Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Asuras give last chance to Hanuman. Go, we will lave with Amrit Kalash. If you come in our way then you will beeocme the reason of your mother’s problem. Hanuman shares that his mother has taught him to face things head on. I wont let you do anything wrong. The Asuras yet again tell him that they can be killed only by Narayan’s Nar Avatar.

Narad ji meets Chandra Dev. Till when will you run like this? Chandra Dev sees no other option than this. Even Tridev did not do anything. Narad ji knows of someone who can help him. There is someone who can save you from Shani Dev.

Hanuman has been chained by the Asuras. The Asuras tell him that it will slowly break his bones. We tried to make you understand but being a vanar you did not listen to us. no one is able to breathe

properly because of a smell that surrounds everyone. Hanuman cannot increase or decrease his size. The Asuras tell him not try in vain. This darkness gives us immense powers. Till the time the moon rises, no one will be able to do anything to us. The Asura heads towards the Amrit Kalash. Hanuman looks determined. The Asuras thank Shani Dev for indirectly helping them. You sent Chandra Dev away. Chandra Dev’s wives tell them that they still wont be able to get hold of the Kalash. It is surrounded by a special smoke. It will destroy you all. They are confident that nothing but Narayan in his Nar Avatar can harm them. One Asura walks towards the kalash but gets burnt as soon as he comes in contact with the special smoke. The Asura is still very much alive though. Hanuman and Chandra Dev’s wives look on tensed. Hanuman thinks to do something to stop them.

Ravan is getting irked because of the delay. Ravan’s FIL suggests sending a spy to see what’s happening there. Ravan tells him that the spy shouldn’t forget that I have the first right on Amrit.

Hanuman realises that the chains around him are made by Asuras. He thinks of Chandra Dev’s wives words. He flies up toward the pious smoke around the Kalash. The Asuras realise that Hanuman is actually clever. They decide to do something. Hanuman ties the Asuras using Sakha and then ties them with their own chains. It will not let you come free. They ask him to free them. Hanuman says I will throw you out of here. He hits them with Sakha’s help. They go flying in space. Everyone ends up smiling. There are cheers for Hanuman in Chandra Loka. Hanuman tells the ladies not to worry about the Asuras. They are stuck in their own powers. They will end up roaming in the galaxy till forever. they thank him for helping them and the world. Everyone rightly calls you Sankat Mochan. He sadly says that he couldn’t take away the Sankat that has come on his mother. She hasn’t eaten anything since morning. She will break her fast only once Chandra Dev will appear in the sky. Chandra Dev’s wives say no one knows anything about his whereabouts.

Ravan’s spy tells Ravan about what happened in Chandra Loka. Ravan is angry. I will have to kill this vanar kid! I myself will kill you. His FIL reminds him of Guru Shukracharya’s words. You must stay away from that vanar till you get Amrit. Ravan gets angrier. I will have it my by side by Purnima or I will destroy Chandra Loka. And then I will take that vanar kid out of my way!

Narad ji appears in Chandra Loka. Everyone greets him. Narad ji tells Devi Rohini that Chandra Dev is in Sumeru. Hanuman asks him if he is saying the truth. Did he go there to complete my mother’s fast? Narad ji nods. Hanuman says I understood that you only did this. Narad ji smiles. Hanuman turns to Chandra Dev’s wives. Increase the security of Amrit. Please allow me to leave. I am very hungry. Neither Ma nor I have eaten anything. He greets everyone and then flies towards home.

Kesari notices Anjana looking all weak. Nani is also worried for her. What will happen to Purnima like this? Anjana says you all are with me. Hanuman left for Chandra Loka. No one is with him. he isn’t back yet and even Chandra Dev is nowhere to be seen. Kesari notices Chandra Dev coming towards their palace on his chariot. Everyone greets him. Anjana tells him that she kept a fast till Maha Purnima. It will complete only when I see you. Chandra Dev knows about it. Kesari suggests her to break the fast now only. Chandra Dev is here. Chandra Dev tells her that the fasts complete only when you see the moon in full bloom. Kesari requests him to do that now itself Chandra Dev shares that there is a big problem in the way. I will tell you about it but first I need a promise from Devi Anjana. Devrishi Narad sent me here. Flashback is shown. Narad ji tells Chandra Dev that only Sankat Mochan Hanuman can help him in this problem. Chandra Dev says it will be wrong if Hanuman falls in any problem because of me. Narad ji tells him that he is Narayan’s Nar avatar’s helper. Shani Dev wont do him any harm. He even saved Shani Dev from Ravan once. Chandra Dev is still in doubt but Narad ji tells him that even tridev can come to help him. You will have to seek Anjana’s permission to allow Hanuman to help you. He has just returned to Sumeru after a long time. It will be good to seek her permission.

Chandra Dev requests ANjana to allow him to stay here. You will protect him. She tells him to stay here as a guest. I promise you that I wont let any problem come to you. Kesari seconds her. if you find it right then you can tell us about your problem. Anjana remembers Narad ji telling them about Shani Dev affecting Chandra Dev soon. She says it loud to him.

Hanuman is on his way to Sumeru.

Precap: Hanuman tells Chandra Dev that he will follow his mother’s words. Shani Dev warns Hanuman that he and Kesari will have to bear his anger if they let Shani Dev stay there. Hanuman politely says that they have to abide by their words and take care of their guest. Shani Dev gets angry.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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