Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
As meghnad tries his grand form, and with his weapon tries to crush hanuman, he takes his grand form, and outwits and boggled meghnad, who is shocked. then when he is in grand form and meghnad returns to human size, hanuman breaks his weapons. meghnad gets enraged and says that he shall have to pay the price for ruining his favourite weapon. he wonders whos is this fellow who is matching every move, and before hanuman can make his next attack, he disappears yet again and starts attacking hanuman, reminding him his crimes, spoiling ashok vatika, killing aksha, and destroying his favourite weapon and that he shall punish him. hanuman screams that now its his turn to punish him. thinks that before he disappears again, he has to find a way

to keep him seen. he attacks meghnad in a gush of wind swiftly and hanuman shoves him in dirt. the lords smile, and say that now hanuman has found a way to keep him visible and is beginning to overpower him. meghnad gets up and hanuman confronts him too. he starts chanting Lord Rama’s name, but meghnad unable to fathom hanuman’s idea, thinks he is still invisible. hanuman gives him a blow, and meghnad is shocked that he can see him. as he is about to land his fatal blow, meghnad disappears. hanuman wonders where he would come from, as he would see him through the dirt. but hanuman swiftly and deftly overpowers every move of meghnad’s and keeps punching him one after the other, with the hand or his gada. finally meghnad topples over, and he sits atop meghnad. hanuman asks what now, and asks meghnad to show him the speed now. he starts punching him fistfully while meghnad sits exhausted, unable to move an inch. finally, hanumamn again raises his gada to land a blow, but meghnad disappears at the last minute. he hides behind the tree, scared for the first time, wondering who is this person, who is outsmarting him. he hails his goddess, and gets a powerful weapon. he thinks that before he gets another fatal blow, he should kill this monkey. he hails for hanuman, and hanuman takes his position in front of him, taunting him for running away. they both start challenging the other, of killing. A fistfight with their respective weapons ensues yet again, causing extreme lightning sparks, that makes the weather turbulent. It starts raining heavily. In the extreme rain, meghnad thinks that now that the dirst is washed off, and he can get invisible yet again and thinks that now he must take him in his hallucination trap, and catch this monkey. he disappears and hanuman stands boggled, as he looks around. meghnad emerges in his Rath in the sky and rushes away from hanuman, instigating him to follow, while hanuman wonders what his plan is. meghnad challenges him to fight in the universe, with him, as he prides on his swift speed and accuracy. Meanwhile, indra and other lords think that he shouldnt accept, as he is trying to trap hanuman, beyond which he wouldnt be able to come out. they are tensed as to what decision hanuman takes. meghnad hails him in the name of rama, and asks him to stop this war once and for all, by killing him, and deliberately starts insulting rama to irk and enrage him so that he gets agitated. hanuman as expected says that he wont stand rama’s insult, and decides to kill him so much so, that it sets an example for the other demons, who shall be petrified of rama’s arrival. he goes after him. meghnad thinks that his trap was successful and he shall meet his ruin soon now. hanuman screams that his speed wont save him. their verbal scuffle ensues. Meanwhile, hanuman follows meghnad and the lords are tensed for him. he then lands in meghnad’s trap, and starts wondering whether he is caught in some demonic magical trap, as he eyes huge boulders lying suspended in the mid air, arriving totally unexpctedly. he thinks that they are found near Jupiter, and wonders if meghnad is behind this, and his doubts are confirmed, when meghnad guffaws in front of him. hanuman decides to ruin them and reach him asap. he chants Lord rama’s name yet again, and makes his way through the boulders at great speed., and thinks that he has to break them in order to get past. he complies and then closes his eyes and continues his way ahead. he understands that its endless, and he shall never be able to cross it. meghnad meanwhile smirks at the success of his plan, as he produces a skeleton in his hand, which scares the lords too. he orders the skull, that the minute hanuman crosses the boulders, he should be distracted in another demonic trap. oblivious to this, hanuman progresses on. the screen freezes on his face.


Precap: Hanuman tells meghnad that a true warrior like him shouldnt resort to such tricks at all. meghnad proclaims himself to be the truest of all, and points out that he invited his own ruin by being instigated and landing into his demonic trap. Meghnad says that now he is trapped and now he shall face someone who is totally against his personality.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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