Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman thinking something Is wrong. There mahiravana comes and he releases a green gas and says now everyone will fall unconscious. Everyone in the camp and all soldiers fall unconscious except hanuman, mahiravana is shocked and says how isn’t he still falling asleep? Mahiravana says I should increase the gas and does it but hanuman doesn’t fall asleep. Mahiravana says it’s true that this monkey is very powerful. I have to trick him into someone’s disguise. Mahiravana says I will see in his past life what weakness he has. Mahiravana sees that hanuman was before fooled by Kalnemi and I will take some help and become Vibhishan and fool hanuman. Hanuman thinks what is wrong here? Mahiravana changes his disguise into vibhishan and goes

to hanuman and hanuman says Vibhishan why did you come here and I am awake and will protect ram and Laxman. Vibhishan says my head was paining a bit and felt like a slept for long. Hanuman says that’s because you had a fight with Meghnad. Vibhishan says you had too but you are so alert and strong. Hanuman smiles and and says I am protecting Lord ram in his name so I don’t feel tired, Vibhishana says that’s true and anyone can come here, anyway allow me to go in so that I see what is happening and if Lord ram and Laxman need anything. Hanuman says sure Vibhishan you can go in. Mahiravana thinks yes I fooled him and no one can know my powers and he goes in as Vibhishan.
In heaven Lord Shankar tells his wife that before Kalnemi had tricked hanuman and hanuman has an innocent heart and this monster is taking that advantage but the path of righteousness always wins. Wife says yes.
Vibhishan goes Inside the tail mountain and he sees ram sleeping and Laxman protecting. Laxman turns behind and sees Vibhishan, mahiravana soon puts red bands on Laxman and Rams hand and captures them in a small box he has. Mahiravana laughs and says no one knows what I do and I am invincible, he then says it’s true this ram is a very pure soul and goddess maya will be happy after I sacrifice him. Mahiravana changes into Vibhishan and tells hanuman to let him out, he goes out and tells hanuman I will go and sleep and everything inside is fine and ram is resting and even Laxman is fine. He goes and hanuman says even Vayu can’t enter inside without my permission.
Mahiravana goes and laughs and says what Meghnad, Kumbhkaran and arshkumar couldn’t do I did that.
Ravana sees the Diya of mahiravanas lifeline and says my dear son you will win and have made my work easy. Bhadodari says don’t do this and it’s your ego that will kill you. Ravana tells shut up and I will do as what’s use of a son of he can’t protect his father?
Vibhishan there gets up from his tent and comes out and goes to hanuman, hanuman is shocked to see Vibhishan come again. Vibhishan comes and says my head is paining so I came and felt like I sleep too long. Hanuman is confused as to why Vibhishan is saying the same things again? Hanuman tells that I told you right it’s because you had a war with Meghnad, Vibhishan says when did you tell me? And anyway protect ram and Laxman and don’t allow me too inside as anyone can take my disguise. Hanuman thinks this is Vibhishan as his voice is sweet and that man before had a rough voice. Hanuman removes his tail mountain and both Vibhishan and hanuman are shocked and shout Lord ram!!
Mahiravana in hells palace says now I will sacrifice them both.

Precap: mahiravana removes ram and Laxman from his box and has a sword in hand.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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