about it, and he shall keep the amrit in his Navel, and brahma grants it. hanuman asks the reason for choosing navel. she says that he is very knowledgeable, and knew that attacking the navel and below, isnt warfare and hence he was more secured keeping it there, as a warriror wouldnt ever hit there. she says that after getting it, raavan became unlimitedly atrocious and the perpetrator of violence, crime and torture, and narrates what all he does till now. he asks if ram is already born. she complies. she says that the man is lord ram, and the money, he himself, and at the proper time, he shall meet him, and that it shall be his duty to serve lord rama and his motive with full devotion. she says that she told him about the previour avatars, so that he can fully dedicate himself to the cause of Lord Rama. he thanks her profusely for giving her this knowledge. he starts chanting mantras for his devotion towards the lord’s motive. she complies appreciatively. he extends his gratitude. she asks him to be fearless always. he bends and touches her feet, while she caresses his face. she then vanishes, while he is overwhelmed. The tridev appear with their wives, while hanuman is aghast. brahma grants him the KAAM ROOPA, so that he cant take whatever form he intends to. hanuman humbly accepts and thanks him. then Parvati grants him that as power, she shall always reside in his tail, and no curse shall be able to affect it. Hanuman obligingly accepts it too. Then Lakshmi tells him that his presence, shall mean fulfillment of desires and wealth, and fame. Vishnu narrates that he has got firm will from Shiva, and Knowledge from Saraswati, and he shall tell him the importance of his good deeds, and gives him the boon. Lord Vishnu tells hanuman that he shall in times to come, set the milestone, due to his devotion to lord rama, and be worshipped as the lord himself too. Hanuman overwhelmingly accepts. then shiva gives him the TAARAK MANTRA, that shall take away every pain, and from today, he shall chant this name only, due to which he meets lord rama, and then he shall reach the final Raaj Yoga. hanuman is full of gratitude. Hanuman complies and sits down in devotion for lord rama, continuously chanting the name and takes his adult form finally, in full grandeur. all the lords eye him appreciatively. the screen freezes on his glorious persona.

Precap: Hanuman walks on the edge of a cliff, wherein Lord Of Fire appears before him, asking him to rush to sugriva’s help, as his life is in danger and he needs his help immediately. hanuman asks him not to worry as he wont let any trouble befall sugriva’s life.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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