Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Beside the Ocean
As rama starts the first step, the entire grounds reverberate, which alarms raavan as he sits in the court room. meanwhile, in the ashok vatika, sita is very happy, that she hears rama’s fooststeps, and soon he shall be here, trijata and anila are overwhelmed to hear this. the lords bless rama, as he surges ahead, with shower of petals, while the entire army marches ahead chanting lord rama’s name vigorously. as they reach the end of the bridge, angad and hanuman, carrying laxman and rama respectively, on their backs, take a jump, and make them land beside the ocean on the other side, wherein raavan’s lanka stands in sight. hanuman seeks permission what to do next. rama asks for shook and shaaram.

hanuman complies. as they come, rama asks them to go and tell raavan of him and his magnitude, and the entent of his army, clearly emphasising that he doesnt want war, and even now if he apologises and returns sita back to them, he would spare him. Rama tells him that if he doesnt come with full respect to sita, then he shall sever his head off, in lanka itself. they both comply and fly off.

Meanwhile, Raavan fumes, as the sun lord says that the monkey army did finally come in, as they did the inevitable, of building a bridge from India to Lanka, and then reminds him of his promise. he asks what promise. the sun lord reminds. but raavan refuses. the sun lord says that he knew he wouldnt humour him, but now that the monkey army is penetrating inside lanka, what shall be his next move. raavan says that its isnt army, but a crowd of idiot monkeys and bears, and they may have come til lanka, but raavan wont be allowed them further, and he wont let them go, without a war and shall sacrifice everyone. as raavan guffaws, the spies arrive. he asks them what news did they bring. he says that rama already came. they point out that he isnt an ordinary man, and they both start talking about rama, and asks raavan how dare they enrage him, and that too after failing their task. they narrate what they did, and how rama captivated them, with his grand gesture. raavan starts fuming, and asks them not to praise rama and hanuman, and decides to kill them. they beg for sympathy. he silences them but befopre he can attack, they get into bird form and scurry around, to save their lives. they also give rama’s message. meanwhile, his father appears and also tries to advise raavan about rama’s power and immense strength.

Meanwhile, shaaran and shook arrive back to rama, and beg to be taken into true service of them. they both come in their saintly avatar, and thank rama, for releasing a curse, saying that is agastya’s disciple. as they chant lord rama’s name, the sounds reach raavan and his father, who points this out to raavan, as to how his curse got released. his father warns raavan that rama isnt a mortal, but lord vishnu himself, and sita, is goddess lakshmi, and hanuman is noone other than a part of his lord shiva. raavan is shocked. his father asks him to put his wisdom to use, and understand that if he wages war, then neither he nor anyone from his family, shall live. he leaves. raavan in his enraged state, that so be it, if the war has to happen, and whatever worst, he shall face, but he wont bow down to rama and return sita back to rama.

Rama thinks that this is the place, that has stopped sita from meeting him, and thinks that he needs to see her once. trijata comes and tells this happy news, to sita, who gets plesantly shocked and immensely restless to meet him. hanuman wonders that rama would never cross the ethics of war, and shall meet sita, only after having defeated raavan in war. he says that he can provide rama a short envisage. he tells rama that sita sits in ashok vatika. sita too hurriedly asks for directions, and when trijata shows, sita eyes that direction only. rama’s eyes continuously searches for sita, while sita gets emotionally overwhelmed, as she senses rama’s presence around. they both are immensely restless and emotional at the prospect of being so close and yet so far. rama starts crying, while tears stream down sita’s face too.

As dusk settles in, and its gets dark, rama and sita are both tensed, with the start of the next day, the army arrives too and stands beside rama and laxman. they hear some female voices happily guffawing, and hanuman tells that this noise comes from Lanka’s royal palace, wherein raavan is enjoying the attention of loads of beautiful women, openly engaging in adulteray shamelssly. they are mortified. surgiva gets enraged as to how raavan can be so relaxed after giving such pain and torments, to rama and sita. he flies and enters the palace, straight into raavan’s chest. rama and others watch tensedly. raavan asks surgiva as to how dare he do this in his own palatial room. Surgiva and raavan enter into a scuffle, where sugriva surprisingly overpowers the other, taking raavan aback at his new agility. but he overthrows him, and then starts using his magical powers to appear in ten heads. ramam asks hanuman to start now. he complies. rama watches on. The screen freezes on Rama’s tensed face.


Precap: raavan is enraged as hanuman too steps in, for surgiva’s aide, and tries to attack them both. Hanuman asks him to wait for the war atleast, wherein he shall have fun defeating him totally. all are enraged.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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