Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Lord Mainak is petrified as he begs Vayudev to help him anyhow, to be safe from Indra’s ire. Vayudev instructs him to reach Samudra dev, who can help him now. mainak is boggled, and asks why would he help him, going against indra. vayudev says that the world is tortured by demons, and if he can go into the abyss, and lock the passage that the demons use to come in the world, for their atrocities, he shall find shelter from samudra dev, and even indra might spare his life. mainak turns around and feels instinctively that indra is nearby. he says that he neither has the time, nor the energy to run to some other place, and wonders what shall happen now. a tensed hanuman asks how he saved himself then, from such dangerous timess. he complies,

and agrees, but says that vayudev helped him, with his speed, to help him reach fast to Samudra Dev. mainak asks how shall he ever be able to repay back. Vayudev tells him that years later, when his son, hanuman comes, with lord rama’s task in hand, then he can help him, any which way, and be free of his debt. he silently complies. he leaves from there, and starts flying towards samudra dev. Lord indra asks vayudev why he helped him run away. Vayudev tells him of mainak’s promise, to stop the passage from where demons come. lord indira tells mainak, that he is safe only till he keeps the passage closed, but the day he tries to fly, then he shall not be spared. mainak tells hanuman that this is how vayudev helped him, and now he wants to return the favour, and begs hanuman to accept his hospitality. Lord Indra arrives, and mainak gets tensed. Lord Indra gets enraged at LOrd Mainak, that he dared to fly again, and that he left it earlier, but now noone shall be able to save him, and he shall have to face his ire. he takes his weapon, while mainak gets petrified. hanuman behind him, tries to take advantage, and gets past. lord indra is tensed thinking that hanuman is in the way of his weapon’s trajectory and might get hurt. hanuman, is oblivious to all this, but he is thwarted by the influence of Indra’s weapon. others lords are tensed too. he gets a jerk backwards, and gets unsettled. mainak is tensed for hanuman, as he goes dizzy. Lord Indra thinks that he didnt want to intercept hanuman’s work, and that now he shall be blamed for going against Lord Rama too. but hanuman doesnt accept defeat, and musters all the courage, and chanting lord rama’s name, he speeds up ahead yet again, and reaches the same place, and tells indra that he is okay. indra says that he could have been hurt. hanuman reminds him of the power that he had given himself, hence he wasnt affected by the Vajra’s attack. lord indra is relieved, and asks why did he try to save mainak, at the cost of his life, but mainak insulted him, by flying yet again. hanuman says that mainak didnt do it, because he wanted to. mainak says that he is apologetic for flying, but he merely wanted to help hanuman, by providing him rest, and once thats done, he shall go back to his task of stopping demons forever. indra smiles, and says that by helping hanuman, he serves lord rama himself, and forgives him. he blesses hanuman and other devotees lord rama, that if they wirship him with genuinety, then he shall get the results in that birth itself, and not wait till the next life form. hanuman feels overhwlmed and thanks him galore. Indra vanished from there. hanuman takes excuse from mainak too, saying that he cant afford a single second’s delay. mainak says that his father helped him from indira, and today he did, and if anything, he is more in debt than ever. he begs to be given one chance atleast in hospitality. hanuman says that he shall do so some other time. mainak says that serving him shall make him serve lord rama himself, and lead him to salvation. hanuman says that he has sworn, that before doing rama’s work, he shall not rest, and requests to be excused. mainak tells him to place his foot atleast for his next jump ahead towards his journey, as maybe his touch is enough for his salvation. hanuman complies, and then leaps ahead.

In rama’s den, all wait tensedly for some news to arrive. they hear the sounds of someone approaching from the sky. they find that its an aerial animal, and laxman and sugriva get tensed, as they cover for lord rama, before he can be hurt. sugriva alerts everyone, but the bird comes and takes human form, and explains that he isnt an enemy but a friend. he identifies himself as Jatayu’s brother, saamvaadi. he says that he got to know of the arrival, of his very old friend, King Dashrath’s son, Lord Rama, and he has come to meet him only. rama eyes him calmly and asks ugriva to allow him to come closer. they both make way, as rama progresses towards him. he folds his hand, and greets him. the bird chants rama’s name. he thanks him for Jatay’s final rites, and that he shall forever be indebted to him. rama says that the father’s friend, is like a father, and its his responsibility to do after what jatayu did, by sacrificing his life, in tryig to save sita from raavan, and begs him not to fold hands in front of him. Rama tells him that he is elder to him. he then folds his hands, and begs for his blessings. he complies, saying thats always there, but he wishes to give a good news, that hanuman has started on his journey to Lanka, crossing the mountain, to find Sita, and by now, he must have reached closer. all are overwhelmed. sugriva comments on the wonderful power of lord hanuman, saying that noone else could have done this. all chant hanuman’s name, while rama smiles at them all.

Hanuman continues speeding through, chanting Lord Rama’s name, and thinks that angad and his team must be waiting impatiently for him to come. Nal and neel along with others wonder in the meanwhile, as to where he must be right now. they think that hanuman would stop only when he reaches lanka. as they try to talk and speculate, a challenge ensues between the monkeys, to fly and find out where is hanuman. as one after the other is defeated, all others make fun. hanuman meanwhile continues flying and thinks that very less time is left for the task’s assigned time period, and he needs to hurry up, to trace sita soon. he continues on his journey and hopes that he can very soon finish the work, and take sita’s news of safety, to Lord Ramam hurriedly. Suddenly, a female voice resonates in the environment, asking him where is he going, and begs him to wait for a minute, in a sultry voice, which boggles hanuman, as he wonders who is calling him by name, like this. he thinks that it might be a trap, and decides not to wait. but the woman begs him to help her, as she is in trouble. he notices something in the waters, and understands, and speeds up. the screen freezes on his face.


Precap: As hanuman finds himself engulfed in poisonous smoke, he thinks that before it starts affecting him, he shall have to leave from here, and speeds up, chanting lord rama’s name.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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