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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman stops at a spot in sky. This place looks best. No one will create a problem here. He makes something out of ice. Ram ji will certainly get happy after seeing this. I will just bring him here. Hanuman heads back to Ayodhya. He meets Sumitra in the corridor and asks her about Ram. Sumitra shares that he is in his room. I am taking these clothes for him only. Hanuman offers to give it to Ram. Sumitra agrees. Hanuman gladly runs to Ram’s room.

Hanuman comes to give clothes to Ram. Ram says you are our guest. Why did you do it? Hanuman replies he likes doing things for him. Before Hanuman can give it to Ram, Lakshman asks for it. I like it a lot. He tries it. Hanuman feels sad when another brother asks Hanuman to go and meet father. Ram asks Hanuman to rest in his room.

I will just be back. Hanuman nods. Ram and his brothers go out. Hanuman wonders what to do. If I delay then what I have made using ice will go wrong. He meets Ram once again. I want to talk to you about a lot many things and also want to show you something. Ram tells him to go ahead. Manthra peeks in from behind the curtains. Hanuman increases his size. Everyone looks at Hnauman in shock and surprise. Hanuman kneels down before Ram and keeps his hand before him. Ram stands on his palm. Hanuman very carefully makes him sit on his shoulder. Hanuman flies out of the window with Ram. Everyone else looks on in surprise. They wonder where Hanuman is taking their brother to. Father had called him in the yagya area. Manthra mentally appreciates Hanuman. I will create jealousy in these brothers now. I will force them to use weapons now! Manthra shouts against Hanuman before the kids. Hanuman certainly is an Asura. See, how he flew out of the window after increasing his size. Bharat speaks in Hanuman’s favour but she continues to speak against Hanuman. Lakshman goes to bring bow and arrow but Bharat stops him. Did you forget that father has asked us not to touch any weapon till the yagya ends! Shatrughana agrees with him. But we should tell father about it. Manthra fails in stopping them.

Manthra is irked by Bharat’s dedication towards his elder brother. I am doing everything in my power to help him reach the throne but in vain. She notices the soldiers talking about the weird bird in the sky (Hanuman). Manthra thinks to instigate them so they pick up weapons against Hanuman. She intentionally screams before them. Hanuman took away my favourite son Ram with him. Someone stop him. The soldiers fall for her words. They turn to go to inform Raja Dashrath but she tells them to hurry up. That Hanuman will take away our Ram by then. The soldiers nod. They head to the room where all the weapons are kept. Manthra smiles. Now all these people will chase Hanuman with weapons. The yagya will fail. She laughs at Hanuman. Take away Ram as far as you want to!

Hanuman says sorry to Ram for taking him with him like this. Everyone there was doing something to make you happy. I too have done something for you. it could disappear if there was a delay. Ram points out that it is wrong to bring him like this. Hanuman says I could not get a chance to talk to you, so I brought you like this with me. I am taking you to where ice is. I have created something out of ice especially for you.

Raja Dashrath tells his commander to keep all the necessary ingredients for the yagya ready all the time. Gurudev asks for Ram. All the kids come there. They inform their father about Hanuman taking Ram to come place. Raja Dashrath panics. Gurudev tells him to calm down. Don’t forget that Ram has smiled once again because of Hanuman only. His BIL worries what if Ram gets hurt in the process. One soldier informs Raja Dashrath about a few soldiers who are trying to break open the door of the weapons’ room. Gurudev tells Raja Dashrath to make sure no soldier gets hold of a weapon. It will make our yagya futile. Raja Dashrath nods. He sends his BIL to the weapons’ room to do the same. Raja Dashrath next orders his commander to inform everyone not to use any weapon or force on Hanuman when they spot him. He is our guest. The commander nods.

Kaikayi asks Manthra the reason behind her happiness. Manthra says Hanuman was pretty mayavi. He flew away with Ram. Kaikayi is shocked. I instigated the soldiers to pick up weapons against him. the yagya will fail as soon as someone picks up a weapon. I did a great job! Kaikayi scolds him. I feel like killing you right away. You always try to spread poison. Think of something food at once. Hanuman might hurt Hanuman or not but you surely will! I wonder where Hanuman took my Ram to. You should be ashamed of yourself! I wonder where my Ram went, how he would be! She walks out from there calling out for Ram. Manthra is boggled at the change in her behaviour. I will have to bring her out of this love.

Hanuman asks Ram if he is facing any problem while sitting on his shoulder. Ram denies. He also asks Hanuman if he is feeling pain while carrying him. Hanuman says bearing the weight of those who we love becomes as light as a flower. I am very glad to have you by my side. we are near our destination now.

Hanuman and Ram reach their destination.

Precap: Devi Kaushalya and everyone are worried for Ram. They decide to find Hanuman asap. Hope no trouble befalls him because of Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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