Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Atibal is looking for Chakrasur. Danger can befall him any minute and I have to tell him what the villagers are planning against him.

Anjana has finished her prayers and is walking in the corridor. Please Lord, help everyone. She thinks of checking on Maruti once. He was very worried for the citizens. He might still be awake.

All the villagers are chanting Narayana’s name. Maruti thinks that Chakrasur will die because of the very same name that he wanted to remove from earth!

Anjana is on her way to Maruti’s room which makes Devi Parvati tensed. Lord Shiva smiles after hearing her concern. She understands that he is up to something. Anjana hears the bells of temple ringing. Who is in the temple at this hour and ringing the bell so loudly? It might wake Maruti.

She goes to the temple to check. It is ringing on its own. Anjana is confused as no one is around. Maybe my prayers have been heard. She bows to the Shivlinga. Ma Parvati and Lord Shiva bless her from above.

Atibal loudly calls out for Chakrasur. Chakrasur hears him this time. Why is he asking for me? He begins to go in the direction from where the voice came when he hears the people chanting Hari Naam. He gets irked. I will have to end these people first. Chakrasur reaches where the villagers are praying. Maruti stands in the front. Chakrasur scolds the villagers for chanting Hari Naam. I wont spare anyone. All the villagers pick up their Damrus and start playing it at once. Chakrasur is shocked. He becomes frail and weak as the sound of Damru affects him to the extreme. Atibal watches it in shock. Chakrasur calls it cheating. You have trapped me falsely. You (Maruti) have cheated me. I wont spare you. He tries to reach out for Maruti but he too starts playing the Damru now. He replies that this time they all will play with him as their toy. You used to enjoy making people toys! Now it is your turn. Chakrasur denies. Please stop playing Damrus. It is troubling me a lot. Maruti encourages everyone to play it louder so Chakrasur dies. Chakrasur begs them to stop. I cannot take it. Maruti stops for a second but resumes it when Chakrasur tries to act evil again. I wont let you harm anyone else anymore. He flies up while he plays Damru with one hand and goes to bring the people back safely. Maruti keeps revolving around Chakrasur’s head / ears so the sound can have more and more effect on him. All those in Chakra Nagar return in his Chakra. The people keep playing Damru nonstop to get their desired effect. The people from Chakra Nagar are alive once again. The Commander is surprised to see Maruti handling Chakrasur so well. Chakrasur finally dies leaving Atibal shocked. The villagers are very happy that the Asura is finally out of their lives. Maruti comes down again. Everyone happily cheers for him. Maruti recalls his mother’s words and returns to the palace.

Atibal is amazed that the vanar kid killed someone like Chakrasur. I will have to tell this to Lankesh asap. He begins to go when his inner soul suggests him to go to Lankesh only with full info. You only have half info as of now. Atibal gets worried. His inner soul reminds him of the reason as to why he was sent to keep a tab on that vanar kid. Which kid is helping that vanar kid? Have you got all the info? His inner soul disappears. Atibal decides to return to Lanka only with the complete info. I have to find out about the God who is helping that vanar kid!

Anjana is in the temple. I am sure you have listened to my prayers. The citizens will be fine and the soldiers would have ended Chakrasur. Thank you very much. She thinks of Maruti.

Maruti gets in his bed after removing all the extra jewels and lies down to sleep. Sakha pulls the duvet over him. Maruti caresses Sakha with a thank you. He falls asleep.

Precap: Anjana dotes on her sleeping son. Everyone cheers for Maruti. Anjana asks them about it. Kesari tells Anjana about what the citizens have told him. maruti has killed Chakrasur. Anjana is surprised. He is sleeping in his room. Maruti wakes up and joins them. Anjana questions him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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