Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman and his friends are looking for their ball. They see a sage praying in the river. He takes a dip in the war. Save this world from every problem. Save us. Hanuman thinks that that sage is drowning. I will save him as I am the Yuvraj of Sumeru. Sage is suddenly pulled back. He thinks that a snake has gotten hold of him. He notices that it is Hanuman who had pulled him back using Sakha. Sage gets angry. You broke my 12 year old Tapasya. You dint get boons to trouble someone. I will curse you now as you broke my Tapasya. Atibal gets happy. Hanuman’s friends look worried.

Rishi Lokesh Nath curses Hanuman. Hanuman’s friends seek his mercy but the sage chants something as he holds the holy water in one of his palm. Hanuman looks on confused. What’s happening?

Why is he cursing me? I was trying to save him. His friends suggest him to say sorry to the sage. Hanuman kneels down before the sage. I think I made a mistake. Please forgive me. The sage throws away the water. I am doing Tapasya since last 12 years. My house is up there on a mountain. I come here every day. It was the last day of my Tapasya today. You made my Tapasya go waste today. Panchfann appears there on one river bank just then. He notices them all. Maybe they all are from Sumeru only. Atibal gets excited seeing Panchfann.

Hanuman realises his folly. I will have to rectify my mistake. I can bring your house here for you. You can do your puja here easily. You wont have to go all the way there. Sage doesn’t want his house to be moved anywhere. Hanuman asks him what he can do for him that will calm him down. Sage asks him to go away. Hanuman still wants to help. Sage leaves to talk to Kesari. Hanuman and his friends head back home.

Atibal goes to Panchfann. Panchfann is not interested to have him around him. He even refuses to take Atibal’s help in finding / reaching Hanuman. Atibal gets scared when Panchfann comes to his original form and spreads poison in the river.

Hanuman enters palace. What if he had come here and told my parents everything? The sage is indeed inside the palace when Hanuman comes to the main seating area.

Panchfann spreads his poison in Sumeru. People run helter-skelter. Whoever comes in contact with the poison gets glued to its place and stops in time. Atibal thinks of what all can Panchfann do. They all are under his spell now.

Hanuman accepts his mistake. Please forgive me. I thought that you were in problem. Anjana begins to correct him when the sage adds that Hanuman needs proper knowledge / training. He will then understand what’s right or wrong or how to use his powers for the benefit of people. Hanuman greets the sage before leaving with his mother.

The sage remarks that everything happened because of lack of knowledge. He excuses himself. A soldier rushes in to inform Kesari that the river has turned poisonous. All the animals / plants around the river are dying. Kesari goes out with to look.

Panchfann tells the people that they are all his slaves now. You will have to abide by what I say. Go to my poisonous tank. Wait for my order there. The people start walking in trance. Panchfann wants to turn the good people bad now. I do my work alone. I don’t need anyone for it. I have already made a plan as to what I have to do!

Precap: Anjana does not want to hide the truth from anyone. She decides to go and tell her family. Right then Indra Dev appears there. Your time limit of curse is over. It is time for you to return to Swarg now. Hanuman comes there looking for his mother.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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