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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chitraketu blames Hanuman for all that has happened. Hanuman reasons he wouldn’t have been here then. Chitraketu tells him to stop. You lost your chance to speak your point. Jatayu scolds him. Stop blaming Hanuman. Chitraketu keeps talking against Hanuman (in mute). Another Garud falls down right before their eyes. He tells Jatayu they are losing the power to fly. It is paining a lot. Save us. Jatayu helps him get up. More Garud’s begin to fall down. Jatayu thinks of the situation. It is a sign of destruction for us. The special feather is definitely going out of our area. This is not at all right for us. Hanuman offers to save everyone. I wont let anyone lose their life. He flies up and saves all the Garud’s who are falling down. He brings everyone down safely. Jitantak wants

to help Hanuman but Jatayu tells him against it. You too wont be able to fly in a while. Jitantak still leaves followed by Jatayu. Chitraketu instigates the rest of Garud’s against Bhushan. He has cheated us. Maharaj can kill me but I will tell the truth to everyone. We are in this situation because we trusted

Kesari tries to say something to the guard but he says I am scared of Vali. It is important for me to be here to save my family. My soul does not support me. kesari says it isn’t your fault. I am here on my own wish. This jail or chain has no strength to hold me back. It is time for me to go out now. He breaks the chains surprising everyone. Guard tells him to go. I will manage it here. Kesari tells him not to take the blame. Tell Vali I broke the chains on my own. You tried to stop me but failed. He leaves. Riksharaj hopes Kesari succeeds in his mission (of bringing Vali on the right path).

Everyone is shocked to see Jitantak falling down. Jitantak screams for help. Save me Hanuman Bhaiya. Jatayu tries flying but he is all powerless. Hanuman saves Jitantak just in time before he could hit the mountain. Everyone cheers for Hanuman. Chitraketu looks tensed. Jatayu thanks Hanuman for saving all the Garud’s. Chitraketu says enough Maharaj. You are blind in your friendship with Kesari because of which you see nothing wrong with what Hanuman does. He is fooling us. Jatayu angrily tells him not to instigate Garud’s but Chitraketu continues speaking against Hanuman. It was his plan to save Jitantak at the last moment and won your applause. We forgot for once that he only is responsible for it. Garud’s second him. Chitraketu adds that Hanuman only pretended to save his friend now. He has cheated us.

Meghasur laughs evilly. Naag’s bring Bhushan there. Bhushan is holding the pious feather. Meghasur is happy to see it. Acharya is here too. Give me the feather now. Bhushan asks for Panchfann. Meghasur assures him he will meet Panchfann soon. Acharya says he is cheater. Don’t give him this wing. If he tries to snatch this feather from you then it will lose its power. The power stays till some kid holds it with good intentions. He can kill us but we should not let him succeed. Meghasur gets angry. Bhushan holds the feather in his hands. Forgive me Hanuman Bhaiya. I was helpless to free my father and had to cheat you. Meghasur asks for the feather while Acharya shouts against it. Bhushan walks towards Meghasur. Acharya keeps telling him to stop. Don’t give it to this fraud. He frees himself from the Naag’s and runs away with the feather. Meghasur laughs. I will see till where you will run to. He turns into his Naag Avatar. Bhushan realises that Acharya’s life is in danger. Meghasur chases Acharya who refuses to leave the feather. Meghasur comes to human form and pulls him back inside.

Vali hits the guard. Impossible! You dint do anything when Kesari eloped from there? Guard says I don’t have as much strength as you. I would still not have stopped him as supporting wrong is wrong. Vali is irked. How dare you look right in my eyes and go against me? I will punish you. He kills the guard. Surgiv is shocked to see the changes in his brothers. He questions Vali. Why are you so angry? Vali tells him to find Kesari and bring him here.

Jatayu says everything is against Bhushan. I cannot believe though if he can do so. Maybe you were also cheated. Now only you can save us. Chitraketu tries to add fuel to the fire but Jatayu says it is enough. I know Hanuman more than you. he dint do anything wrong. He turns to Hanuman. We cannot fly now or even save our eggs. Naag’s will fly and destroy everything. You only take care of our Sankat now. Hanuman holds his hands. I wont let it happen. It is surely a big plan. Whoever is behind it will be before you soon. The special wing will be back in its original place soon. Chitraketu falls down saying I too am in pain. Hanuman says I will just go and find the Naag’s. I will set everything right soon. Chitraketu wonders why Meghasur dint come to help him by now. Maybe he has cheated me too. I too am in very much pain. Jitantak tells Hanuman not to get into trouble for them. Hanuman assures him nothing will happen to him. I will bring back that special wing and Bhushan safely. He prays to Mahadev. Bless me that I succeed in my work and save all those who have trusted me. Mahadev blesses him.

Jatayu realises that Naag’s are coming in group. He shares that he can see it that some big problem is coming their way from Naag Loka. I could have seen it if I could fly but I cannot fly anymore. Save us now. Hanuman agrees and flies away (after expanding his size). Chitraketu says he too went away after cheating us. He will not come back as well. We will lose the power to fly completely if Hanuman is not back by tomorrow morning. What will happen to us now? Hanuman thinks to reach Naag Bhoomi asap.

Precap: Panchfann scolds Bhushan for cheating his friend. Meghasur says you made me and my mother your prisoner once. You and your son are my prisoner today.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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